Do you have what it takes to tackle this introductory Navy SEAL training plan? You'll build functional strength, speed, and endurance with this 6-week workout routine.
Workout Summary

Workout Description

Navy SEAL training isn’t for the faint of heart.

It requires grit, persistence and gut-wrenching effort. Traditional bodybuilding-style split routines designed for bigger biceps and 6-pack abs just won’t cut it.

What you need is a program to get you a significant step closer to preparing you for such training – a program focusing on the necessities of strength, endurance and other important factors that can facilitate function and real-world capabilities.

The following is an introductory program designed to get you started in the right direction whether your goal is to one day join the ranks of the Special Forces or to simply get off your butt and start something new.

Real World Training

Bench pressing and curling a lot of weight is great for impressing others, but your goals are to run, jump and lift more effectively and efficiently. Real-world training encompasses a thorough list of training variables you need to focus on. Their order is just as important too.

Speed and agility: The ability for you to achieve maximum velocity and change direction efficiently and then to return to that high velocity is important when trying to coax your system into conserving energy and running like a fine-tuned, high-octane machine.

Power: Also referred to as fast strength, power is your ability to drive a load as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is also the ability to create explosive power utilizing correct biomechanics in a safe manner.

Strength: Also referred to as slow speed, it is your ability to move a load from point A to point B – period. Normally, this is reserved for pressing, squatting and deadlifting moves.

Hypertrophy: Contrary to many beliefs hypertrophy is the process of recruiting, breaking down and fatiguing muscle fibers for the sole purpose of increasing cross-sectional area or muscle growth – not just getting stronger.

Muscular endurance: As one of the most important skills to develop, muscular endurance is your ability to repeat bouts of muscular contractions. Think of high-rep sets of push-ups and sit-ups as examples.

Cardiovascular endurance: Of course it’s a no-brainer that you need a hefty supply of cardiovascular endurance – how efficient your body is at utilizing oxygen for fuel. Without it you’ll be dead in the water.

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A Few Notes before You Begin

  • In addition to the above training variables, this program will also address some other common weaknesses you may be victim to such as strengthening your posterior chain and overhead strength, stabilizing your core, shoring-up asymmetrical weak sides and making you whole-body strong.
  • You will need to perform a bit of prehab and mobility work. Without it proper recovery won’t be met.
  • Give the program a couple of weeks to kick in the results.
  • You will also need to perform a thorough dynamic warm-up prior to each session.
  • Pay close attention to rest periods and the cadence of the program. Also, keep form and technique in check.
  • If you feel you are unable to finish a session then simply reduce the volume slightly and build back up slowly over time.

The Program

The purpose here is to get functionally fit not necessarily lean and sexy. However, the residual effects of this program will get you there along the way. It will also get you stronger, balanced and in incredible shape for whatever your goals are. In short, you will be able to kick butt inside and outside of the gym!

Again, this is an introductory training plan – not one officially used by the Navy SEALs. Try it for 6 weeks. It can be used to get you started on a fitter, more usable physique without the guessing game.

Each session will be performed once per week with an optional weekend day thrown in for those who want to get an extra workout in. Your week will look something like this:

Day Workout
Monday Day 1 - Speed and Agility
Tuesday Day 2 - Power
Wednesday Off
Thursday Day 3 - Strength
Friday Day 4 - Hypertrophy & Muscular Endurance
Saturday Day 5 - Optional Full Body Conditioning
Sunday Off

Foam Rolling/Mobility Work

Be sure to perform a few minutes of either foam rolling or simple massage of certain areas such as hips, quads, hams and lats and shoulders. Also, some simple hip and glute stretches are recommended to open up tight areas for the work ahead.

Dynamic Warm-Up

Instead of the traditional slow cardio warm-up, you will perform what’s called a dynamic warm-up. Perform the following prior to each training session.

Perform all moves with little rest for 1 or 2 rounds:

Exercise Reps
Push-Ups 20
Deep Bodyweight Squats 20
Lying Ab Windshield Wipers 10 (each side)
Walking Lunges (long stride) 20 paces
Inverted Rows 10
Jump Squats 10
Side Lunges 10 (each side)

Post Training

Be sure to perform a comprehensive stretching routine focusing not only on the specific muscles stressed but also all other areas as well.

