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Concurrent Training: Using Cardio to Optimize Muscle Growth
Have you been skipping cardio for months thinking it might steal your gains? If you have, you may be missing a critical piece to building muscle mass.
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How To Train Young Athletes
Learn how to train athletes in the 10-12 age range for strength via the use of bodyweight exercises, plyometrics and stretching.
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Increasing Your Bench Press - Top 10 Tips
Stuck in a bench press plateau? Use these tips to mix up your workouts and bench training and add some pounds to your bench!
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How To Improve Your Push-ups in 8 Weeks
Struggling with your ability to do push ups? No problem! This program will help your push ups and overall upper body strength by increasing frequency and intensity.
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Focus on Advanced Training Techniques
A look at advanced techniques like supersets, drop sets, negatives, 10 seconds, forced reps and shows you how to integrate them into your weekly routine.
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Joe Donnelly's Intense Superset Workout
Looking to burn fat and build muscle, all while never stepping foot on the cardio deck? Try out Joe Donnelly's high intensity resistance training!
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How To Deadlift Tutorial With Pro Dan Green
In this segment of “Big on the Basics”, Animal has brought Dan to you, allowing the aspiring powerlifter to give an in-depth tutorial on proper deadlifting form for both sumo and conventional style.
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Optimum Nutrition Supplements
Don't use a 1 size fits all workout. Learn how to design your own custom workout routine that's suited to your goals.
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10/20/Life: The Professional’s Guide To Strength
Brian Carroll is not interested in being a guru; he's interested in getting you stronger. Take an inside look into his new best-selling training book 10/20/Life.
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Bodybuilding 101: 4 Rules for Contest Prep Training
Considering doing your first bodybuilding contest prep? Don't fall victim to any of the prep myths out there. Read this article and ensure you do it right.
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Muscular man deadlift in the gym
Brian Carroll, author of the 10/20/Life training book, helps you to weed through all the poor deadlift technique advice, and improve your form, safety and gym results.
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50 Tips & Tricks Guaranteed to Build Muscle & Burn Fat
No fluff, no junk. In this article, you'll find 50 straight to the point tips and tricks to help you build lean muscle mass and burn body fat! Read more.
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Sadik's Top Two Favorite Quad Exercises For Building Mass
After switching to Classic Physique, Sadik added a lot of leg mass in a short amount of time. In this video, he gives us his top two exercises for quads.
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[Video] Heavy Ass Back Workout w/ Johnnie O. Jackson
Gasp athlete and IFBB pro, Johnnie O. Jackson, takes us through one of his signature heavy back days at his gym in Texas. Watch for some back day motivation!
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Squeeze Method For Building A Big Defined Chest
The Muscle & Strength team travels to Columbus, OH and learns about the squeeze method from MuscleTech Athlete, Santi Aragon. Give this method a shot!
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An Interview with Casey Butt, Part 1
Dr. Casey Butt addresses natural muscle mass potential, and the surprising truths and myths surrounding the use of full body weight training routines.
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The Poor Bodybuilder: Big Results On A Skinny Budget!
Think it costs far to much to build the body you want? Check out this article where Brad Borland gives you some time and money saving tips!
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What Mainstream Media Got Wrong About Ab Training
Do you get most of your ab training advice from mainstream media? Your training could be influenced by some of the myths. Read this and get back on track!
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Routine Design for Dummies: Build Your Own Custom Workout
Last time you designed your own workout routine you ended up curling 7 days a week. It's time to program the smart way using these tips and template.
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How to Use Complexes to Build Muscle & Burn Fat
Complexes are the perfect tool for those looking to get more out of their workouts. Give these variations a try to maximize your muscle building & fat loss.
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How to Build More Muscle Using Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training
Dr. John Rusin describes what blood flow restriction training is, the benefits of adding it into your workouts, and how to implement it into your plan!
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11 Hardcore Gym Rules You Must Know
Ready to get serious? It's time to leave the big box gym behind and get hardcore. In this article Josh Mac gives you 11 rules to remember before you step into the door.
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Man in blue shirt and black shorts in the bottom position of a front squat.
Learn how strategic weight gain and mini cuts can put you on the path to pack on muscle and dramatically transform your body to achieve your most muscular physique.
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Man doing underhand barbell row in CrossFit style gym.
Stop jumping from one program to the next. Learn how to manipulate 8 specific training variables to actually reach your goals and avoid plateaus, injury, and boredom!
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4 Barbell Exercises to Build Better Tricep Strength
Got a goal to destroy that bench press PR of yours? Some tricep accessory work will help and these 4 barbell tricep exercises are a good place to start!
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Boyce's Choices: Top 3 Exercises for Arm Muscle Development
Have you been doing curls for months with nothing to show? You may have arm training all wrong. Check out Lee Boyce's top 3 exercises for arm development!
