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Women-specific fitness guides covering all aspects of training and nutrition.

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Leg Training for Women: The Complete Guide With Workouts
Personal trainer Andrew Pardue and fitness model Anna McManamey teamed up to set the record straight on leg training. You'll never skip leg day again!
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Women's Body Bible: Training, Diet & Supplementation
Complete training, diet and supplement guide! Build the body of your dreams! Includes a 12 week training, diet and supplementation program.
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My Experience With Diuretic Use
Figure competitor Julie Michaelson openly talks about her experience with the use of the diuretic hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ).
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38 Women's Fitness Experts Share Tips on Fat Loss for Women
Women's specific fat loss can be a tough topic to find good information on. So, get it from some of the best women experts in the health & fitness industry!
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Women: Shaping The Perfect Glutes
Build a back end that demands attention! Includes a look at the physiology of the glutes, and provides exercises to help you improve development.
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Build A Better Booty: A Complete Guide For Women
You can't shake what you don't have. Build a bountiful and firm booty with these three glute-building workouts. This feature includes a fat-shredded diet plan.
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The Progesterone Paradox: How Hormones Can Affect Women's Training
The natural cycle of hormones a woman experiences can affect her performance in the gym in many ways. Learn exactly how & what you can do to maximize results!
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Why Women Should Deadlift
Female powerlifter Nia Shanks explains the importance of the deadlift for women, and provides some deadlifting tips.
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Female Fat Loss: 3 Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making
With all the conflicting fat loss advice from the "experts," it's hard to know what's right. You may be making these fat loss mistakes without even knowing it!
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Suboptimal Estrogen: A Woman's Gym Performance Nightmare
Suboptimal estrogen levels can be a nightmare for women when it comes to performance in the gym. Learn what you can do to naturally regulate these hormones.
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For Women: Getting Started With Lifting
Women - afraid to lift weights? Kim Brenton has some suggestions that will help you to maximize your weight training so you hit your goals.
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Women: 5 Tricks For A Great 30 Minute Workout
Have a limited amount of time to workout? Try these 5 tips by Julie Michaelson and turn a short workout into an intense and effective training session!
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Lifting Makes You Look Like A Man?
Does lifting turn women into muscle bound freaks? Of course not! Find out the physiological and hormonal reasons why women can't get as big as men.
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Weight Gain And Muscle Building For Women
Guess what women - if you are trying to gain weight or build muscle you must play by the same rules that men do. Learn how to reach your goals.
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Why Cardio Can Negatively Affect Women's Fat Loss
A lot of women ramp up their cardio workouts when attempting to achieve fat loss. Learn how this may not be the best approach for most with fat loss goals.
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6 Most Frequently Asked Women's Health & Fitness Questions Answered
When it comes to women's health and fitness - there's a lot of misinformation out there. Get straight-to-the-point answers on 6 of the most common questions.
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IFBB Figure Pro Samantha Jerring flexing in the grocery shopping aisle.
Nutrex athlete, IFBB Pro, and self-proclaimed mustard connoisseur, Samantha Jerring, gives us a rundown of what her typical grocery haul looks like during her maintenance phase.
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Avoid These 22 Exercise And Diet Mistakes!
Women: you know that losing weight, eating right and toning up isn't easy. Fitness fanatic Maritza Rodriguez shares 22 tips and tricks that will help you get in shape, and feel healthy and energetic.
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Woman with a Flat Stomach
The sexy 6-pack. The washboard abs. The cover model midsection. The following 8 tips will help you reach your goal of having a flat stomach.
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Weight Training for Fat Loss
Cécile Bayeul explains why you should stop being a slave to the scale and start frequently monitoring your progress pictures and body measurements.
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25 Tips For A Tighter, Firmer Butt
Looking to build a better backside? Lisa Hostetter helps you to maximize your gym time & firm up your glutes by choosing the right exercises and best form of cardio.
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Fit Mom Fat Loss Jump Start
Whether it's a new baby or just the New Year, get BeyondFit Mom’s FITMOM Jump Start Workout & Diet Plan to get rid of fat and get your body back!
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Jennifer Ronzitti's Complete Prep Overview for Olympia 2017
Join Team ALLMAX's bikini standout, Jennifer Ronzitti, as she preps to step on the 2017 Olympia stage. In this article, she describes her entire Olympia prep.
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8 Most Useful Fat Loss Supplements for Women
A lot of women think they can achieve fat loss through supplements alone. Before you make any purchases, make sure you know which supplements are helpful.
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8 Most Useful Muscle Building Supplements for Women
While there are no supplements that will help women build muscle without putting in the work, these 8 supplements are proven to help with the process!