Day 1: Speed and Agility

Exercise Warm-Up Sets Work Sets Rest (in seconds)
Sprints (at least 20 yards) 3 minute jog 5 rounds all-out effort 120
Timed shuttle run (at least 10 yards) - 5 rounds all-out effort 60 to 120
Superset: Reverse Grip Chin-Up & Flat Bench Barbell Press 1x12 3x8-12 60 after each superset
Superset: Dumbbell Shrug & Hyperextension - 3x8-12 60 after each superset
Superset: Floor Crunch & Bent-Knee Hanging Leg Raise - 3x15-20 No Rest
3-5 mile Jog at a Steady Pace - - -

Marc Megna Performing Exercises From The Navy Seals Workout

Day 2: Power

Exercise Warm-Up Sets Work Sets Rest (in seconds)
Jump Squats or Box Jumps 1x10 4x10 30
Barbell Clean and Press 2x12-15 3x5-8 60
Plyo (hand clap) Push-Up 1x10 3x5-8 30
Explosive Single Arm Dumbbell or Kettlebell Flat Bench Press - 3x5-8 60
Explosive Bent-Over Dumbbell Row 1x12 3x5-8 60
3-Way Plank: alternate from side, middle to other side without rest (10sec each) - 1 set alternating every 10 seconds for 1 to 2 minutes -
Sprint Intervals: total of 8 sprints with one minute rests - - -

Day 3: Strength

Exercise Warm-Up Sets Work Sets Rest (in seconds)
Barbell Floor Deadlift or Barbell Back Squat 3x8-12 4x5 120
Seated Leg Curl or Romanian Deadlift 1x12 4x5 120
Superset: Inverted or TRX Row & Plyo Push-Up - 3x10-15 60 after each superset
Superset: Incline Bench Dumbbell Press & Wide-Grip Pull-Up 2x12 4x5-8 60 after each superset
Superset: Hanging Leg Raise & Planks - 3x15-20 & 20-30 sec for planks No rest
3-5 mile Jog at a steady pace - - -

Day 4: Hypertrophy & Muscular Endurance

Exercise Warm-Up Sets Work Sets Rest (in seconds)
Superset: Standing Barbell Shoulder Push Press & Rear Delt Rope Pull 2x12 4x10-15 No rest
Bulgarian Split Squat 2x12 4x10 each leg 30
Superset: Standing Barbell or TRX Curl & Parallel Bar Triceps Dips 1x12 4x10-15 No rest
Superset: Feet-Elevated Push-Up & Single Leg Calf Raise - 3x10-15 No rest
Superset: Incline 3-Way Sit-Up & Lying Leg Raise - 3x15-20 No rest
Sled Pull or Drag or Farmer's Walk - 3 lengths 60

Day 5: Optional Full Body Conditioning

Perform 3 rounds resting when necessary eventually building up to 5 rounds without rest. Rest 60 to 120 seconds after each round.

Exercise Reps
Push-Up 20
Prisoner Squat 20
Pull-Up 10
Walking Lunge 10 each leg
Triceps Bench or Parallel Bar Dip 10
Short Sprint Varied lengths
Ab Crunch 20
*End with 3-5 mile jog at a steady pace

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Rah Bandz
Posted on: Mon, 05/27/2024 - 02:43

I'm looking to lose man boobs and build lower body can you give me a cheat code to go along with this workout?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Mon, 05/27/2024 - 21:06

Afraid not. Just gotta train hard and diet consistently. There are some skin tightening creams that may work, but that is not a guarantee.

C.T. Wase
Posted on: Sun, 05/19/2024 - 09:43

The gym I go to isn’t setup to to properly do supersets. What would be the recommended way to incorporate them? Or just making my way to each location and do the sets?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Mon, 05/27/2024 - 21:05

Hey C.T. I would say do them where you can, and do the best you can with the setup you are working with.

Danilo Bullungan
Posted on: Fri, 03/29/2024 - 08:27

Is there any advance workout like this

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Fri, 03/29/2024 - 08:48

I don't believe there is one here on M&S, Danilo. You may be able to find an advanced version of the NAVY Seal workouts on other sites. In the meantime, I will make a pitch to the editors and see if we can work on coming up with one. What I can do is offer a few tips to make this one more challenging.

Day 1 - Take the sprints from 20 to 100 yards. You can also wear a weighted vest during the jog at the end.

