The Fat Incinerator: 8 Week Fat Burning Workout

Josh England
Written By: Josh England
February 11th, 2019
Updated: July 13th, 2021
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Muscular man flexing his biceps and posing in gym.
Incinerate unwanted body fat with this new 8 week workout program. This fat loss workout utilizes tactics to maximize fat loss while preserving muscle.
Workout Summary
  • Main Goal
    Lose Fat
  • Workout Type
  • Training Level
  • Program Duration8 weeks
  • Days Per Week
  • Time Per Workout60-90 minutes
  • Equipment Required
    Barbell, Cables, Dumbbells, EZ Bar, Medicine Ball
  • Target Gender Male & Female
  • Recommended Supps
  • Workout PDF Download Workout

Workout Description

Looking to shed a few pounds before summer, an event, or just to be a healthier you?

Look no further, because we’ve got you covered.

The workout in this article was designed to get you closer to where you want to be in the next 8 weeks.

And while you’ll have to make the commitment to eat healthier, sleep better, and hit each workout on each training day - you’re guaranteed to like the end results.

So, read on to learn a little more about the workout program. If it ends up being something you’d like to try out, we’ll also provide you with some dieting tips to get you pointed in the right direction.

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The Fat Incinerator Workout Program

The main goal of the Fat Incinerator is to breed a constant state in which you are burning fat. To do so, you’ll have to build lean muscle if you haven’t established a foundation already. And if you have, the goal then turns to preserve lean muscle mass while you shred.

The workouts below do just that.

The Fat Incinerator follows a push, pull, legs training protocol and in a 3 days on/1 day off fashion. So, this program will be best for those who have flexibility on what days they can make it to the gym.

The rep ranges are mostly moderate so you can use a moderate resistance to help promote muscle growth and muscle preservation.

Rest periods for each workout should be limited to just 45 seconds. This pace will allow just enough time in between sets to recover, while also establishing a quick tempo to promote cardiovascular benefits.

There are also recommended cardio workouts that can be performed immediately after your final set of each workout day. Cardio can be performed at another time of day if it works better with your schedule.

However, if forced to decide between hitting a cardio workout or weight training session due to time constraints - always go with your weight training session during the next 8 weeks.

Day 1: Fat Loss Push Workout

Exercise Sets Reps
Dumbbell Bench Press 4 8-12
Standing Cable Fly 3 12-15
Incline Bench Press 4 6-8
Overhead Press 4 8-12
Lateral Raise 3 12-15
French Press 3 10-12
Skullcrusher 3 12-15
Exercise Ball Crunch 4 20-25
Hanging Leg Raise 4 10-15

*Cardio: 15 Minutes of HIIT performed on cardio equipment of choice. Perform intervals of 20 seconds all-out effort and 10 seconds of rest/recovery.

Day 2: Fat Loss Pull Workout

Exercise Sets Reps
Lat Pull Down 4 10-12
T-Bar Row 4 10-12
One Arm Dumbbell Row 4 10
Close Grip Pull Down 3 12-15
Face Pull 3 15-20
Cable Curl 3 10-12
Hammer Curl 3 12-15
Machine Crunch 3 15-20
Machine Oblique Crunch 3 12-15 Each

*Cardio: Perform 30-45 minutes of low-intensity steady state cardio on cardio equipment of choice. Try to vary cardio equipment selection each time you perform this workout.

Day 3: Fat Loss Leg Workout

Exercise Sets Reps
Squat or Trap Bar Deadlift 5 8-12
Leg Press 4 15
Rear Lunge 3 12-15
Goblet Squat 3 10-12
Leg Curl 3 10-15
Seated Calf Raise 3 20-25
Standing Calf Raise 3 15-20
Plank 3 1 Min
Barbell Rollout 3 8

*Cardio: Jog 1.5 miles either on a treadmill or outdoors at a challenging (but not all-out) pace.

Each week alternate between squatting and deadlifting.

Day 4: Rest

On Day 4, take a rest day from the gym. If you wish, you can perform some form of active recovery such as a low-intensity walk outside or a yoga practice.

On Day 5, you will restart the workout starting with the day 1 push workout. This results in a 3 days on, 1 day off cycle. Some days will require you to make it to the gym 5 days per week, while others will require 6 days per week.

The Fat Incinerator Dieting Tips

Now that we’ve covered the actual workout itself, let’s discuss some dieting tips that will make you most successful with the Fat Incinerator workout.

