38 Women Fitness Experts Share Tips on Fat Loss for Women

Demmy James
Written By: Demmy James
May 11th, 2018
Updated: June 13th, 2020
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38 Women's Fitness Experts Share Tips on Fat Loss for Women
Women's specific fat loss can be a tough topic to find good information on. So, get it from some of the best women experts in the health & fitness industry!

Mainstream media paints a pretty clear picture on how women’s fitness should be perceived and what the fat loss journey for a woman should look like.

And to be honest, it’s not pretty - nor accurate in most cases.

Whether it is specific dietary recommendations involving extreme calorie or macronutrient restriction, or exercise recommendations that focus solely on how many calories you burn during training, most of what you’ll find on the internet is centered around myths, old school trains of thought, or irresponsible fat loss product marketing.

So, we set out to create a reliable guide for women whose main goal is fat loss.

And we wanted to ensure this guide had tips that were based on applied practice and sound science.

We accomplished that goal and more.

Today, we bring you 38 tips for women’s specific fat loss brought to you by women who are leading experts in the realm of health and fitness.

1. Acadia Webber

Acadia Webber

"The best fat loss approach for you is the one that you can stick to. If calories out exceed calories in, you’re on the right track. As your body adapts, you will need to consume even fewer calories and expend even more.

Hence, one of the biggest mistakes when trying to lose fat is adopting a never-ending diet mentality; if your body keeps adjusting to a more and more severe caloric deficit, you will eventually need to take a break from or end the diet. Dieting is a means to an end - not a way of life."

- Acadia Webber, 

2. Ada Lane

Ada Lane

"Don't just focus on the weight loss, focus on your happiness too. If you are making yourself miserable, you won't be motivated enough to stick to it.

Find a balance between eating well, exercising, following your routine but also giving yourself some leeway to still enjoy life. And always remember, it’s going to take some time!"

- Ada Lane, 

3. Amanda Thebe

Amanda Thebe

"As women, we need to celebrate our bodies, a woman should feel proud of her body and not be defined by her shape or looks and it is important for her to feel that affection for herself before starting on a fat loss program.

If it is determined fat loss is the goal of my female client, it has to come from a place where she believes it is the right thing for her and not because she has been fed some preconceived, unrealistic notion of how her body should look via social media.

The next place to look is at their whole lifestyle to see if there are any areas that might be impeding fat loss. These can include poor sleep, high stress levels, depression or anxiety, stage of life (ie: menopause or post-pregnancy where hormones are a contributing factor), lack of hydration and finally quality of nutrition.

Making small impactful changes into some or all of these areas has been shown to yield positive fat loss results. I do my best to steer my clients away from yo-yo dieting, which is a prescriptive and rigid way to think about food. This approach can lead to monotony, inflexibility, stress, being hangry (or fungry!), can lead to eating disorders and research shows it can result in more weight gain over time.

Helping to educate women about why we need to eat certain foods and in what quantities can be very effective. So showing them why we need to eat a particular macronutrient, what that nutrient does and how they can do it, not only provides them with effective fat loss, but also helps them build autonomy around their food choices. Nobody wants to be told what to eat, they should be able to make their own educated choices."

- Amanda Thebe, 

4. Brianna Battles

Brianne Battles

“You are of more worth than your body fat percentage, size, weight and physical abilities. The obsession with fat loss, the often never good enough continual quest to get smaller by diet or more exercise, should not be prioritized over our happiness, quality of life, performance and mental health. Our training schedule and food choices should bring joy- it shouldn’t be a chore.

Restricting, overtraining and overthinking food and exercise in the name of fat loss is not sustainable health or performance habits.

Move your body in the ways you enjoy and see how it translates into strengthening all aspects of your life. Eat to fuel your body’s demands, with an emphasis on balance and appreciate your body for what it is, was and will be.”

- Brianna Battles, 

5. Chrissy King

Chrissy King

"When it comes to fat loss, one of the best tips I can give to clients is the importance of patience and consistency. While prioritizing habits such as eating a diet rich in lean protein, fiber, and vegetables in conjunction with physical movement involving strength training are very important for fat loss, consistency and patience are game changers.

We can rush the fat loss process to drop body fat as quickly as possible or we can create sustainable lifestyle habits which will allow individuals to lose fat and keep it off for the long haul.