Day 2 - Up the weight on the power movements for triples instead of 5-8.

Day 3 - Cut the rest times to 45 seconds and up the jog to 8 miles.

Day 4 - Add a work set to each of the last three movements. Also, do 10 burpees after the last exercise.

Day 5 - Wear a weighted vest for the entire workout.

Hope this helps!

Danilo Bullungan
Posted on: Tue, 03/26/2024 - 20:01

what do you mean by warm up do we need to put weights if were doing the warm up sets or no

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Wed, 03/27/2024 - 20:40

Hi Danilo, the dynamic warmup he shared are primarily bodyweight movements. You should not need extra resistance for those to warmup for the main workout.

Hope this helps!

Posted on: Mon, 02/05/2024 - 15:22

May I change the off day from after day2 to after day3

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Thu, 02/15/2024 - 18:43

Hey there. You can, but I would like to ask why out of curiosity.

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Wed, 02/21/2024 - 09:15

I get it. Go for it! Let us know how it works for you, and thank you for being a part of the M&S community!

Posted on: Fri, 02/16/2024 - 01:58

I am full busy on weekends + thursdays because of work, school, familly, kids etc

Jean-Philippe M...
Posted on: Fri, 11/24/2023 - 18:24

I'm fairly fit and trying to gain a little bit of weight. Will this training for a short period of time will have a negative effect on mass building?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Wed, 11/29/2023 - 20:54

It depends on your recovery and how much you're eating. I don't think it will impact your mass building negatively, but you really need to have plenty of nutritious meals and recover well to continue growing. How long are you thinking of doing this?

Posted on: Tue, 07/18/2023 - 14:10

Hi i'm looking to join the army but i am super unfit is this workout suitable for me or should I adjust the Reps and build gradually also if i get to a point where this is easy for me should i change the workout completely or just add more reps/sets

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Fri, 07/21/2023 - 20:51

Hey, A'Naise. First, thanks for your willingness to service. To answer the question, build up gradually. If you go all out and get hurt because you weren't prepared, that will impact your chances of getting into the military. Take your time getting ready. It will be worth it.

Posted on: Sat, 05/13/2023 - 21:42

Hey, I am training for policing, and I have to pass a circuit and beep test (shuttle run). Is this program suitable for that? or should I add some more cardio or anything else?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Tue, 05/16/2023 - 07:12

I think this would serve you well, but you should find ways to work in your personal shuttle runs so you have experience before that test. Good luck, and thanks for reading M&S!

Posted on: Sat, 04/08/2023 - 18:13

I just started boxing and planning to do other combat sports, would this workout be beneficial for that kind of stuff? If not could you recommend me one that will?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Mon, 04/24/2023 - 22:00

I believe you will find this one to serve you well, Angel. Run with it, and let us know how you do. Thanks for reading M&S!

Posted on: Sat, 07/30/2022 - 05:22


Congratulations for all this wonderful workouts program.
Please can you add all url for each exercices.
Some of them does not have it.
For all, it will be easier to see how to do it and which part of your body are we working

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Tue, 08/09/2022 - 08:37

I will pass this on to the editors, Diop. In the meantime, go to YouTube and enter the exercise in the search bar for guidance. I can't include links in the comments, but they will be there for you to learn from.

Posted on: Wed, 12/15/2021 - 10:24

Can change days for instancse do day 1 to day 3 and day three to day 1. Andwill it be ok if I do the sprint and jogs in the morning and the rest of the workout in the evening.

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Fri, 12/17/2021 - 15:31

Hey Hannes, the changes you suggested should be fine. Come back after a few weeks and let us know how they work for you.

Posted on: Tue, 11/09/2021 - 15:13

Hello, I would love to start this program but I'm a little confused on the workout per day. Am I picking only 1 of the exercises in the day or am I doing all of those exercises in Day 1 etc.?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Tue, 11/09/2021 - 17:24

Hi, Diana. Thank you for the question. You complete all of the exercises under Day 1 in one workout. Hope this helps. If you take this program on, let us know how it works for you!

Posted on: Tue, 01/19/2021 - 16:26

When you meant sprint how far do I have to sprint for?

