Being a new mom means your free time is limited. Kate Horney from BeyondFitMom shares 3 exercises you can do with your baby. All you need is a stroller!

As moms, we have a lot to think about:

When do I feed the baby? What do I do if they cry? And how do I get rid of those extra pounds packed on during pregnancy??

As a busy mom myself, I understand the mountain of obstacles that moms face when it comes time to burn that baby weight and get back into shape.

You want to look good, feel great, and have the energy you need to keep up with your little one, but sleep deprivation and crazy infant feeding schedules (on top of the million of other things you have going on) make it tough to get in any kind of workout routine.

According to a study in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, mothers with young children are less likely to get even the minimum amount of exercise they need to stay healthy than women of similar age without kids. Busy moms have to figure out how to take care of their little ones while also taking care of themselves!

For busy moms who are sleep-deprived, overwhelmed, and already have so much else on their plate, it’s often hard to find time to get to the gym. If you don’t know where to start (or if sifting through workout programs makes your head spin), you’re not alone.  Getting back your pre-baby body doesn’t have to be complicated!

“Getting slim without the gym” has been my motto since becoming a mom. There are some days when getting out of the house to exercise is simply not an option. The good news is that you can get a fabulous fat burning workout without a gym!

My solution...?

Stroller Workouts

Time is limited for busy moms. Our time is so short to exercise and also be with our kids. But what if you can combine the two? That’s the best of both worlds! Here are 3 of my favorite stroller exercises.

1. Stroller Push Ups

Find a bench and park your baby’s stroller safely beside you. Facing the bench, place your arms shoulder-width apart on it. Keeping your back and abdominals strong, lower your chest to the bench and then press back to the starting position. Keep your body in a straight line. 

For an advanced version, ditch the bench and crank out some full body push-ups on the ground!

2. Stroller Lunges

Stand behind your stroller with your hands on the handlebar shoulder-width apart. Lunge forward with one leg, pushing the stroller out in front of you. Your knee should be directly above your ankle and your thigh parallel to the ground. Return to the standing position and lunge with the other leg.

3. Stroller Squats

Stand behind your stroller with your hands on the handlebar shoulder-width apart. With your feet and knees forward, squat down as if sitting on a chair, keeping your weight in your heels and your knees directly above your ankles. Be careful not to put weight on the stroller; you don’t want it to tip. Squeeze your rear end and return to the starting position.

BeyondFit Mom's Stroller Workout

Exercise Reps
Stroller Push Ups 12
Stroller Lunges 15 (each leg)
Stroller Squats 20
Repeat the above circuit 3x  

Finding the time to exercise is challenging for new moms but using your stroller is a fun and effective way to stay fit while interacting with baby. Good luck and let’s get that body back!

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