While seeing two to three pound drops on the scale each week may feel gratifying, it's not helpful if it's not sustainable. However, if you consistently lose one pound per week in a sustainable manner, you would not only be down 52 pounds at the end of the year, but you would be more likely to adopt permanent lifestyle changes."

- Chrissy King, 

6. Christa Doran

Christa Doran

"When addressing fat loss, there is not just one magical change that does the trick. There are multiple elements, that when practiced day in and day out for an extended period of time, incredible and lasting results will follow.

Most of my clients are under the impression that “working out” 2-4 hours per week will help them lose body fat, but fat loss happens in the kitchen, not in the gym.

Most people don’t take a multifaceted approach when it comes to fat loss. They want to change just one thing, when they really need to change multiple behaviors and create new and positive habits to achieve the results they desire.

Most women want to make huge sweeping changes and drastic cuts. The more dramatic the plan, the more their interest is peaked...and unfortunately the less likely they are to be successful.

1. Changing just a few things can lead to huge results. For example, drinking more water (a simple way to calculate how much water you need is .5 x your bodyweight), making sure you are getting enough protein (3-4 palm sized portions per day) and upping your vegetable intake.

Start with one palm sized serving of lean protein like steak, salmon or chicken. After that add in one cupped palmful of carbohydrates like rice or sweet potatoes. Finish with an unlimited serving of colorful veggies. If you are hungry, go back for more. If not, stop eating.

2. Mindfulness matters. Eat without distraction (yes, put your phone down and turn that TV off), chew slowly tasting and savoring your food and put your fork down between bites. This is an easy way to consume less calories while you enjoy your food more.

3. Be patient. If you want lasting results, you must create new and positive habits. Habits take time to form. Celebrate every success along the way…. even the non-scale related ones. More energy? Horray! Sleeping better? Win! You are doing amazing things for your body. Make sure you are seeing the bigger picture and taking into account all you are doing for your health.

4. Love yourself to a better place. Changing your body from a place of loathing and self hatred never works. Changing years of negative self talk is hard, but not impossible. Be as mindful of the thoughts you are allowing into your head as you are the food into your amazing body."

- Christa Doran, 

7. Christmas Abbott

Christmas Abbott

"For me, it starts with knowing the fundamentals of good nutrition. This paves a way to create healthy habits where food is now viewed as fuel for your body.

It's important to understand what nutrients your body needs so that you can perform to the best of your ability, and it's KEY when making conscious decisions about food. I recognize this is a struggle for the masses, which is why I’ve taken my nutrition coaching to the online market so I can reach more people."

- Christmas Abbott, 

8. Dr. Clare Frank

Dr. Clare Frank

"Back to the basics.

1. Eat sensibly: Don’t skip meals, starve yourself, or go on crazy diets. When eating out or at home, try not to finish up all that is on your plate, leave a small portion to pack up.

2. Be sure to get your sleep: Sleep loss increases the risk of obesity through a combination of effects on energy metabolism. This research highlights how disrupted sleep patterns, a common feature of modern living, can predispose to weight gain, by affecting people’s appetite and responses to food and exercise.

3. Move often: Move throughout the day, because movement is medicine.

A study of desk workers concluded: “Standing up and walking around for five minutes every hour during the workday could lift your mood, combat lethargy without reducing focus and attention, and even dull hunger pangs, according to an instructive new study.”

- Dr. Clare Frank,  

9. Dana Santas

Dana Santas

"Too many women believe extreme levels of cardio are necessary to reach their fat-loss goals, but too much cardio for too long—especially in combination with a low-calorie diet—can result in burning muscle as opposed to fat, which will work against you!

But I believe (and science supports me) that a well-rounded program combining weight training, interval training and walking is a very effective combination for fat loss. Building muscle through a sound lifting program will boost your body’s overall metabolism while both HIIT and moderate-to-brisk walking have both been shown as effective measures for reducing body fat.

Never discount the value of walking as a component of any fat loss plan. In fact, it’s not just about weight loss, daily walks should be considered a primary part of every healthy lifestyle."

- Dana Santas, 

10. Dr. Emily Splichal

Dr. Emily Splichal

"The most successful fat loss programs require a holistic approach built around lasting lifestyle change.

Proper hydration, stress management, vitamin supplementation, and bodyweight movements should be the foundation to healthy lifestyle change.

