Muscle & Strength: What do we do?

From humble beginnings as an informational resource on training and nutrition, Muscle & Strength is currently one of the fastest growing online retailers of sports and nutritional supplements in the United States. With around 200,000 visitors to the site each day, we are also one of the most popular online resources for those seeking the guidance and information needed to reach their health and fitness goals.

  • The Muscle & Strength website has over 30,000 pages of information including videos, exercise guides, articles, workout routines and more
  • The Muscle & Strength community is one of the fastest growing on the web with over 100,000 members
  • Our online sports & nutritional supplement store is one of the largest in the world. We currently stock over 8,000 products and ship tens of thousands of orders to over 60 countries every month

Our mission at Muscle & Strength is to provide our visitors with the tools they need to build the body they want. Our commitment to provide a superior quality customer experience has helped us to build an enviable reputation as an online retailer and fitness resource.


Being both an informational online resource and a retailer of nutritional supplements and fitness accessories, there are a wide variety of opportunities to work with Muscle & Strength. The Muscle & Strength HQ is located in Columbia, South Carolina where we play an active role in the local fitness community. However, many of the people we work with are situated elsewhere and work with us remotely in roles such as content creation and website maintenance. Regardless of which area of the business you join, you will find plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and develop a rewarding career.

Listed below are some of the key business areas at Muscle & Strength:

  • Website design/development
  • Software engineering
  • Web content creation
  • Graphic design
  • Warehouse operations and logistics
  • Customer service (fitness advisers)
  • Marketing & promotions
  • Purchasing/category management
  • Video & multimedia production

Learning & Development

We want members of the Muscle & Strength team to enjoy what they do with us; to feel they have all the skills they need to fulfill their role to the best of their ability; and to feel inspired and excited about their career and future at Muscle & Strength. To enhance the employee experience, we offer comprehensive training and regularly assess individual’s development needs to ensure that everyone has the support they require to achieve their potential.

The majority of the training we offer our teams at Muscle & Strength HQ is on-the-job. Managers, supervisors and area specialists receive the specific training they need in aspects of their role relating to, for example, stock management, managing people and online marketing techniques.

Benefits & Perks

From the very beginning, we have worked hard to attract, motivate and retain hardworking and motivated people to join the team. As a result, we have a high employee retention rate. Many of the people who started working with us in the early days are current employees who have developed their skills and experience alongside the growth of the company.

The rewards and benefits we offer our employees are constantly under review and evolving as we grow. We are sincerely passionate about health and fitness and we take the health needs of our employees just as seriously as we take the health needs of our online visitors and customers. We work hard to provide employees with a positive and healthy environment in which to work and this is reflected in everything we do, our employee benefits and rewards included.

As well as offering competitive rates of pay, here are some noteworthy perks for Muscle & Strength employees:

  • For eligible employees, Muscle & Strength offers a comprehensive list of company-sponsored health benefits including: BlueCross BlueShield medical insurance plans; Dental; Vision and Short-Term Disability.
  • Excellent employee discounts on all the 8,000+ health and fitness products sold in the online store.
  • All in-house employees also have access to a wide range of free nutritional products.
  • All in-house employees have unlimited access to the commercial Muscle & Strength Gym, which is for the exclusive use of our employees and the sponsored athletes and guests who visit our facility for filming videos.
  • All our employees have the opportunity to take part in our employee appreciation and enrichment activities. These activities are often suggested by employees themselves and are offered as a way to thank people for their hard work and as part of our ongoing efforts to help make Muscle & Strength one of the best places to work in Columbia, South Carolina. Examples of activities include employee lunches and sponsoring teams and individuals to take part in local charity events such as the Ultimate Challenge Mud Run and road races.
  • At Muscle & Strength we understand that a healthy lifestyle goes well beyond time spent in the gym and making healthy food choices. We actively encourage our team members to maintain a healthy work-life balance. We know just how important family and friends (animals included!) are in the lives of our employees, so we encourage them to join us at family-friendly events such as BBQ’s and picnics.

Vacancies & Applications

Our vacancies are typically advertised via social media and job sites including However, as a rapidly expanding company that places a high value on being proactive, we encourage individuals who are interested in joining our team to get in contact with us even when there are no vacancies being advertised in their area of interest or expertise.

If you are interested in joining the team, please send us the following:

  • An up-to-date resume which includes your current telephone number, a street address at which we can contact you and email address
  • A cover letter indicating the vacancy to which you are applying (if applying for a specific vacancy), or details of the type of role you are seeking

Please note that we only accept online applications and applications that are emailed or sent to us in the mail. We do not accept applications or inquiries over the phone or in person.


Snail mail:

Muscle & Strength
Attention: Human Resources
1180 First Street South
Columbia, SC 29209 USA