Pain & Gain: Dwayne Johnson And Mark Wahlberg Workout

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December 11th, 2012
Updated: April 7th, 2021
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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Mark Wahlberg are big and badass in the bodybuilding comedy Pain & Gain. Learn how they train and eat for gains.
Workout Summary

Workout Description

Pain & Gain is the soon to be hit bodybuilding-centric movie starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Mark Wahlberg.

Directed by Michael Bay, Pain & Gain is an action comedy about two bumbling, drug-abusing bodybuilders who end up in an extortion ring.

Both Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg worked extremely hard to get (and stay) in top shape for the film. The Rock went through 150 days of clean dieting without a single cheat meal.

The reward for this supreme dedication? An epic 3 round cheat meal that looked like this:

  • Round One: 12 pancakes
  • Round Two: 4 double dough pepperoni pizzas
  • Round Three: 21 brownies with a huge mug of milk

So the obvious question did Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg prepare for the film? Let's take a look.

All Kinds of Gains!​

Before we dive into what the Rock is cooking, let's take a look at Mark Wahlberg's movie prep. For Pain & Gain Mark ate what Hollywood reporters were calling a "crazy 10 meal per day diet." He told E! News:

I was eating 10 meals a day and drinking mass gainers...It was a lot of work. A lot of getting up at 2 in the morning to eat another meal and I was still full from the meal at 10 o'clock.

This was the training split that Mark Wahlberg used:

Rumor has it that his workouts were brief but intense 30-40 minute sessions, relying heavily on the use of supersets. Where's the ab work, you ask? Mark only performed light ab work, as he is generally not a huge fan of direct abs training.

Mark Wahlberg also focused heavily on progression, or getting stronger. He is currently bench pressing around 335 pounds.

Mark ​Wahlberg Workout

Here are the nuts and bolts of his workout routine:

Day 1 - Legs, Back, and Biceps

Exercise Sets Reps
Dumbbell Lunge 4 8-12
Leg Curl 4 8-12
Squat 4 8-12
Bent Over Row 4 8-12
Pull Up 4 8-12
Barbell Curl 4 8-12

Day 2 - Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

Exercise Sets Reps
Bench Press 4 8-12
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 4 8-12
Skullcrushers 4 8-12
Cable Tricep Extension 4 8-12
Seated Arnold Press 4 8-12
Cable Crossovers 4 8-12
Push Up 3 Failure

For day 3, repeat the day one workout without training your back.

Pain & Gain

The Rock Says, Know Your Role!

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson uses a more conventional bodybuilding-style split:

  • Monday - Shoulders
  • Tuesday - Back
  • Wednesday - Off
  • Thursday - Legs
  • Friday - Arms
  • Saturday - Chest
  • Sunday - Off

Dwayne Johnson Workout​

Monday - Shoulders

Exercise Sets Reps
Machine Press 3 21
Dumbbell Lateral Raise superset w/ Front Dumbbell Raise 3 8
Cable Bent Over Reverse Flye 5 12, 10, 8, 6, 4
Hammer Strength Shrug 5 12, 10, 8, 6, 4
4-Way Neck Machine 4 12

Tuesday - Back

Exercise Sets Reps
Wide Grip Lat Pull Down 5 12, 10, 8, 6, 4
Close Grip Lat Pull Down 5 12, 10, 8, 6, 4
One Arm Machine Row 4 12
Hyperextension 4 15, 15, 12, 12

Thursday - Legs

Exercise Sets Reps
Leg Press 4 25, 20, 18, 16
Smith Machine Lunge 4 8
Leg Curl 4 12, 10, 8, 6
Standing Calf Raise 6 6

Friday - Arms

Exercise Sets Reps
Dumbbell Curl 5 12, 10, 8, 6, 4
Machine Curl 6 12, 10, 8, 6, 21, 21
Cable Tricep Extension 5 12, 10, 8, 6, 20
Overhead Cable Tricep Extension 4 12, 10, 8, 20
One Arm Reverse Grip Cable Tricep Extension 2 15

Saturday - Chest

Exercise Sets Reps
Incline Dumbbell Press 5 12, 10, 8, 6, 4
Dumbbell Bench Press 5 12, 10, 8, 6, 4
Cable Crossover (super set with Push Ups) 4 12
Push Up 4 15

Note: 21 rep sets are "bicep 21's". Perform 7 upper half reps, 7 lower half reps, and 7 full reps.