I’m not going to prescribe a specific form of eating. If you decide to carb cycle, intermittent fast, or go keto, that’s entirely up to you. A lot of programs go this route and in my experience, any diet can work when it comes to fat loss.

Not only that, but diets can be highly individual. Writing a recommended Intermittent Fasting diet for 2,500 calories isn’t going to help the person who works full-time and needs 3,300 calories to lose fat without losing muscle size.

What I would suggest is ensuring you know how many calories you need to eat to maintain your current weight. This can be found by utilizing our bmr calculator.

From there, you’ll want to eat in a deficit to promote fat loss. This can be done by subtracting ~500 calories from your individual needs.

Once you know how many calories you need to promote fat loss, it is then important to consider protein intake. To preserve muscle while in a fat loss stage, it is generally recommended to eat 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight (or goal bodyweight). So, for a 220lb guy trying to lose some fat, they’d want to eat somewhere between 200-220g of protein per day.

The other macronutrients don’t matter as much when it comes to muscle preservation and fat loss. To fuel your workouts, you may want to consider consuming 2.2-2.5g of carbs per lb of bodyweight. And to maximize hormone production, you may want to consider eating 0.4-0.5g of fat per lb of bodyweight.

However, at the end of the day, fat loss and muscle preservation will come down to whether or not you are eating in a deficit and consuming enough lean protein.

When it comes to food selection, I always recommend sticking to whole food sources. This includes lean meats, fish, poultry whole grains, fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, and low-fat dairy,

For more information on setting up your individual diet, you might find some of these resources helpful:


The Fat Incinerator workout is designed to help you lose fat and maintain muscle mass.

It will work best when paired with a healthful diet that puts you in a slight calorie deficit. Ensuring that you get at minimum 7-9 hours of sleep each night will also go a long way in your final results.

If you have any questions about the program that weren’t addressed in the article, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Tyree Davis
Posted on: Tue, 05/28/2024 - 19:44

Hey Josh. Is there a recommended diet plan to follow along with this program? I’m seeing gains as far as strength, but I’m still not liking what I see in the mirror just yet. I created my own diet, but I’m not sure it’s working.

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Wed, 05/29/2024 - 08:35

Hi Tyree, we don't have specific diet plans, but we do have this guide that may help you with your own plan that you created.

Posted on: Sat, 05/25/2024 - 15:38

Roger, appreciate you and the M&S Team for all you do, thank you!

In the event of missing a workout(s), do you pick up with the workout you missed or continue on to the next?

Example: Day 3 (Legs) is missed, Day 4 (Rest) is next, on Day 5, would you pick up with the missed Legs workout - or start the next round over with Day 1 (Push)?

Was interested in your thoughts when it comes to those times when you end up having to miss a work out, and what your approach is to resuming.

Thanks again for your time and help!

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Mon, 05/27/2024 - 20:34

Hi, Tikki. Thank YOU for supporting M&S!

I would suggest picking up with the missed workout. I don't let anything go for too long without getting trained, and skipping the legs workout would mean you go a whole cycle without working them. So, pick up where you left off is best in my opinion.

All the best!

Posted on: Mon, 05/13/2024 - 19:41

TLDR: Pleaae advise what do I do if I miss 1 or 2 or even a week of the split.

Hi I'm in a calorie deficit of 500 to 1000 calories. Its mostly between 700 to 100 deficit but once every week (mostly on Saturdays) it goes to 300 - 500 deficit or at least maintaining calorie of about 2500 to 2800 calories.

I am 5 ft 5 inches tall and used to weigh 90 kilos when I started a deficit diet. Now I'm at 88.5 kilos just in 2 weeks! I've had a long break and have just completed the 2 weeks back to gym split as well.

I am hoping to follow this split and do 3 days and on the 4th day just hop on the treadmill and have a low intensity 30 minutes walk. Might be a trivial question but some days due to work I have to travel on the 5th day (that's the best time I can arrange according to my personal schedule) which might not let me exercise or eat in a deficit. This doesn't happen often maybe every 2 to 3 weeks or so.

Do you think that extra 5th day every few weeks might throw this routine on a whirl? Worst case scenarios I might have to travel during the 1st, 2nd or 3rd day of the split, in those cases could I just come back the next day and continue where I left off? I guess it applies if I fall ill as well, so in short what do I do if I miss 1 or 2 or even a week of the split?