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Some Ideas About Muscle Gain
Embrace puberty, dump sugar, lift heavy...Strength coach and author Dan John tells you how to improve your athletic performance and build strength.
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4 MORE Brutal Exercises That Build Extreme Core Strength
Feeling pretty proud of that 6 pack? Prepare to be humbled. Put your core strength to the ultimate test with these 4 brutal core exercises from Coach Myers!
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Fit man standing with palm on his face
Hey bro, are you a meathead or a gym genius? Test your knowledge of exercise, nutrition, and supplementation and see how you stack up.
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[Video] Epic Arm Blasting Workout w/ Steve Kuclo
Team ALLMAX athlete and IFBB Pro, Steve Kuclo, destroys his arms with this high volume arm workout just 4 weeks out from the 2019 Arnold Classic.
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Shirtless muscular man doing single arm bicep curls.
Wondering how to choose your next workout program? Confused about when to take deload weeks? We're answering those questions and more! Train smarter, not harder.
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The Ultimate Guide to Building Massive Shoulders
If you're trying to build massive shoulders but are focusing solely on lateral and front raises, you're selling yourself short. Get the scoop in this guide!
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Gym Etiquette 201: An Advanced Lifter's Guide to Common Decency
Strength coach Tony Gentilcore is here to teach you all you need to know about gym etiquette. Advanced lifters and trainers are not exempt from these rules!
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Hamstring Training: How to Fix Common Mistakes
It's time to stop neglecting your hamstrings. Check out this article for common hamstring training mistakes, how to fix them, and a hamstring workout!
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The Often Forgotten Exercise: The Dumbbell Pullover!
The dumbbell pullover has fallen into obscurity. Bodybuilder Joseph Ohrablo explains proper form, and the benefits of performing dumbbell pullovers.
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Man and woman doing ab workouts in gym.
Stuck at home with limited weights but still want to be challenged? These 7 strategies will take your workouts to the next level without adding sets, reps, and weight.
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Boyce's Choices: Top 3 Exercises for Chest Muscle Development
Have you been getting stronger on bench press with little chest development to show for it? Give these 3 exercises a try for better pectoral growth!
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4 Moves For A Bigger Bench
This proven bench-building protocol from Jackson Williams of Raleigh Barbell will have your pressing numbers skyrocketing in no time. 4 moves. Monster numbers. 'Nuff said.
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Go Heavy, Get Explosive, Grow Bigger
A detailed look at muscle fiber types, and explains why you should be focusing on heavy and explosive lifts rather than time under tension.
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4 Advanced Training Techniques to Build Massive Lats
When it comes to building massive lats, you need an effective plan. If you've found your gains have stalled, you really need to try out these moves!
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Peri-Workout Supplements: Complete Pre, Intra & Post-Workout Guide
With so many workout supplement choices where do you start? This guide takes a complete look at supplement ingredients, and includes recommendations and timing.
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Olympian Shoulder Workout with Brandon Hendrickson
2018 Men's Physique Olympian Winner, Brandon Hendrickson, trains shoulders at the Muscle & Strength HQ. Give his workout a shot on your next shoulder day!
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4 Strategies for Breaking Through Muscle Building Plateaus
Your beginner gains are a thing of the past, so now what do you do to gain strength and size? Add these plateau-busting strategies to your training today!
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Horseshoe Triceps | 3 Unique Tricep Variations w/ Jason Poston
In this video, Prosupps athlete Jason Poston shows us three unique tricep variations he likes to do when he's looking to build horsehoe defined triceps.
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Complete Guide To Supramaximal Interval Training (S.M.I.T.)
Learn the difference between two highly-effective interval training methods, get answers to some FAQs, and set-up your own interval training program.
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How to Increase Your PRs with Explosive Warm Ups
If you're looking for a surefire way to increase your personal records on the big 3 lifts, these 9 explosive warm ups are exactly what you need to be doing.
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10 Simple Rules to Teenage Mass
Teens, it's time to get growing! Brad Borland lays out 10 simple rules that will help you to reach your muscle building goals in no time.
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Cardio To Improve Strength, Muscle And Endurance
In this article professional strongman Bud Jeffries tells you how to properly utilize cardio and GPP (general physical preparedness) to improve your gym performance.
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How to Fix the Dreaded Buttwink During Squats
Has anyone ever told you that you have a buttwink when you squat? Learn more about what the buttwink is, what causes it, & how you can go about fixing it.
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9 Hacks to Maximize the Dumbbell Row
The dumbbell row is often thought of as a tier 2 back exercise. However, with these 9 hacks, you'll be able to modify your one arm row to build a bigger back.
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