Posted on: Fri, 09/17/2021 - 06:25

Great post! I dont see a pdf download, is that available somewhere?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Tue, 10/05/2021 - 20:33

Hey Chris, thanks for the comment. I will reach out to my editor. In the meantime, you can screenshot the workouts or print the article.

Posted on: Tue, 05/12/2015 - 00:03

in the rock shoulder workout, can I substitute the front dumbbell raises/side lateral raises with front barbell raises/wide grip upright row or Is better to leave the original front side lateral dumbbell raises?

Posted on: Wed, 02/18/2015 - 14:20

This is not Mark Whalenbergs routine at all.
You writers are telling me that Mark bulked up from 165 to 205 in just 7 weeks from these small workouts no Mark used 4 sets of 8-12 on very exerscie (except abs he did indeed train 3 sets of 15) and superset every 2 exerscies he was eating 10-12 meals Aday as noted but his routine isn't the correct one. I recommend that you people go to for real Celeberty workouts not these BS routines

Posted on: Tue, 01/06/2015 - 17:34

Is mark walhberg's 100% whey protein good for women over 40 ? Am deciding on trying out the product .

Posted on: Sun, 12/14/2014 - 06:01

I dont body build i power lift and i do 3-30s on a 4 week cycle and i pyrimid up and use heavy weight on my last set say im benching i go 145 then up to 185 then to 225 all for 300 reps

Posted on: Mon, 07/14/2014 - 23:19

Please get some m&s writers in here these f###tards have no idea what they are arguing about

lokesh nigah
Posted on: Fri, 05/02/2014 - 06:31

which supplement dwayne johnson use 4 starter....i want make body like rock which supplement i have 2 use ....

Posted on: Tue, 04/22/2014 - 07:11

just go for it, dont back down, get up.strength does not come from winning, your struggles develop your strengths when you go through hardships and decide not to surrender that is strength.
The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow. So suck it up now and you wont have to suck it in later.
Peace from SA.

udaya kumara
Posted on: Thu, 04/10/2014 - 00:59

i'm 20 years weight height 1.62m please give me a exercise.

Posted on: Mon, 03/24/2014 - 06:59


Would anyone recommend moving the chest day to Wednesday? And not have the day off? Instead have the Weekend off?

I ask as I cant find time to go during the weekend as I have the kids.

What would people recommend?



junior shannon
Posted on: Sat, 09/26/2015 - 00:35

I move Thursday workout to wensday fridays to thursday and Saturdays to fridays so i rest on weekend do to all my kids activity

Posted on: Sat, 03/08/2014 - 08:06

which supplemnt used by dwayne the rock johnson in starting

Posted on: Sun, 03/02/2014 - 13:09

To "areyouserious" You have nothing better to do then click on red thumbs for everyone's comment
(Except you own where you click on the green every day). Go back to pumping your boyfriend in your parents basement. Get a life loser.

Posted on: Mon, 01/13/2014 - 19:08

How long should I rest between sets?

Posted on: Wed, 11/20/2013 - 23:08

If u think the rock does it through diet and exercise alone then you are naive.

Bacon Max
Posted on: Tue, 11/19/2013 - 22:33

Dwayne Johnson trains five days a week? No wonder he is turning into a rock gradually.

Posted on: Wed, 11/13/2013 - 13:58

Anytime you are training hard and completing numerous sets, you should always up the amount of weight you are lifting and reduce the amount of reps as you go (as it shows in Dwayne's plan). You should be able to go through each set to the point where on your last rep you could not do another one accurately so be sure to adjust the weight accordingly.

Posted on: Wed, 09/04/2013 - 16:01

The workouts do work all you need is hard work and dedication ! PAIN & GAIN!

Posted on: Wed, 09/04/2013 - 11:42

Just by reading this I can tell .. That this is gonna work ^.^

Posted on: Fri, 08/23/2013 - 11:41

For Dwayne's workout out. You do all the workouts for two weeks and than on the new week you go up on weight and down on reps. You should go up by 10

Posted on: Tue, 08/20/2013 - 07:39

And Dwayne is juicing, any of you that think otherwise are deluded.

Posted on: Tue, 08/20/2013 - 07:38

Contrary to what a lot of you may think, he is probably not increasing the weight as he decreases the amount of reps he is doing per set. Instead, he is most likely to be drop setting, having no more than 3 seconds rest between sets and decreasing the weight slightly so he can only just complete the target amount of reps. Try doing the same in your workouts and watch the gains come in no time.

