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The Ultimate Guide to Neural Adaptation Training (NAT)
Learn how neural adaptation training can improve your strength, speed, and power all by simply adding eccentric training prior to your main strength lifts.
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Bringing Up The Hamstrings And Forearms – The Forgotten Muscles
It's time to attack your hamstrings and forearms! In this article Jim Brewster talks forearm and hamstring anatomy and forearm and hamstring training.
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Superset Swole Arm Workout ft. Santi Aragon & Pastor Pump
Team MuscleTech's Santi Aragon and his coach Pastor Pump join us again and this time they're training arms in a superset fashion to spark arm growth.
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How to Optimize Nutrition & Rest for Muscle Recovery
Just as important as what you do inside the gym is what you do outside of the gym. Check out these tips on how to optimize nutrition and rest for recovery!
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6 Event Home Fitness And Conditioning Test
Are you a fitness freak? Test yourself with the following 6 fitness & conditioning events. They can be performed at home, and should be done on the same day.
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Are You Working Out or Are You Training?
Are you training or are you working out? Yes, there is a huge difference and if you don't understand the difference, you may be missing out on quality gains.
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How To Perform The Basic Squat With Perfect Form
Follow these quick tips on form and bar placement, and learn what it takes to execute the perfect squat with Animal-sponsored powerlifter Jay Nera.
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4 Overlooked Exercises to Get You in Better Shape Today
When it comes to weight training, bigger name exercises are often over-glamorized. However, these 4 overlooked lifts can prevent injury & help build muscle!
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How To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone
Trainer James Chan helps you to maximize your testosterone levels by presenting some workout and food intake advice that will help raise your low T naturally.
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Increase Squat Strength With These 70 Tips
Take your barbell squat from average to enormous. These seventy tips will help you to improve your training, form, focus and weaknesses. Time to smash new PRs.
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Kris Gethin's 7 Part Plan for Big Arms
Start building bigger arm muscles today! Check out Kris Gethin's 7 part plan to increase your arm muscle size and perfect your arm day workout program!
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Never Stop Making Gains! Use Micro-Progressions For Non-Stop Growth
Reached your plateau? Considering switching up your entire routine? Not so fast! Use these micro-progressions tips to never stop making gains!
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How To Improve Your Pull-ups In 8 Weeks
Can't do a single pull up? No problem! This program will help to improve your pull up and back strength by increasing volume and training frequency over time.
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13 Teen Muscle Building Mistakes
Teens: maximize your muscle building gains by avoiding these 13 common weight training mistakes.
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Overtraining 101 - What You Need To Know
What is overtraining? This article tells you what you need to know about overtraining, how to tell if you're overtraining and what to do about it.
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How to Build a Muscular Chest w/ Victor Martinez
Victor Martinez shows us 4 different chest exercise variations he likes to use to add muscle to his chest. Give these a shot during your next chest workout!
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8 Week Intense Workouts: Part 1 - Back Workout
This back workout is short, intense and designed to build a strong v-shaped back. Warning, this workout is not for the faint hearted!
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Muscle Building After 40
Bodybuilder Alex Stewart helps the 40+ lifter get on track by providing training, nutrition and supplementation advice that works.
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Heavy Bodybuilding Chest Workout w/ Iain Valliere
IFBB Pro and elite bodybuilding coach, Iain Valliere, takes us through one of the heavy chest workouts that he uses to build his massive chest. Check it out!
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Sandbag Strength And Conditioning Workouts For MMA Training
Need a quick way to up your mixed martial arts game? Gain the technical and physical benefits of MMA training with sandbag training - no sparring partner required!
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3 Keys To Making Continuous Progress In The Gym
There are many ways to progress your workouts in the gym. These 3 are critical to helping you build muscle & lose fat. Read on to learn how to incorporate them.
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3 Tricep Exercises You’ve Never Tried with Kris Gethin
Last week we visited Kaged Muscle CEO Kris Gethin to get an inside look at some of the unique exercise variations he has developed over the years in the gym.
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Superset For Inner Chest Muscle Building (ft. Scott Herman)
The inner chest is a common area people look to target. In this video BSN athlete Scott Herman shares an effective superset to help bring out the inner chest.
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3 Reasons Why You Should Include Kettlebells In Your Workout
What if one piece of equipment could improve your power, strength, and overall conditioning? Learn how kettlebell training can help you reach your goals!