Our body is 70% water making proper hydration critical in every aspect of human function. Stress increases cortisol, a hormone that can alter breathing patterns and fat deposition.  Vitamin supplementation ensures adequate nutrients for energy and repair. And bodyweight movements ensure proper stabilization and recruitment of deep core muscles."

- Dr. Emily Splichal, 

11. Ingrid Marcum

Ingrid Marcum

"Commitment to a realistic, long-term strategy and consistency - not perfection - are the keys to making lasting changes of any kind. Changes in nutrition and training should be practical and sustainable if you want to be able to stick to your program and maintain your fat loss. Short-term planning doesn’t yield long term results.

Other key factors that help yield results include:

  • Ensuring that you sufficiently challenge yourself in your efforts – work hard!
  • Include heavier resistance training in your program.
  • Increase your overall activity level to move more throughout the day.
  • Keep tabs on your recovery and make sure you’re getting enough sleep!
  • Be honest with your commitments – it’s ok if you make mistakes and veer from your training or nutrition program sometimes, but when it happens too often, you may need to evaluate your plan. Be consistent!"

- Ingrid Marcum, 

12. Jamie Snow

Jamie Snow

"When it comes to fat loss, one of the biggest mistakes people make is not fully understanding their 'why.' If your motivation comes superficially from wanting to fit into an old pair of jeans or new bikini that’s great, but it’s going to be far harder to turn that motivation into consistent action.

If you can find a way to connect your fat loss goal to your overall health, wellbeing and quality of life, it is going to be a lot easier to stick to the behaviours necessary to achieve your goal. Hopefully, even transforming them into an improved lifestyle moving forward."

- Jamie Snow, 

13. Jenn Pilotti

Jenn Pilotti

"Fat loss, leaning out, or any other variation of changing your appearance is going to be most effective if you can identify why you want to do it.

Losing weight because you want to look a certain way and losing weight because you want to be strong enough to climb hills with your children will each have a unique effect on how you experience the work and patience needed to keep going when things get challenging.

Once you have identified your motivation, the physical components of consistency, getting physically strong through progressive bodyweight training or weightlifting (or some combination), and having a restorative practice will help you make strides towards your goal."

- Jenn Pilotti, 

14. Dr. Jessica Shepherd

Chrystal Eatman

"Prioritize sleep!

Sleep affects almost every tissue in our body and it affects growth and stress hormones, our immune system, appetite, breathing, blood pressure and cardiovascular health.

Lack of sleep increases the risk for obesity, heart disease and infections.Try going to bed an hour earlier instead of watching that last TV show or browsing social media on your phone. If you’re having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep focus on stressors that prevent you from falling asleep or even consider seeing a sleep specialist.

Don't let weights scare you! Challenge yourself to use heavier weights at times and work to perfect your form while lifting. Many people don't see changes not because they don't work hard, it's because they don't make their workouts harder. Weight lifting is often overlooked as a woman, but it helps build strong bones and after menopause lifting weights has been shown to decrease fractures and breaks.

When increasing your weights, always be safe, try small changes like using a little more weight to lift, rest five to 10 seconds less between sets, add a few more reps, or do another set.

Part of the recipe for best health and workouts is nutrition. Our bodies are very dependent on what we put into it. Prioritize whole natural food intake and not necessarily eating less calories. It’s important to make a real connection with food and to have a healthy relationship with food. Focus on portion size and balancing meals with veggies, proteins and complex carbohydrates. Incorporating these small variations into your routine is a recipe for change.

Create maximum benefits of calorie burning with High-Intensity Interval Training. HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods and has been said that it is the most time-efficient way to exercise. Studies have shown that HIIT workouts have the ability to increase your metabolic rate for hours after exercise.

It has also been shown to decrease heart rate and blood pressure which can improve health overall."

- Dr. Jessica Shepherd, 

15. Joan Vernikos

Joan Vernikos

"You may have large muscles and still be unhealthy if you skip foundational training.

This is all-day, low intensity, frequent, intermittent movement patterns aligned with the force of Gravity(Gz) like getting up often and going for brief walks. Then you can build on that with once-a-day strength and aerobic training."

- Joan Vernikos, 

16. Dr. Joanne Elphinston

Dr. Joanne Elphinston

"No matter what you are doing to achieve fat loss with diet and exercise, the two biggest factors for me are consistency, and having the discipline to let self-judgment go.

