Do you have a passion for writing about fitness, nutrition, and/or supplementation?

Muscle & Strength is constantly looking for both established and up-and-coming writers who share our same passion for all things fitness.

Our aim has always been to provide Muscle & Strength’s visitors with the tools they need to build the body they want.

And if you feel as though you can help provide our readers with quality information, practical advice, and fresh insights into training and nutrition in a creative and fun way, we’d love to feature you on Muscle & Strength.

Why Get Published on M&S?

Muscle & Strength is one of the largest fitness websites in the world (with traffic consistently increasing month after month) and a well established authority within the fitness community.

Since 2006, we’ve been publishing only the best fitness information to educate our visitors on how to build muscle, lose fat, and reach their goals. With some of the most popular workout routines on the web, you may even find some of your closest gym friends follow our advice and programs daily.

Getting published on M&S might just help your fitness career skyrocket. Since all guest submissions are met with a great deal of scrutiny, only the best of the best are published to our website for our hundreds of thousands of avid readers to see. You’ll gain instant credibility.

Your articles will also have the potential of being featured on our weekly newsletter which is delivered to 500,000+ subscribers each weekend.

Reach millions through our fan base by writing for Muscle & Strength

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Our best articles get thousands of shares on social media in just the first few days of publishing, and our social media presence grows each and every day. As our reach grows, so will yours!

What we’re looking for:

  • Workout Programs that are either full splits or single muscle workouts. Preferably incorporating either a unique form of training or specific to a desired goal (fat loss, muscle building, strength, athletic/sport performance).
  • Nutrition/supplementation articles and expert guides that provide readers with meal plans, specific recommendations, and/or tips.
  • Training articles and expert guides with novel advice and/or tips.
  • Healthy, easy to make recipes with a variety of food choices.
  • Body recomposition articles and expert guides that assist men and women in reaching their aesthetic goals.
  • Articles discussing fitness trends and how they may affect the fitness community as a whole (i.e. new training styles, approaches to fitness, etc.)

General Submission Guidelines

All content submitted to us for publication should be:

  • Your own work: Everything you send should be 100% your own work. Don’t plagiarize others, we’ll always check before publishing.
  • Unique: The content you send should not have been published on any other website, magazine, or book.
  • Creative: In today’s content-rich world we have to work hard to get and keep the reader's attention. “Hardcore Leg Workout” or “Healthy Chicken Breast Recipe” are not going to cut it. Be creative, think about what you like to read, and write content that grabs and keeps the reader’s attention.
  • Professionally edited prior to submission: This means free of spelling and common grammar errors, devoid of punctuation, capitalization and apostrophe errors.
  • Formatted correctly: Paragraphs should be separated via titles when one’s train of thought changes. Format must be Microsoft Word or Google Docs.
  • Minimum of 1,200 words in length: This applies to general articles only. Workouts and recipes have no minimum word length as long as the content is clear and comprehensive.
  • Reader-centric: This means the content exists to help the reader and not simply elevate the writer. If your content helps people, you’ll be naturally recognized as a great writer and source of information.
  • Advertisement free: Your content should not contain advertisements, sales pitches, self promotion etc. If your content is great, you’ll get the recognition for it.
  • Recipes need nutrition info: Recipe submissions should include yielded servings, macronutrient count (P/C/F) per serving, calories per serving, and a quality high definition photograph.
  • References must be cited: If you reference a study or an article, make sure you cite it. Our number one goal is to be publish unique, quality content for our readers. When citing, create a references section at the end of the article and hyperlink the specific study that is mentioned. Use superscript within the actual article to cite the reference number.
  • You can include backlinks: You can include 2 backlinks to your site. These will be reviewed by our Editors and may be changed/removed prior to publishing.

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Q: How long will it take to review my submission?

A: It usually takes about 1-2 weeks. If we like your content, it will typically be published on our website the following month. We’ll notify you with specifics in regards to publishing dates and provide you the link to the published article via email so you’ll be one of the first to see it.

Q: When can I expect my submission to be published on Muscle & Strength?

As mentioned, you’ll be kept in the loop. However, we do schedule in advance. So, if your submission is accepted it will generally be published the following month.

Q: Will I get paid?

A: While most of the value we offer for content is in the form of heavy promotion and getting your name out to the rest of the fitness community, we do have a small team of core contributors.

While positions are limited, they do open up from time to time. If we like your work and you’re a consistent contributor already, you’ll stand out among the rest when we are able to offer a position.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of content pieces I can submit?

A: Absolutely not! And as just mentioned, the more frequently you contribute high quality content, the more likely you are to earn a spot on our paid core contributor team. As long as the quality of your work is great, we’d love to publish it and give you a ton of exposure in the process.

Your Auth Bio

Our readers want to know about our expert authors. This is a great chance for you to tell our audience about yourself and what makes you a fitness professional. Please include the following:

  1. Biography. 100-500 words telling the reader who you are and what you’re about. You can include videos, images, links to your achievements etc here.
  2. Social links. Where can our readers follow you?
  3. Headshot. This will be your main profile picture and appear at the bottom of content you submit to us. Must be larger than 600x800.
  4. More images. Please send us any more lifting and professional shots you have. We’ll use these to make your profile look awesome!

Tips For Making Your Content Awesome

  • Be concise. There's a time and place to explain your writing but for the most part you want to get to your point using the fewest number of words possible.
  • Give practical takeaways. When the reader is done, what did they walk away with? Make this stand out in the text.
  • Format your work. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.
    • Use exclamation points sparingly and try to keep stories short and to the point.
    • Break up text into short paragraphs.
    • Use bullet points and numbering.
  • Be creative. This is so important! We’ve all read 10 different articles on “bench press tips” so make your content fresh and unique. Think about titles and subjects that grab your attention. Ask yourself, if you randomly came across this article on M&S would you read it?
  • Be intriguing. Keep the audience engaged and incorporate some of your personality. If someone wanted to read an excerpt that sounded like a journal article, they’d go read the journal itself.
  • Be detailed. We want more than the basics, as our motto says, "We want to give people the tools they need to build the body they want."

Submitting Images

If you have images/graphs/infographics to submit with your content please make sure the meet the following:

  1. 1000px x 1000px or larger. The bigger the better. If you have the original full size images please send them.
  2. One of the following formats: JPG, PNG, PDF, or GIF images.
  3. They must be yours. You need to own the images or rights to use the images. We may need to ask for proof of license. If they are not yours, please obtain and provide approval for use before submitting them.

Personal pictures and videos may be added and are encouraged if the article discusses specific exercises or technique tips.

If using pictures, the original, high resolution images must be included as individual attachments. Do NOT send an article with pictures in a word document, make sure to include them as attachments.

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