Ravi Hirani
Posted on: Wed, 08/14/2013 - 03:18

I noticed both of the workouts are tough especially Mr. Johnson's workout. My only question is where is his meal plan. THere is no way a human being can do these workouts unless there is a solid meal plan. Please post if there is one.

Posted on: Sat, 08/03/2013 - 17:14

guys how cable crossover super set with pushups??????????

Posted on: Sun, 07/28/2013 - 13:14

Hi I'm 16 and 6 ft 3/64 inch tall and 226.6 lbs , I'm going in the gym for about one and a half year and I still don't see changes. Can you help me?

Posted on: Mon, 08/19/2013 - 05:53

Do you have a goal in mind, like lose weight or gaining muscle. What do you want? If it is to gain muscle I can help. Here is a four day split that works great.

Day One - Chest and Biceps Day Two - Back and Triceps Day Three - Shoulders and Legs
Bench Press Bent Over Row Military Press
Incline Bench Press Pullups/Chin Ups Arnold Press
Decline Bench Press One Arm Dumbbell Row Dumbbell Reverse Flye
Flyes Deadlifts Dumbbell Lateral Raise
Pullover Shrugs Dumbbell Front Raise
EZ Bar Curls Dumbbell Tricep Press Squat
Reverse EZ Bar Curl French Press Power Clean
Preacher Curl One Arm Dumbbell Extension Dumbbell Lunges
Hammer Curl Tricep Kickback Glute Bridges
Concentration Curl Bench Dips Standing Calf Raise

For every exercise do 3 sets of 8-10 reps. Use only 4-6 reps per set on power clean. Take a one minute break in between sets and exercises. Changing weight counts as rest time. When you can lift the same weight for the reps I've said for all 3 sets, raise the weight by 5lbs. Raise it by 10lbs for squats, deadlift, and power clean.

If say, you can get 8-10 reps for 3 sets on bench press at 200lbs. The next time, use 205lbs. If on the first set at this new weight you get less than 8 reps, lower the weight 5lbs for next set. On second set, if you get 8-10 reps, move the weight back to 205 for the third set. The same applies for every exercise. On squats, deadlifts, and power clean, you will decrease or increase by 10 pounds.

If you lift 205 on bench for 8-10 reps on first set, use the same weight on second set. But if you can't get at least 8 reps on second set, decrease by 5lbs for third set.

On fourth day, take a rest day. Then repeat cycle. And eat like a motherfucker the entire time. Carbs, fats, protein, it doesn't matter. Get calories and get huge. You can worry about cutting after you're huge.

Posted on: Thu, 07/18/2013 - 12:59

True, this may not be the Rocks workout. He is far too big. With that being said, he has lifted for YEARS and could be labeled as an expert on bodybuilding. I am no "expert." I just know how this workout has effected my body. My friend and I did this workout for two months. We both saw gains in size and in strength. I had to stop the workout because my dress shirts were getting too tight around my arms if that says anything on the gains. There are a few competition bodybuilders in my gym and they ALL say diet is 80%. This leaves what ever workout you do being of 20% importance. When you're a beginner like me, any structured workout is a GOOD workout.
As for the diet, I was constantly eating some form of protein throughout the day. Once every hour to an hour and a half, I ate something portioned that had protein in it. That's what got me results. The workout itself was secondary to proper food intake. Like I said, I am not an expert. I just know my results were. Hope this helps.

Posted on: Mon, 06/03/2013 - 11:47

this is not there work out. its no where near long enough, or varied

Ryan B
Posted on: Thu, 05/30/2013 - 11:30

Been doing The Rock's workout now for 4 weeks. Definitely seeing a difference in my strength, weights, and overall appearance. Mixing in some good cardio and this has been the perfect workout for me, thanks Muscle & Strength!

Posted on: Sat, 05/18/2013 - 07:34

This programm for the rock is to MAINTAIN and Wahlberg is to gain, He eats 10 meal a day. I'd understand the gain. Get ur facts and read description before you bitch about it. If you want to be the rock, this program wonT help since its for MAINTENANCE. And if you want wahlber, check your bank account cause groceries will be a bitch.