Fat loss is about steady progress, not beating yourself with a stick. It is making a daily commitment that you can achieve, and then actively feeling good about completing it. When you do this, you start to train the reward centers in your brain to respond to the active choices that you are making, which in turn motivates you to repeat that feel good action.

It isn’t just mind over matter – it is rewiring yourself for positive change!

So my top tips are:

1. Start where you are: Impatience doesn’t get you anywhere faster, but it does tempt you to overcook it. Defaulting on your goals due to exhaustion or injury causes a spiral of negativity, and it is just not necessary. Steady progress and commitment to quality wins the day.

2. Make it mindful: Empty reps and grinding miles are a chore, but really noticing where, what, and how you are moving brings a richness and quality to your workout that keeps it fresh and interesting.

3. Challenge yourself to make it effortless: By setting your intention to make it look easy, you literally change the movement programme your brain selects. Becoming an efficient mover feels great, improves performance and really motivates you.

4. Be flexible: If today your body and mind say no to running, then walk instead, congratulating yourself for still covering ground. The next day you will bounce back even better because you listened to your body. If you are under high stress and your body feels weak and tired, change the session so that you work with yourself instead of loading your immune system.

Not only do your prevent yourself from getting sick, but you give your body a chance to regulate the stress hormones that contribute to that annoying belly layer. If the day was a scheduling disaster and you couldn’t get to the gym, reframe it as a recovery day and know that tomorrow your workout will be even better. There is no greater barrier to fat loss than getting down on yourself, so shake it off, stand tall and take the next step tomorrow."

- Dr. Joanne Elphinston, 

17. Julie Angel

Julie Angel

"Anything that will lower your stress levels will help you to lose fat. When your body is in an overly stressed state it will store fat to protect your organs. It’s what we were hard-wired to do to survive.

Find a physical activity you love doing and don’t work in the evening. Let your mind rest so your body can rest. Movement and sleep alongside eating real food (i.e. you recognize what the ingredients are) will go a long way to a happier and healthier state of being."

- Julie Angel, 

18. Karen Smith

Karen Smith

"It is important to remember that everyone is different when it comes to fat loss. The idea of the magic pill is most people's downfall.

In my opinion the best option for the masses is a lifestyle approach to fitness as a whole. It is important to first focus on mostly clean eating habits, example 80/20 to jump start your fat loss.

Second, I would recommend weight training, as the larger % of muscle you build the larger % of BF you will burn just being active. Get the idea of "it will make me bulky" out of your mind, as muscle is more dense and actually takes up less space than body fat.

And finally, get some quality sleep and focus on a lifestyle that will relieve some stress because stress can cause you to hang onto extra body fat.


  • Eat Clean
  • Lift Weights
  • Quality Sleep
  • Less Stress"

- Karen Smith, 

19. Kellie Davis

Kellie Davis

"My biggest tip for fat loss is radical self-honesty to call upon a deeper commitment to improving your lifestyle.

Truly look at your behaviors and ask if you are being honest with yourself about how you are living. We are creatures of bad habits, and we refuse to see these things about ourselves.

It's easy to ask for the secret sauce, but it's really about taking a look at what you are currently doing and breaking down what's not working and what is. To get started, write down every morsel of food and drop of liquid you put into your body for an entire week.

Don't cheat. Don't go off your usual track just to feel better about yourself. Be real with you. Take a look at your log and notice behavior patterns. Do you snack late at night if you skip breakfast?  Do you reach for the wine if you have a bad day? Are you putting extra cream and sugar in your coffee? Do you have bites and nibbles throughout the day that you forget about?

Adjusting small habits along the way always leads to big, lasting results."

- Kellie Davis, 

20. Kourtney Thomas

Kourtney Thomas

"Consistency is Queen/King for results, but how to find that is often overlooked. Don't underestimate the power of liking what you're doing for movement.

The same applies for food – experiment with high-quality, whole foods (which do not have to include chicken and rice!) to determine what you like eating. Finding what feels good for you is the key to staying consistently healthy for a lifetime."

- Kourtney Thomas, 

21. Lauren Perreault

Lauren Perreault

"The three most important factors when it comes to fat loss are nutrition, exercise, and mindset. I don’t think one takes precedence over the other, so I will provide one tip in each category.

Nutrition: Slow down your eating! Set a timer for 20 minutes and try to make your meal last the whole time - you may find that you get full before you can finish because slowing down allows your body the time to send your brain fullness cues that you might miss if you eat too fast!

