Grillin’ & Chillin’: The Best July 4th Recipes for Lifters

M&S Team
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July 1st, 2016
Updated: June 13th, 2020
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Grillin’ & Chillin’: The Best July 4th Recipes for Lifters
Hosting this year's 4th of July festivities? Stay lean and eat great with these recipes straight from the M&S kitchen!

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all recipes are not created equal, that they are endowed by their creators with certain delicious ingredients, that among them are meat, whey, and the desire for culinary perfection.”

It’s the 4th of July and odds are you’ve decided to fire up the grill, throw on some burgers, and spend half of your life savings on fireworks. And why not, right? This is ‘MERICA.

Well, we’re here to give you 13 of the best recipes ever created for your patriotic taste buds.

Burgers for Breakfast? Better Believe it

Wait, you thought I was going to make you wait until lunch? Not a chance bro, I’ve got you covered from dawn 'til dusk.

Steak and eggs have been raising testosterone levels since the beginning of time. You’ve known it. We know it. Now we’re going to provide you with the means to an end.

1. Cheeseburger Omelet

Cheeseburger Omelet

You probably already knew it but pancakes are the best thing since sliced bread. In fact, I’d be willing to argue that they’re actually better than sliced bread. Get to pourin’ and flippin’.

2. Red, White & Blue Pancakes

Red, White & Blue Pancakes

Sensational Sides Without the Guilt

Grilled chicken.

Homemade burgers.



They’re all pretty decent options which you’d find at a typical Fourth of July BBQ. However, you tend to run into issues when it comes to sides. French fries, potato chips, and pasta salad dominate the conversation but they’re probably not what you’re looking for.

Needless to say, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Bring your own side dish and whip up one of these delicious high protein options.

3. Low Carb Bacon Cheddar Ranch 'Potato' Salad

Low Carb 'Potato" Salad

4. Homemade High Protein White Cheddar Mac & Cheese Recipe

High Protein Mac & Cheese

Sliders, Skewers, and Sirloin – Meet the Meats of America

You may have had burgers for breakfast but it’s never too soon to have another. Here’s two of our favorite recipes which will sure to be a hit with your family and friends. Wendy’s and Burger King won’t have anything on you.

5. High Protein Ranch Turkey Burger Recipe

Ranch Turkey Burger

6. Double Beef & Bacon Cheeseburger Recipe

Double Beef & Bacon Cheeseburger

Although, if burgers aren’t your thing, you could go more of the western route and test out some sloppy joes:

7. Protein Packed Lean Gains BBQ Sloppy Joe Recipe

Sloopy Joes

Or, maybe it’s date night and you’re really looking to impress that special someone with a little home cooking. Whatever the case, I’ve still got you covered:

8. Madras Chicken & Broccoli Skewers With Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

Chicken & Broccoli Skewers

9. Sesame CranButter Sirloin Steak Tip Skewers Recipe

Sesame Sirloin Steak Scewers

The Diabetic Dessert Trifecta: Rice Krispies, Cupcakes, and Brownies

Misleading subtitles aside, you’ve got to admit this trifecta is almost as legendary as the three musketeers. Just ask any 5-year-old to list their favorite desserts and I can guarantee you’ll see at least 2 out of those 3.

However, in case you were actually looking to get your trifecta fix, here’s a few suggestions which should help to offset the would be blood sugar spike and subsequent hypoglycemia.

10. Low Calorie Chocolate Protein Cupcakes Recipe

Chocolate Protein Cupcakes

11. Crunchy Protein Treats Made With Rice Krispies

Protein Rice Krispies

12. Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Brownies Recipe

Chocolate PB Protein Bownies

Brownies without ice cream? That’s almost akin to Lebron without D-Wade. Don’t make the mistake of having one without the other.

13. Soft Serve Protein Ice Cream Recipe

Protein Ice Cream

Well, you may not be able to open your own restaurant with this assortment of recipes but you’ll certainly have the tools to put on one heck of a barbeque; time to check the propane, assemble your ingredients, and make the guest list.