M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Mon, 05/27/2024 - 20:33

Hi Anish, if you're not able to follow the program as recommended, you are not likely to see the same results. That said, if this is the plan that helps you stay consistent, then sticking to this can help you achieve some results, even with your circumstances. So, pick up the next day where you left it.

I get the lack of training on travel days, but I don't know what you have to up the calories on those other days, but that can also affect your weight loss potential. Plan accordingly or make it a priority to eat smart if you have to go to restaurants. That can at least help stack the deck in your favor.

Posted on: Tue, 04/30/2024 - 19:37

I had a previous sports injury to my hip. My labrum was repaired surgically about 10 years ago. I’m very limited on what I can do for cardio exercise. I can run 2 miles about 2-3 times a week and that doesn’t bother it normally, but occasionally it does. Elliptical hurts my hip bad and the upright bikes does also. Rowing is the best option for me. Do you consider rowing a cardio exercise?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Mon, 05/13/2024 - 20:43

Absolutely, Sarah! I love rowing for cardio. Feel free to go with it. Thanks for reading M&S!

hennry barba
Posted on: Mon, 04/22/2024 - 01:20

Any biceps excersices?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Sat, 04/27/2024 - 20:37

Cable curl and hammer curl are both in Day 2. You would also be working the biceps with the pulling movements.

Hope this helps!

Tyree Davis
Posted on: Wed, 04/03/2024 - 15:41

Really enjoying the program. I wanted to know. How often should you increase the weight when completing workouts?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Thu, 04/04/2024 - 05:41

What's good Tyree? Thanks for reading M&S!

When you can do two more reps than what is recommended, bump it up.

Posted on: Tue, 04/02/2024 - 06:20

Hey Josh

Would you suggest this workout for 3 days a week only?
Unfortunately I have only availability for 3 days a week ans on a row only (Tuesday to Thursday), and my ultimate goal is to lose fat while keeping muscle (I weight around 90kg and my height is 176 cm).

Thanks in advance!

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Thu, 04/04/2024 - 05:37

Hi Emilio, if you've been training for a while, then you could possibly do this. If you're new to fitness and training, you may need to wait to gain experience and develop before trying something as intense as doing all these workouts in a row.

Posted on: Mon, 02/26/2024 - 16:11

Should you be lifting to failure on last sets?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Mon, 02/26/2024 - 18:48

On the last set, yes. Failure with good form. Hope this helps, Charlie!

Posted on: Mon, 04/01/2024 - 02:13

Oh man I’m glad I looked at this on week 4 of doing these exercises haha.

Posted on: Sat, 02/10/2024 - 13:15

Hello Daniel,

Thank you for the workout. I started this workout under the assumption I needed to cut some weight. However, I decided to start eating on a slight surplus of 100 kcal. Will this workout still be quite beneficial to me?

I am currently only having a rest day on Thursday, meaning I attend the gym 6 days in a row and run 2 sequences of PPL. Is this too much? The irregularities with a 3-day on 1-day off cycle interfered with my scheduling.

Finally, is it recommendable to do the exercises on a given day in a different order than prescribed? My gym is bustling and large, so it would be beneficial for me to do exercises that use the same equipment right after each other.

Thanks again!

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Fri, 02/16/2024 - 11:32

Hi Stijn, I think the workout will be beneficial as long as you are smart about what you eat. I would suggest changing the training so you don't train six days a week. That rest day in between would be very helpful in helping you improve. Even if you rest after the fourth day, the schedule would still be better than doing all six in a row.

As long as the first two exercises remain at the beginning, do the rest as best as you can in your gym. Changing around for the gym set up is certainly understandable.

Posted on: Tue, 01/16/2024 - 06:50

Hi there
Thank you for the workout. I wanted ask about the days because my gym closes on Friday and I can’t go on Sunday. This creates problems to follow this workout. Any work arounds?

Thank you

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Thu, 01/25/2024 - 06:46

Hello, David. You can plug the workouts into the days you can train. Based on what you shared, you can train Monday through Thursday and Saturday. So, I would set your schedule up like this.

Monday - Day 1
Tuesday - Day 2
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - Day 3
Friday - Off
Saturday - Day 1
Sunday - Off
Then pick up with Day 2 the following Monday. It doesn't have to be a seven-day schedule. Hope this helps.

Posted on: Sat, 08/12/2023 - 08:56

Hi Josh,

Can you suggest a warm-up and cool-down for this routine?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Sat, 08/26/2023 - 21:28

Hello, Santosh. Do this for warming-up. You can repeat for a cool-down if you like.