Posted on: Sun, 09/27/2020 - 11:34

Can I also use this programm for fatloss?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Mon, 09/28/2020 - 13:21

Hey Dean - if your primary goal is fat loss, your diet is going to play a huge role in your success. Use our BMR calculator to figure out your daily caloric needs:

We also have a ton of workouts tailored to fat loss that you can check out here:

Arsalan Ali Khan
Posted on: Thu, 07/30/2020 - 19:04

What is the diet for this? Talking about how many calories, how much water, and what meals should I prep?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Mon, 08/10/2020 - 14:52

Hey Arsalan

Choosing the right diet is something that's best discussed with your doctor, in case you have any allergies or foods you cant eat. As far as calories go, you'll want to make sure you're at least matching your BMR for maintaining, or you're eating in a caloric surplus.

Posted on: Fri, 07/24/2020 - 09:08

Was this program designed by, or used by Navy seals?

Bryan Doyle
Posted on: Sat, 05/30/2020 - 15:21

Hey, I've been loving the workouts man, I'm getting the type of progress that I'd be wanting from a gym workout at home, and I'm wondering if there's another workout program you'd recommend moving onto after finishing up the 6 weeks of this program? I'm just wondering since I don't want to hit another plateau and I'd rather just think ahead this time and plan for keeping my muscles "surprised" I guess lmfao and using some more versatile movements if they become accustomed to the routine of this. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

Hans Stephen S....
Posted on: Tue, 11/13/2018 - 11:07

BRAD, I love this program, but it takes a little long, over an hour at times, should I be cutting down on sets or should I be cutting down on whole excercises?


Hans Stephen S....
Posted on: Tue, 11/13/2018 - 11:02

I'm really curious about this what does 3 length mean ??m

Emre Karakaya
Posted on: Sat, 10/13/2018 - 21:10

Can I do this training more than 6 weeks?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Mon, 10/15/2018 - 13:24

Hi Emre,


Posted on: Fri, 08/24/2018 - 00:13


I’m a little confused on the agility portion for the sprints and timed shuttle. Can you explain a little more on what is expected. For example, am I doing a 20 yard sprint, then resting for 120 seconds, then doing another 20 yard sprint? Doesn’t seem right. As well for the shuttle run. Thank you

Posted on: Tue, 08/21/2018 - 11:30

At what weight, or percentage of max single lift/pull, should these sets and reps be done at? the program looks very good, but their is no information on what weight to begin with and at what times/ how to progress.

Posted on: Sat, 08/17/2019 - 12:05

use a comfortable weight that fits you. a weight that youll have to push yourself yet still be able to complete the exercise

Posted on: Tue, 08/07/2018 - 13:02

I'm currently training for the Royal Marines, I have around 12 weeks left in order to hit my fitness goals:
60 Press-Ups in 2 Minutes (Audible Beep Rhythm)
70 Sit Ups in 2 minutes
14 Pull Ups
Back to Back 1.5 Mile Runs, first in 12 minutes 30, second in under 9 minutes 30, 2% incline.
Minimum of level 12 on Bleep Test

Emre Karaosmanoğlu
Posted on: Sat, 05/26/2018 - 20:50

What would you reccomend after getting this done? Is there advanced version of this workout routine?

Posted on: Thu, 05/24/2018 - 21:40

Post training stretch. Can this be Yoga done later in the day? Say training at 10 am yoga at 6 pm?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Tue, 05/29/2018 - 11:37

Hi Jeremy,

Sure, that would work.

Hope this helps!

Emre Karaosmanoğlu
Posted on: Sun, 05/13/2018 - 14:25

Hello. Can I do a similiar HIIT workout instead of Day 1 and optional day? Thanks

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Mon, 05/14/2018 - 08:59

Hi Emre,

Yes, that should be fine.

Hope this helps!

Emre Karaosmanoğlu
Posted on: Tue, 05/15/2018 - 00:33

Thank you Josh !!

Posted on: Mon, 02/12/2018 - 09:25

Are you sure this is a "beginner" program? Not too many people I know who have never worked out could do even half of these workouts. A few of these workouts have the 3-5 miles run AFTER completing the weight training portion. Most beginners cannot run 3-5 miles by itself.

Posted on: Thu, 02/08/2018 - 09:01

I workout in my garage gym and do not have a pulley machine. What exercise can I do with free weights instead of the Rear Delt Rope Pull on the Endurance day?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Thu, 02/08/2018 - 10:04

Hi Scott,

Give bent over rear delt lateral raises a try.

Hope this helps!