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Kurt Muffins
WNBF Pro Bodybuilder Kurt Weidner shares his recipe for healthy egg white oats and blueberry muffins.
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How to Eat Like a Bodybuilder w/ Branch Warren
In Branch Warren's segment on M&S Legends, Branch talks about his mentality when it came to dieting both in-season and off-season as a professional bodybuilder.
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Bioactive Peptides, Protein Synthesis, Performance
Learn the science and benefits behind the protein supplement "Bio-Active Peptides." Enhance recovery, strength and improve lean body mass development.
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What Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast w/ Jason Poston
In this episode of "What Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast", Jason Poston invites us into his kitchen to show us one of his favorite breakfast meals.
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7 Ways To Add Protein To Any Meal
Tired of the same old high-protein bodybuilding foods? Check out these 7 easy ways to add protein to any meal or snack - no dry chicken breast needed!
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Woman in bikini laying on floor
NPC Fitness competitor, Trainer and Lifestyle & Conditioning Coach Nichole Ohrablo talks about great vegan protein sources in part 1 of a 3 part series.
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[Video] Table Talks: IFBB Pro Fouad Abiad Exclusive Interview
Fouad Abiad joins us on this segment of Table Talks to discuss prep, the weirdest thing to happen to him in bodybuilding, & life balance in bodybuilding.
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How to Be Successful with Your New Year’s Diet
Want to ensure that your New Year's resolution of eating better is successful? Check out this article and learn how to stay on track well past January!
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Macronutrient Management To Reach Your Goals
Move beyond counting calories. Learn how to better reach your fitness, health and body composition goals by calculating daily intake of carbohydrates, protein and fats.
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What's All The Fuss About Protein?
Everyone talks about it. In gyms, magazines, bodybuilding forums and health food shops they're all talking about it. So what's all the fuss about protein?
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The Body's Second Brain: Understanding Microbes & Gut Health
Your overall gut health can affect your overall mental health. Learn why, how, and what you can do about it to help the microbes living in your gut.
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Face show of woman in kicthen
NPC Fitness competitor, Trainer and Lifestyle & Conditioning Coach Nichole Ohrablo talks about great vegan protein sources in part 3 of a 3 part series.
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[Video] Full Day of Eating w/ Errol Moore
IFBB Pro and Team Nutrex athlete, Errol Moore, takes us through a typical day of his diet. See how many calories Errol consumes during the work day.
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5 Gluten Free Shredding Tips
It's time to become a shredded, mean, and sexy gluten-free machine. A gluten-free lifestyle can help you live leaner while reducing bloat, inflammation and more.
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Fit woman doing squats
NPC Fitness competitor, Trainer and Lifestyle & Conditioning Coach Nichole Ohrablo brings you her delicious recipe for high protein cupcakes.
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[Video] What Pro Bodybuilders Eat for Dinner w/ John Meadows
John Meadows joins us again to give us an insight into a bodybuilder friendly dinner. This meal is probably different than what you're used to. Give it a try!
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Difference Between Omega 3 and Omega 6
Most of us know that Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are good for us, but do you know the difference? Doug Lawrenson explains in detail in this article.
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Clean Fast Food: Whataburger & Chick-fil-a w/ Jason Poston
Jason Poston takes us through what he orders at Chick-fil-a & Whataburger. He also shows how he customizes his order to fit his needs being a type-1 diabetic.
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A "Handy" Approach to Never Count Calories Again
Hate counting calories? Here's an easier system that gives you foolproof tools you can't lose.
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Woman in tank top with smoothie
NPC Fitness competitor, Trainer and Lifestyle & Conditioning Coach Nichole Ohrablo brings you her delicious recipe for a highly nutritious green juice! She even shows you how to use the leftovers to make super-healthy crackers!
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[Video] Budget Grocery Shopping w/ Fouad Abiad
Fouad Abiad takes us through his local grocery store to show us how you can get huge without spending a ton of money in the process. Watch the video!
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5 Foods Every Bodybuilder Should Eat with Sadik Hadzovic
Sadik Hadzovic visited the M&S HQ a few months ago to give us an inside look at some of his favorite bodybuilding foods that he eats to build lean muscle.
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Metabolic Damage: What It Is And Is Not
Everyone in the bodybuilding and figure world is talking about metabolic damage and how it is a diet killer. This article explores the current "epidemic" of this condition.
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What Pro Bodybuilders Eat for Breakfast | The Fit Couple Edition
In this episode of "What Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast", fit couple and team Gaspari athletes, Robert Timms and Jessie Keller, join the M&S Breakfast Club.
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Close up of beef burger
Survive the holiday season with these eating tips from Bry Jensen. Minimize empty calories, learn plate portioning, and still eat delicious food that you'll enjoy.
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4 Things You Should Know About Training Fasted
If you follow intermittent fasting or train upon waking in the morning, you might want to read this before hitting the gym and training on an empty stomach.
