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Vernon Davis’ Top 3 Exercises Every Athlete Should Do
Get some training tips from one of the best tight ends to ever play football! In this video, Vernon Davis gives us his top 3 exercises for athletes!
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Shirtless man doing bicep curl in the gym
Muscle and Strength spends a day training with the Mighty Stu Yellin. In Part 1 of a 3 part series, Stu drops some knowledge about his chest routine.
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Cheat Meals with Pro Bodybuilders w/ Errol Moore
IFBB Pro and Nutrex Research Athlete, Errol Moore, takes us to Oh My Burger to get one of their award-winning burgers for his cheat meal.
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Juan Morel’s Superset Chest Workout at the East Coast Mecca
Looking for an intense chest day workout to get a killer pump? Give IFBB Pro and Beast Sports athlete Juan Morel's superset chest day workout a try!
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[Video] 3 BIG Shoulder Raise Variations w/ Regan Grimes
IFBB Pro and Primeval Labs athlete, Regan Grimes, shows us 3 unique shoulder raise variations he uses to build massive shoulders. Give them a try!
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3 Alternate Shoulder Movements You Should Try
Earlier this month, we visited Kris Gethin to get an inside look at some of the unique exercise variations he has developed over the years in the gym.
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Bodybuilder doing dumbbell flys on bench
Muscle and Strength spends a day training with the Mighty Stu Yellin. In the final episode of the series, Stu gives some great advice on calf development and carb cycling.
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[Video] What Bodybuilders Eat for Dinner w/ Antoine Vaillant
In this episode of What Pro Bodybuilders Eat for Dinner Redcon1 athlete and IFBB Pro, Antoine Vaillant, shows us what he eats... for dinner!
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What Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast w/ Jason Poston
In this episode of "What Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast", Jason Poston invites us into his kitchen to show us one of his favorite breakfast meals.
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Olympian Shoulder Workout with Brandon Hendrickson
2018 Men's Physique Olympian Winner, Brandon Hendrickson, trains shoulders at the Muscle & Strength HQ. Give his workout a shot on your next shoulder day!
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30 Minute NO GYM Outdoor HIIT Workout with David Morin
This workout, designed by Dymatize athlete David Morin, will challenge your cardiovascular fitness, promote fat loss, and increase your strength.
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Strongman standing outside holding large log
Matt "Kroc" Kroczaleski is a world champion and world record holding powerlifter as well as a national caliber bodybuilder. Today Matt talks about using log carrys as part of his workout to increase "GPP".
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Grocery Shopping with Pro Bodybuilders w/ Branch Warren
IFBB Legend and GASP athlete, Branch Warren, takes us along with him and his daughter as they head to the grocery store for their weekly groceries.
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Grocery Shopping with Physique Pros w/ Steven Cao
Steven Cao takes us through the grocery section of Target and tells us the food options he typically picks up for his weekly grocery shopping trip.
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IFBB Physique Pros Brett Kahn & Chase Savoie's Chest Building Workout
Train your chest like the pros do. Check out IFBB Physique Pros Brett Kahn & Chase Savoie's killer chest and bicep workout at the Muscle & Strength Gym!
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Strongman Matt Kroc standing by car
Matt "Kroc" Kroczaleski is a world champion and world record holding powerlifter as well as a national caliber bodybuilder. Today Matt talks about using log lunges as the finishing exercise for his leg workout.
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Superset Swole Arm Workout ft. Santi Aragon & Pastor Pump
Team MuscleTech's Santi Aragon and his coach Pastor Pump join us again and this time they're training arms in a superset fashion to spark arm growth.
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The 22 Inch "Bread N' Butter" Arm Workout With Cory Mathews
If you want massive guns, you've got to put in work. If anyone knows how to put in work, it's IFBB pro Cory Mathews. Check out his full arm day workout!
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Facial close up of bodybuilder Kurt Weidner
Kurt's new video series, Animal Instincts, is a complete video guide to natural muscle building and nutrition. Get to know this Scivation sponsored pro!
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[Video] Fouad Abiad's Big Arm Day Workout
Kaged Muscle athlete, Fouad Abiad, takes us through his full arm superset workout. Give this workout a try on your next arm day for a pump like no other.
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Extreme Active Recovery! A Day in The Life With Kaged Muscle CEO Kris Gethin
Often times, how successful you are in the gym comes down to how well you recover outside of the gym. Check out how Kris Gethin recovers in this video.
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[Video] What Pro Bodybuilders Eat for Breakfast w/ Errol Moore
IFBB Pro and Nutrex Research Athlete, Errol Moore, joins the Muscle & Strength Breakfast Club in this episode of What Pro Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast.
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Clean Fast Food: Whataburger & Chick-fil-a w/ Jason Poston
Jason Poston takes us through what he orders at Chick-fil-a & Whataburger. He also shows how he customizes his order to fit his needs being a type-1 diabetic.
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2 Unique Ab Exercises You Probably Haven’t Done Before
Tightening your core & revealing your 6 pack can be a difficult task. Make things easier for yourself with these two movements that engage the entire core!
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Man sitting in office chair at table
Kurt Weidner shares the most beneficial sources for his macronutrients. Kurt doesn't look like he does from eating bologna and French fries!
