Dallas McCarver's Heavy Leg Workout for 2017 Arnold Prep

We were recently invited down to Boca Raton, Fl to follow Redcon1 athlete Dallas McCarver during his final weeks of contest prep for the Arnold Classic.

5 weeks out from competition, Dallas took us through one of his brutal quad workouts.

He keeps it pretty simple, hitting just three movements.

Three heavily loaded movements.

1. Front Squat

Dallas kicks things off with heavy front squats. To him, it’s not a matter of numbers. His focus is to make each workout intense.

The closer he gets to a show, the less he pushes himself. He stays within weight ranges he’s comfortable in, but he’s not trying to break any PRs.

On his final set of front squats, Dallas implements a drop set technique, dropping the weight slightly each time he reaches close to failure.

2. Banded Leg Presses

Dallas started off using bands because he could completely load out the leg press and still needed more weight.

Now he likes to use them because it keeps constant tension on the muscle, increasing resistance towards the top of the movement.

3. Leg Extensions

For his final quad exercise, Dallas heads over to the leg extension machine. He incorporates bands once again in this exercise to keep constant tension on the muscle.

After reaching failure, Dallas drops the weight twice to completely torch the muscle fibers in his quads.

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