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How Much Saturated Fat Should We Eat?
Saturated fats are a necessary part of a well-rounded eating plan, yet most of us are unsure about how much we can safely eat. Learn about proper saturated fat intake.
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What Bodybuilders Eat for Breakfast w/ Victor Martinez
In this episode of "What Bodybuilders Eat for Breakfast", bodybuilding legend and MHP athlete Victor Martinez joins the Muscle & Strength Breakfast Club
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7 Cooking Secrets That Every Lifter Should Know
Tired of boring bodybuilder meals? These 7 cooking secrets will help you upgrade your ordinary meals for maximum flavor, convenience, and results!
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Bowl of almonds
In this episode of One Minute Tips, Cliff discusses the benefits of including healthy fats in your diet. Fat is nothing to shy away from!
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What Bodybuilders Eat for Breakfast w/ Branch Warren
IFBB Pro and GASP athlete, Branch Warren, invites us into his home to show us what he eats for breakfast. Check it out and give it a shot for yourself!
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10 Easy Tips to Stick to Your Diet While Traveling
Hitting the road towards a spring break destination? Read up on these 10 tips on successful dieting while traveling first and stay on track with your goals!
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[Video] What Physique Pros Eat for Breakfast | Steven Cao's High Protein Egg Scramble
IFBB Men's Physique Pro, Steven Cao, gets inducted into the Muscle & Strength Breakfast Club in this episode of "What Physique Pros Eat for Breakfast".
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Stop Hacking Your Diet! 10 Nutrition Tips For Optimal Results
Fat loss hacks? Muscle building hacks? Ignore the hype! It's time to stop relying on shortcuts and start implementing sane solutions for diet success.
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Man sitting at a table
Scivation's Kurt Weidner discusses how he approaches nutrition as a whole. Learn how and why he structures his (seven!) meals the way he does.
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Full Day of Eating w/ Antoine Vaillant
What do bodybuilders eat? Follow along as IFBB Pro and Redcon1 athlete, Antoine Vaillant, takes us through a full day of eating as a professional bodybuilder.
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4 Things Meatheads Can Learn From Vegans
The vegan way of life is wrong! Or is it? Read this article to find out the 4 things we can learn from vegans & apply these tips to your diet today!
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[Video] Full Day Of Eating w/ Victor Martinez
IFBB Legend and Team MHP athlete, Victor Martinez, takes us through a full day of what he typically eats to maintain size and minimize unwanted fat gain.
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Mass Performance Program - Nutrition & Supplementation
Major mass comes from a solid diet. David and Justin teach you how to calculate your calories and macros, and even provide a sample meal plan.
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Eggwhite muffins
Kurt Weidner brings you his 7 Meal Plan. Meal #1: Eggwhite, Oatmeal and Blueberry Muffins. It is designed for simplicity and convenience.
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[Video] Epic Cheat Meals: Doughnut Cheeseburgers w/ Brandon Hendrickson
Men's Physique Champ and team Beast athlete, Brandon Hendrickson, visits the South Carolina State Fair for their infamous doughnut bacon cheeseburger.
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10 Best Restaurants For Healthy Eating (And What To Order!)
Sure, you know that cooking your food is best, but the occasional meal out is part of life. Check out the 10 best chain restaurant options for healthy eating!
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fit man opening whey protein
Meal # 3: Consisting of Scivation Whey, Almonds and Grapefruit. This is an extremely easy to prepare, convenient meal to have on the go. There are no excuses!
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[Video] Grocery Shopping with Pro Bodybuilders w/ Antoine Vaillant
IFBB Pro and Redcon1 athlete, Antoine Vaillant, takes us on a tour of his local grocery store as he shows us what he likes to pick up to fuel his body.
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3 Things You Can Learn From Clean Eaters
Clean eating is one of the most popular diet plans out there. But, even if it's not for you, there are 3 things you can learn from its diet principles.
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5 Misconceptions About Intermittent Fasting
There are a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around the Internet when it comes to the intermittent fasting lifestyle. This article separates truth from fiction.
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A Look at Protein Foods: Eggs
A complete nutritional analysis of eggs, including macronutrient breakdowns for all sizes. Eggs are a staple protein source for bodybuilders.
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[Video] What Physique Champions Eat for Breakfast w/ Brandon Hendrickson
2018 Men's Physique Champion, Brandon Hendrickson, gets welcomed into the Muscle & Strength Breakfast Club in this episode of "What Pros Eat for Breakfast".
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Muscle man cooking
Meal #5: A Post-Workout meal consisting of Scivation Whey and oatmeal. Kurt also throws in an granola bar to stabilize blood sugar and boost energy.
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How To Structure A Fat Loss Or Weight Gain Diet
This article covers the basics of protein, carbohydrate and fat intake and provides you with 10 tips to set up an effective diet plan that will help you reach your goals.
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