Hope this helps!

Posted on: Mon, 06/05/2023 - 04:58

As my Jym closed on Fridays. Can I try these D1 D2 D3 (Tuesday off)D1 D2 (Friday off) D3 D1 D2 Tuesday off and so on

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Mon, 06/05/2023 - 07:05

That would work, Sumon. Good luck, and please let us know how it works for you.

Posted on: Mon, 06/05/2023 - 07:15


Posted on: Mon, 04/17/2023 - 02:22

Can I do this exercise in the morning before eating? And would it be ok if I only eat/have a protein supplement after performing the exercises only?
Thank you.


M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Thu, 04/27/2023 - 12:10

I suggest eating something since you have been sleeping and going so long without calories. Even if it's a shake and banana, it beats nothing.

Posted on: Thu, 03/23/2023 - 19:44

How good is this workout for fat loss as compared to a beginner workout?
Does it really assist with weight /fat loss in 8 weeks? I am really looking forward to a workout that does help with fat loss

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Thu, 03/30/2023 - 15:30

If you are a beginner, then you should take on a beginner program to get used to training. If you've already completed one of our programs and feel comfortable training, then this would be the one to choose for fat loss. As long as you eat healthy, do your cardio, and recover properly, you should see results.

Posted on: Mon, 03/20/2023 - 01:57

Hello, Cardio must be performed right after working weights?

Thank you.

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Wed, 03/22/2023 - 16:48

Either immediately after or at a separate time of the day. Just not immediately before weights.

Posted on: Thu, 03/09/2023 - 15:08

What is the recommended schedule after the 8 weeks?
thank you

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Wed, 03/22/2023 - 16:48
Posted on: Tue, 01/17/2023 - 13:55

Is it okay to go perform cardio and abs om the rest day?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Mon, 01/23/2023 - 13:15

Hello, Dakota. As long as you don't exhaust yourself, yes, it would be ok.

Posted on: Fri, 01/13/2023 - 22:52

Hi Josh!
Can I train Can I train five days in a row with two days off on the weekend?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Mon, 01/23/2023 - 13:12

Hi, Hugo. If you've been in the training game for a while, then five in a row would be ok, as long as your recovery is on point. If you're new to training, then your body may not be able to handle that amount of work just yet. Shoot for two days in a row, three at most.

Posted on: Fri, 10/14/2022 - 21:56

Hi, my gym doesn't have any machine crunch machines; do you have any alternative exercise instead?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Sat, 10/15/2022 - 11:30

Cable rope crunch, weighted sit-ups or weighted crunches. You can also go to the Exercises section here at M&S, and you'll find numerous exercises you can swap in based on what you have access to.

Posted on: Mon, 10/10/2022 - 11:39

Hi How would you set this up if weekends are out of the question. Thanks

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Mon, 10/10/2022 - 17:13

Either a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, or simply repeat the workouts in order while taking the days off you need to. If you are on Workout 2, but you need to take those days off, then simply pick up at Workout 3.

Tyree Davis
Posted on: Tue, 08/02/2022 - 22:27

Hi Josh. What are the recommended weight percentages to use for working weight?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Fri, 08/12/2022 - 09:04

The workouts aren't percentage based. You should use weight that puts you at failure within the rep limits. That may be 60-70% of your max, but it's different for each person.

Tyree Davis
Posted on: Tue, 08/02/2022 - 22:15

Hey Josh. Do the workouts have to be 3 on 1 off? I'd like to do 1 on, 1 off utilizing the 1 off day as a cardio day. I'm military, so I absolutely have to get at least 3 days of cardio in a week.

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Fri, 08/12/2022 - 09:03

Thank you for your service, Tyree. That plan works, especially since you have your duties in service. Thanks for reading M&S!

rohit choudhary
Posted on: Mon, 07/11/2022 - 08:00


M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Fri, 07/22/2022 - 14:39

If you're a complete beginner, then no, you would need something simpler before going into this. If you've been in the iron game for around three months, then you can take it for a whirl.

Posted on: Fri, 07/08/2022 - 03:59

i don't have much fat...just 20% fat
i have chest fat a bit
height is 166cm
weight 66
age 24
goal lean muscle gain and fatloss at the same time
please suggest me a best workout
big fan

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Fri, 07/08/2022 - 09:10

Focus on fat loss first. Go with this workout program. If your nutrition is on point, then you will gain a little muscle along the way, but focus on revealing the muscle you have now first by getting shredded.