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How Should Women Approach Weight Training and Exercise?
Some people suggest women should focus on high volume training and cardio. Others suggest women should train heavy for low reps. Which is better for women?
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What You Need to Know about the "All In" Movement
You've probably noticed some of the most popular women in the industry focusing on their health by going "All In". Learn more about the movement here!
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Have Fun And Workout During Your Vacation
Going on vacation doesn't mean you have to slide into bad habits. You can still eat good and exercise. Have fun and stay in top shape!
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Make Your Kitchen Your Favorite Restaurant!
Building a world-class physique begins in the kitchen! Bring the feeling of dining out to your home with these kitchen tips by Angelique Millis.
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Ten Simple Ways To Improve Your Life Energy Now
Feeling run down, drained or stressed? Nichole Ohrablo has 10 great tips to refresh your mind, body and soul, and fill you with energy!
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Fit woman in boxing ring with gloves on
NPC Fitness competitor, Trainer and Lifestyle & Conditioning Coach Nichole Ohrablo talks about the importance of nutrition for the woman just starting out on a training routine. Nutrition is where you get your results!
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Myths & Facts About Testosterone And Females
Do women require high levels of testosterone and growth hormone to build muscle, lose fat and add strength? Find out why the answer is no.
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8 Tips For Health And Happiness
Are you giving all your energy to others while putting your life and health on the back burner? Recapture your health and happiness with these 8 tips.
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How To Build A Fitness Model Body
Team MuscleTech's Lindsay Cappotelli presents seven tips to help women achieve their dream physique. Learn how to train, stay motivated and track your progress.
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What It Takes To Be A CrossFit Pro Athlete
What does it take to be a top CrossFit pro? For Pip Malone it takes 6 training sessions and over 30 hours in the gym each week, along with a disciplined nutrition plan.
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Jessie Delgado demonstrates a glute exercise at a cable station
Stuck in a workout rut? Check out these routines from @jessiebabyfit that will inspire you to get moving at home, at the gym, and even at the beach!
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woman training with kettlebells
Many women steer clear of the weight room floor, but there are plenty of reasons why ladies should hit the weights. Learn how you can improve your shape, mood, and health by hitting the iron!
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8 Strength Secrets for Cardio Bunnies
Think that slow jogs on the treadmill in the "fat burning zone" will get you the body you want? It's time you learned these strength training secrets.
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9 Important Things Women Gain from Strength Training
Hitting the weights is about more than losing weight. Learn what you stand to gain by strength training. Hint: it's more than just strength and toned arms!
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8 Ways Women's Magazines Got Fitness All Wrong
Women's magazines are known for their sensational headlines and quick-fix promises. Learn how they got it all wrong when it comes to women's fitness.
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3 Cold Hard Truths About Female Specific Training
The health and fitness industry has misled women for far too long. Today, we bring you 3 truths about female specific training and how to implement them.
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Dumbbell Shaping Shoulder Workouts For Women
Shoulders may be the most overlooked body part for women who exercise. These three shoulder movements are great for overall shaping and functional strength.
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How to Train with Your Menstrual Cycle
In this article, we discuss how you can manage your hormones during your menstrual cycle to maximize your fitness related goals. Read on to learn more!
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Train Like You Mean It, Girl!
Women, want to tone up? Then it's time to train like the boys! Ashley Johns tells you what you need to do to achieve your dream body.
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Lift Heavy, Get Strong(er) And Look Better
Nia Shanks shows you how you can build the body you want with heavy weight training. It's time to pick up the weights, get toned, and even lose weight! Check out the plan.
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Sleep, Sleep Deprivation And Good Health
Learn how sleep deprivation impacts the body's hormonal balance, and can lead to depression, weight gain and numerous other health issues.
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Sexy Health Equals Healthy Sex!
Is your sex life suffering? Find out how exercise and weight training can dramatically improve the quality time you spend with your partner.
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The Ultimate Berry Fruit For Healthy Living
You'll be shocked to find this veggie isn't a veggie at all. It's a super-fruit, and no it's not a tomato. Kristen Adamson details it's benefits and provides recipes.
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Close up of woman lifting weights
NPC Fitness competitor, Trainer and Lifestyle & Conditioning Coach Nichole Ohrablo talks about ideal nutritional supplementation for women. Supplements should be included to fill in the holes of a good diet.
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Women: Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life
Bikini and figure competitor veteran Dr. Dawn Cadwallader presents 10 tips that will help you stay on track and get into the best shape of your life at any age. Really!
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