Exercise: Focus on strength training - specifically compound movements like squats, deadlifts, pushups, and pull-ups. The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will be!

Mindset: Be kind to yourself! Remember that it’s okay to have a goal to lose weight while simultaneously loving and respecting your body as it is in this very moment."

- Lauren Perreault, 

22. Lindsay Becker

Lindsay Becker

"While most everyone knows they should eat better and exercise more to lose weight, many people forget about stress management. Stress can elevate cortisol levels in the body causing excess body fat especially in the abdominal region.

Managing stress is more than just going to a yoga class or trying to meditate a couple minutes in the day. Not getting enough sleep, eating poorly (too much or too little or consuming low nutrient foods), and even failing to properly recover from hard workouts are all stress-inducing activities to your body. Managing your stress can have a huge impact on your body shape as well as overall health."

- Lindsay Becker, 

23. Maria Mountain

Maria Mountain

"Most of us know our 1-2 weaknesses that keep us from achieving our "happy" weight goal; that weight where we feel great. It is hard to deprive ourselves the comfort, pleasure and habit of those foods. So instead of viewing it as "I can't..." view it as an "I choose..." decision. Tie it to your goal and specifically how losing those pounds of fat will directly help you achieve that goal.

So instead of "I can't have chocolate ice cream" make it; "I choose to eat fruit rather than chocolate ice cream because losing those 4lbs of fat is a key element to achieving my goal of running a half marathon in under 2-hours". Own it. Do it!"

- Maria Mountain, 

24. Marni Sumbal

Marni Sumbal

"Don't over-exercise and undereat. Find the right balance of supporting your workouts with adequate nutrition and fuel to build lean muscle mass and to keep the metabolism thriving.

Skip the fad diets and figure out what works best for you and your body. Consistency in the diet is key for achieving a healthy body weight.

Learn to love your body. Losing weight/fat doesn't make life better. It just changes the way that you look to yourself.

Always stay one step ahead of your meals/snacks. Be proactive and be a great planner so you know when and what you will eat before it happens."

- Marni Sumbal, 

25. Meghan Callaway

Meghan Callaway

"When it comes to achieving any health, fitness, or aesthetic-oriented goal, including fat loss, consistency is key. In terms of strength training, two extremely common mistakes that are preventing countless people from achieving their fat-loss goal include chasing exhaustion over using proper form, and striving to achieve as much muscle soreness as possible.

Focusing purely on chasing exhaustion over using proper form, and trying to achieve as much muscle soreness as possible, will lead to a body that feels beat up. If your body feels beat up, both during the workouts, and in the days after, you will not be able to train as consistently.

Furthermore, having this mindset, versus trying to make every rep count, will likely detract from your gains in strength, and muscle development, both of which can play a role in your ability to lose body fat. Also, you might be more prone to injuries, which too will hinder your ability to train consistently.

When it comes to strength training, and even your cardio, make using your best form a top priority. With strength training, as a general rule, aim to leave 1-2 good reps in the tank per set. This will allow you to train at a very good intensity, but will keep your body feeling fresh so you will be able to train on a consistent basis. With your cardio, if your goal is to push yourself, opt for activities that are not very technically demanding, and are not high risk.

Consistency breeds success."

- Meghan Callaway, 

26. Meghan Doyle

Meghan Doyle

"Weight loss is not an all or nothing process, it starts with one step. Choose one meal to change or action to complete and do that consistently for at least two weeks and change nothing else.

Positive changes snowball and lead to habits that lead to weight loss that stays off for the long term. And make sure to eat the foods you enjoy! Instead of trying to restrict yourself to certain food groups, try to eat smaller portions of the foods you enjoy than you usually do."

- Meghan Doyle, 

27. Melody Schoenfeld

Melody Schoenfeld

"Fat loss is, essentially, an energy in vs. energy out game. While there are other factors, of course, the main contributor to fat gain is consuming more than you are burning off.

Keeping daily calories in check, along with a consistent exercise plan that preferably includes 3-4 days/week of strength training for large muscle groups (pushes, pulls, squats, and so on), will go a long way in keeping body fat down. Higher protein intake (even up to 4g/kg bodyweight, according to one study) can also have some great effects on body composition."

- Melody Schoenfeld, 

28. Natasha Weddle

Natasha Weddle

"With regards to fat loss for women, the first thing that needs to be addressed is mindset. There’s usually a lot of emotional baggage involved with women, weight, and body image. Letting go of self-criticism and learning a little bit of self-compassion is, in my opinion, the first necessary step.