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Regan Grimes' Favorite Way to Do T-Bar Rows
IFBB Pro, Regan Grimes, breaks down how he likes to perform the T-bar Row. Check it out and give it a shot for yourself the next time you're training back!
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High Protein Muscle Building Waffle Recipe
Looking for a high protein breakfast that is filling and sweet? Try out this high protein, muscle building waffle recipe packed with 55g of protein!
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Jeremy Scott standing with hands on hips
You need to start making success mandatory. Day after day you are losing the opportunity to become the person you are meant to be. Stop making excuses today.
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What Pro Bodybuilders Order for Room Service w/ Victor Martinez
In this video, we hang out with IFBB Pro and MHP athlete, Victor Martinez, in his hotel room as he orders breakfast through the hotel's room service.
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M&S Quick Tip: Shoulder Striation Superset w/ Steven Cao
Team BPI athlete & IFBB Pro, Steven Cao, shows us one of his favorite shoulder supersets. Give it a try on your next shoulder day for a great shoulder pump!
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Cory Mathews Rear Delt Training Tip
Need a move that will really isolate your likely lagging rear delts? Give Cory Mathews's cable rear delt fly variation on an incline bench a try.
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Sweet potatoes and oats in bowl
Kurt Weidner brings you his 7 Meal Plan. This is Meal #2: Consisting of Chicken Breast, Hummus, Broccoli, Oatmeal and Sweet Potatoes.
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Flex Lewis flexing muscle in the gym
With a nickname that couldn't be more fitting for a bodybuilder, it surprises fans to learn that 'Flex' originated on the rugby pitch instead of the weight room.
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[Video] Grocery Shopping with Pro Bodybuilders w/ Errol Moore
IFBB Pro and Nutrex Research athlete, Errol Moore, shows us what he typically shops for when he makes his weekly trips to the grocery store.
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What Pro Bodybuilders Eat for Breakfast | The Fit Couple Edition
In this episode of "What Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast", fit couple and team Gaspari athletes, Robert Timms and Jessie Keller, join the M&S Breakfast Club.
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3 Ways to Break Through Squat Plateaus
Stuck in a squatting rut? Can't seem to hit that new squat PR? Check out these 3 tips on bursting through your squatting plateaus & accomplish that PR!
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Fit man doing meal prep
Meal #4: Consisting of Red Meat, Quinoa, Broccoli, and Oatmeal. This is a pre-workout meal sufficient enough to get you through the most grueling of workouts!
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[Video] World's Strongest Man Brian Shaw Home Gym & Trophy Tour
Redcon1 athlete, Brian Shaw, gives us an exclusive our of his strongman home gym. Check out some of the unique training tools he has in his garage!
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Regan Grimes’ 3x8 Back Workout Finisher
IFBB Pro Regan Grimes stopped by the M&S HQ Gym to share one of his favorite tri-set finishers for back! Give it a shot after your next back workout!
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Man in tank top holding supplements
We follow Whitney Reid as he drops his bodyfat from 12% to 6% in just 8 weeks to get ready for a photo shoot! Each video in this 8 part series will detail Whitney's diet plan, training and supplements.
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2 Unique Shoulder Exercises You've Never Done
Looking for two unique shoulder exercises that you probably haven't done before? Look no further and give these a shot to detail your cannonball delts!
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[Video] 3 Exercises to Help You Build a Wider Back w/ Steve Laureus
IFBB Classic Physique Pro, Steve Laureus, teaches us his top 3 movements he likes to use to help him build back width in his offseason.
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Man cooking in kitchen
Meal #7: An Omelette made from liquid egg whites, whole eggs, black beans and spinach. A perfect way to end the day for anyone looking to eat healthy and build muscle.
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[Video] 3 Exercises to Build a Wider Back w/ George Peterson
George Peterson is known for having one of the widest backs in bodybuilding. Learn which 3 movements he prioritizes to build his impressive back.
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Chris Bumstead's 10,000 Calorie Cheat Day After 2017 Olympia
MHP followed Classic Physique Athlete Chris Bumstead around LA after the 2017 Olympia to get an inside look into how bodybuilders really eat post show.
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Mike Rashid bench pressing in the gym
100 reps in as many sets as it takes. Very difficult, very painful, and the pump is the epitome of a stupid pump. The muscle endurance and pure rush are absolutely crazy.
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Big & Beefy Leg Workout w/ Antoine Vaillant
IFBB Pro, Antoine Vaillant, takes us through one of his off-season mass building leg workouts at his gym in Burlington, Ontario, Pure Muscle & Fitness Gym.
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Top 3 Back Exercises To Build The Perfect V-Taper
Team MHP athlete Chris Bumstead shows us the top three exercises he's personally used to build one of the most aesthetic physiques in modern day bodybuilding.
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Bodybuilder doing a 45 degree leg press
Kurt "The Animal" Weidner talks about Day 2 of his split. The focus is on legs. This is a total leg workout that would leave most begging for mercy!
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Courtney King's Bleacher Booty Workout
BPI Athlete Courtney King shares one of her favorite 15-20 min outdoor circuit routines for leg toning and glute development without using any equipment.
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