Posted on: Wed, 05/01/2013 - 00:55

For real all you guys out there looking at the rock and marky mark just know do what works for you just push it when you are in the gym step it up if you think you can do another set do it if you think adding weight is gonna get you there. Everybody is different in how they add their muscle but a clean diet is the most important thing to getting to your goal along with plenty of rest. Just leave it all at the gym push yourself even if its not the day you feel the greatest i have noticed those days you make excuses not to work out as hard are the days you should push yourself the most but diet is more important than the workout.

Posted on: Mon, 04/29/2013 - 00:00

I just wonder when are they actually going to admit it and also say which steroid were they using. Everyone knows they are using it already so what's the point of hiding

Posted on: Sun, 04/28/2013 - 23:12

I bench press 250 and weigh 180 what do i need to do to get my bench up to 260 within a month?

Posted on: Sat, 04/27/2013 - 03:40

Whatever you do, don't curl in the squat rack haha

Just a Woman
Posted on: Fri, 04/26/2013 - 02:17

It is Very Interesting to know how two my favorite Superstars gain muscles. Not often you see Superstars exercise programs on the internet! So, most of you you here who comment and don`t know what you are talking about anyway,should be happy to know how to get to quick shape in no time!!!

Nick adams
Posted on: Wed, 04/24/2013 - 12:11


Nick adams
Posted on: Wed, 04/24/2013 - 11:48

Ive been doin this workout for a few weeks now but i add a few thing on.

Monday an added 4 sets of barbell uprows 12 reps
Tuesday i did 5 sets of one arm rows with sets 12-10-8-6-4 and added a light barbell row 4 sets of 8
Thursday i added a superset of calf raises after lunges
Friday i do wrist curls 4x12 and reverse barbell curls for forarms 4 sets 12-10-8-6
Saturday an extra set of 4 dumbell pullovers 12 reps

i work my abs monday wednesday friday an do a 15 cardio warm up each training day along with a full 2 hour cardio session on a sunday.

I only do slow reps both up and down.

Let me know what you think guys is this a good addin to this workout im quite new to this

Randy Mayhak
Posted on: Sun, 04/21/2013 - 21:33

There was not much core work on heavy sets such as dead's noticed here.

Posted on: Fri, 04/19/2013 - 12:01

Amazed that Dwayne does not have many compound lifts - No BB Bench, Heavy Squats, Deadlifts, Military Press, Really shows the difference of lifting for hypertrophy compared to berserk strength. Dude is massive.

Big "D" Bacon
Posted on: Mon, 04/15/2013 - 10:50

Man hold up???, lots of feedback regarding the two workouts. Dude, I you really know what works put it out there, so for some of you have comment on you prefer and some just seem to be critiquing the workouts. We just want to know what's working to get us at least close to that superstar look.

Posted on: Thu, 04/11/2013 - 17:56

Steroids period.

Jamesy Scott
Posted on: Mon, 04/08/2013 - 04:32

If I do this will I become a WWE Champion?

Posted on: Sun, 04/07/2013 - 16:40

Wahlberg's workout is good if you do it twice a week and do abs on the off days. Not bad - done it one round - 2 days and 3rd one in about an hour.

But then again - I'm 51 years old. I lift in my garage. I like Marky Marks workout lol. I fine tuned it a bit.

Posted on: Fri, 04/05/2013 - 21:46

No you do not lower the weight. It increases muscle when you leave the weight the same each rep. Shocks the muscle, after the 3rd rep the muscle gets "tired" by doing this you keep it burning.

Posted on: Fri, 04/05/2013 - 21:43

you don't go down on weight it builds the muscle to continue the same weight in all sets

Posted on: Sun, 03/31/2013 - 15:30

What are people's opinion on abs and cardio? Go about those as you would on a regular basis? And what kind of calories and carbs should be focused ? ( I know everybody is different for what their bodies need) just a general answer would work.

Jamesy Scott
Posted on: Mon, 04/08/2013 - 04:39

Hi, I am James

I am a student at Stanford University and I see myself as the perfect candidate to answer your question. you should do 6 press ups a week and if you're feeling good maybe push for 8. This will turn you into a 'TANK' (after about 786 years). I hope this helps and you will be well on your way to becoming a WWE Champion

Posted on: Fri, 03/29/2013 - 08:17

The workout posted here for the Rock is from a 2002 edition of Muscle and Fitness - so I highly doubt he did this workout recently or even ever

Posted on: Wed, 03/27/2013 - 12:32

And lots of test and hgh