I try to help women let go of the diet mentality and stop focusing solely on weight loss. Instead, I want clients to truly respect their body, giving it the foods, sleep, movement, and recovery it needs to thrive.

Once you’re operating from a place of self-compassion, the right choices affirm your feelings about yourself. You discover how great you feel when eating real unadulterated food and start eating this way naturally."

- Natasha Weddle, 

29. Nia Shanks

Nia Shanks

"Screw fat loss. This can be quite effective for women who have spent years obsessing over losing fat. If that's you, then erase thoughts of fat loss from your mind and focus instead on building habits, and getting strong.

1. Get strong: Make this your sole priority in the gym. Build strength with a few basic barbell, dumbbell, and bodyweight exercises. Do this 3-4 times per week. Every time you repeat a workout, do better than last time.

2. Build lasting nutrition habits: Focus on eating nutrient-dense, satiating whole foods most of the time. Build every meal and snack around a lean source of protein. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Also include beans and legumes, nuts and seeds, whole grains, meat and poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, etc.

3. Don't (just) rely on the scale: Measure other markers like your compliance with strength training, eating whole foods, getting sufficient sleep, how your clothes fit, energy levels, and workout performance.

4. Choose to be more, not less."

- Nia Shanks, 

30. Nikki Metzger

Nikki Metzger

"With so many kinds of workouts out there these days it’s important that you pick one that aligns with your fat loss goals. I recommend high intensity strength + conditioning workouts combined with a lean, clean and green diet!

The diet is typically the missing link in most weight loss journeys. You can workout all day everyday, but if you don’t fuel your body properly you will not get the results you are looking for."

- Nikki Metzger, 

31. Sandra Hilton

Sandra Hilton

"The science is clear - calories matter and activity can be anything!

My tips for fitness from a women's health perspective are valid for any age, even the challenge of perimenopase and post menopause.

1. Get 7 -8 hours of sleep each night. The evidence is consistent, do not skimp on sleep!

2. 30 minutes minimum of activity each day to maintain your weight - and you will need to do more to lose it! The activity can be walking and consistent movement.

3. Strong muscles burn more fat! So take advantage of that and do not be afraid of lifting heavy weight (with the help of a qualified therapist or fitness professional!)

Women do not need to be afraid of being strong - it is best for us to lift heavy and run and be active well into our 70s with proper help from physical therapists and coaches to keep us safe along the way!"

- Sandra Hilton, 

32. Sarah Conomacos

Sarah Conomacos

"When it comes to fat loss, the most important thing I can recommend is to find the plan that fits your lifestyle, and not try to force your lifestyle to fit the plan.

There are many ways to go about fat loss, but the one thing they all have in common is that they require consistency in execution. Set yourself up for success, by choosing the strategy that you can be most consistent in.

After all, a plan followed well most of the time, is going to be more beneficial than the plan you can execute perfectly only every once in awhile."

- Sarah Conomacos, 

33. Sarah Hentges

Sarah Hentges

"There is no magic pill, powder, product, or workout that will magically burn fat away. Further, it is never so simple as calories in/calories out.

Some of us will always have more excess fat than others; some of us have bodies that hold onto fat no matter what we do or eat. Some of our bodies hold onto fat because of trauma. So, the best advice for fat loss is to accept the body you were born with and then put in the work to be healthy and happy in body and mind.

On the practical side, increase the cardio and do exercise that you enjoy. Practice mindful eating and be patient. Eat less; move more. Life isn’t worth living if you’re always trying to lose those last 5 or 10 pounds.

Being active, eating well, getting enough sleep, engaging the mind and the body, and practicing self-love go a long way toward achieving fat loss and sustaining a balanced being."

- Sarah Hentges, 

34. Sohee Lee

Sohee Lee

"By far and above the two most important components that need to be in place are a consistent calorie deficit and sufficient protein (0.7-1.0g per/lb of bodyweight). There are dozens of different ways to accomplish the above.

It's important to find the nutrition strategy that works best for you and that suits your individual needs and personal preferences. Importantly, actually enjoying the way that you eat and minimizing feelings of deprivation are some of the most underrated aspects of fat loss success.

More extreme is not better; higher adherence is better."

- Sohee Lee, 

35. Stacey Lei Krauss

Stacey Lei Krauss

"My approach to losing fat: Create a healthy, relaxed, stress-free environment for your body through healthy eating, exercise and smart practices. This is not a “Magic Pill” approach – rather a holistic approach for losing fat, and keeping it off.

Your brain is connected to your digestive tract via the largest nerve in the body (the vagus nerve). The vagus nerve is critical in your “rest and digest” functioning, which is the opposite of your “fight or flight” response. Rest and digest is how your body processes and recovers.

If your vagus nerve is not well conditioned, you will live in a constant state of inner-anxiety, secreting the stress hormones adrenaline, cortisol, norepinephrine. So, take a new approach to losing weight! Shift from being in a state of stress to conditioning a state of calm.

1. Keep your gut healthy: Feed your body with healthy, pranic foods. Plant based foods digest easily – and send your brain healthy signals.

2. Condition your vagus nerve: Practice deep breathing exercises, and hum, sing or chant when you can. Meditation will also condition your vagus nerve. Begin with just 10 minutes a day – sitting upright, and allowing your mind to be quiet and clear.

3. Exercise doesn’t have to hurt! Low to moderate intensity exercise EVERY DAY  (including modalities like yoga) will release endorphins – the “feel good” chemicals."

- Stacey Lei Krauss, 

36. Steph Dykstra

Steph Dykstra

"Fat Loss Tip: Drink More Water

Drinking water is a simple habit you can practice daily to help with your fat loss goal. Water is the basis for every chemical reaction that takes place in your body, including the burning of fat.

So make sure you are drinking enough water to support your fat loss goals. Aim for 1 gallon of water a day - you can mix it up by adding lemon, or fresh fruit so you can feel all kinds of fancy ;)

If a gallon is too much, try to shrink the goal, by adding a glass to what you are currently drinking. There are so many great benefits to staying hydrated, which include, but are not limited to fat loss, and helping you feel full - so drink up!"

- Steph Dykstra, 

37. Stephanie Karlovits

Stephanie Karlovits

"When we feel unaligned spiritually or energetically, we tend to be drawn towards things that ground us. This can mean overindulging in heavier foods like dense carbohydrates, or engaging in heavy conversations. Our draw towards these things is your body signalling to you to check in with yourself and get realigned.

An easy way to get realigned is to connect with Nature. Get at least 4 hours of nature in each week. Go for a hike, find a trail in a forest, walk to a lookout. Not only will the alignment help you not gain further weight, but steady-state hiking is one of the most efficient ways to lose body fat.

Get grounded by being one with the Earth. Crawl, dance, be amongst mountains, trees and hill-sides and watch your energy and body composition move in the right direction."

- Stephanie Karlovits, 

38. Dr. Susan Kleiner

Dr. Susan Kleiner

"I want women to love their hormones and periodize their diet and training with their periods! We can train hard, gain strength, power, agility, and speed and burn fat incredibly well when we make the most of our menstrual cycle and target our diet and training accordingly.

Estrogen and progesterone levels are lower during the follicular phase (days 1-14), impacting an increase in carbohydrate utilization. Carbohydrate should be more prominent in the diet, and this is also a time when high-intensity, power and speed training will be advantageous and you’ll make great strides. Energy turnover is high during exercise, leading to a bigger afterburn during recovery.

During the luteal phase (days 15-28), estrogen and progesterone levels rise, maintaining muscle glycogen storage, preserving liver glycogen and increasing fatty acid oxidation.

Dietary carbohydrate can decrease slightly during this phase, and to take advantage of better fat burning, the training focus should turn to moderate intensity endurance. This also allows for an excellent calorie burn during training, and a better training effect for both phases of your cycle.

Put your hormones to work for you! You’ll love how you feel and perform."

- Dr. Susan Kleiner, 


Fat loss is a process and involves dedication to exercise, nutrition, and an overall healthy lifestyle outside of what is typically portrayed in fitness media outlets.

Take these tips and find ways to incorporate them into your current fat loss efforts. Once you’ve mastered one element, begin to add in the next. Over time, if you continue to make these changes, you’ll eventually get to the point where you’ve incorporated most, if not all, of these tips.

And at that point, you’ll have achieved a healthy lifestyle with a positive perspective on women’s specific fitness.

Do you have any additional tips you’d like to provide for women looking to achieve fat loss? Please make sure you leave them in the comments section below!