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[Video] 3 Exercises to Help You Build a Wider Back w/ Steve Laureus
IFBB Classic Physique Pro, Steve Laureus, teaches us his top 3 movements he likes to use to help him build back width in his offseason.
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Quick Tip: How to Perfect Your Tricep Pushdowns
In this video, Kaged Muscle athlete Fouad Abiad provides 3 of his most crucial tricep pushdown tips to help you perfect your tricep pushdown form.
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Old School Chest Workout with Calum von Moger
Mr. Universe Calum von Moger goes back to basics with this old school aesthetic chest workout inspired by Golden Era physiques.
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[Video] 3 Unique Row Variations for Increased ROM w/ Brandon Hendrickson
Men's Physique Champ and team Beast athlete, Brandon Hendrickson, shows you how to get longer stretches and deeper contractions with these 3 row variations.
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Training and Exercise for Children and Teenagers - Part 4
The final part to Doug's 4 part series on weight training for children and teenagers. This part looks at workouts for teenagers at various levels of training.
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Training Talk: What's the Best Variation of the Deadlift?
Have you ever just sat around and thought "which variation of the deadlift is truly the best"? So do we! Let's discuss in this month's training talk!
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Calum von Moger's 3 Best Exercises for Building Bigger Biceps
Calum von Moger knows a thing or two about big arms, so we asked Mr. Universe to name his top three exercises for building mountainous biceps!
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Contrast Training For More Strength And Power
Train your central nervous system and improve strength and athletic performance by alternating between heavy exercises and explosive movements.
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[Video] How to Perform Perfect Bicep Curl 21s w/ Steven Cao
BPI Athlete and IFBB Pro Steven Cao demonstrates how to perform perfect bicep curls using the "21 method". Add this into your arm training for better pumps!
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7 Alternatives and Modifications for Health and Hypertrophy
Pain is one of the biggest detriments to quality training. Avoid joint and back pain! Check out these 7 simple modifications and continue making gains!
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Neck Training 101: How to Transform Your Pencil Neck
Transform your skinny neck and build a stronger overall body by implementing these training tips and exercises into your daily workout routines.
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3 Fitness Trends that Need to Die
Some aspects of fitness are overrated. Don't fall for the hype, stick with tried and true methods if you want long term success.
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Get Bigger Faster With The Pre-Exhaust Method
Eliminate weak points and push through plateaus with the pre-exhaust method. You'll build muscle faster with Coach Myers' supersetting technique.
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Squeeze Method For Building A Big Defined Chest
The Muscle & Strength team travels to Columbus, OH and learns about the squeeze method from MuscleTech Athlete, Santi Aragon. Give this method a shot!
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3 Killer Side Plank Variations to Build Your Obliques
Solidify your core strength and build sturdier obliques by adding these 3 side planking variations into your core workout routines. Read on to learn more.
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Aesthetic Bodybuilding Shoulder Workout with Chris Bumstead
We finish off our training series with MHP Athlete Chris Bumstead's Shoulder Workout at the Muscle & Strength Gym. See how the 21 y/o trains shoulders!
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Bodybuilding Contest Prep - The 3 Biggest Mistakes
Present the best possible package on stage by avoiding these contest prep mistakes. Article includes information on sodium, carb and water loading.
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[Video] 4x World's Strongest Man Brian Shaw's Grip Strength Tips
When it comes to grip strength, Brian Shaw knows what's up. Check out his tips and favorite tools he uses to build one of the strongest grips in the world.
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11 Hardcore Gym Rules You Must Know
Ready to get serious? It's time to leave the big box gym behind and get hardcore. In this article Josh Mac gives you 11 rules to remember before you step into the door.
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Tabata 101: Legit Workout Style or Just a Training Fad?
What is Tabata training? And is it a fad? Learn how this unique training method can help you get in quicker & effective workouts to help you reach your goals!
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Boyce's Choices: Top 3 Exercises for Traps
If you're having trouble bringing up your lagging traps, you're not alone. Fortunately, Coach Lee Boyce is here to reveal his top three trap exercises!
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Drop Sets: How to Use Drop Sets For Strength & Hypertrophy
Increase your workout intensity by incorporating these three incredibly challenging drop set formats: change in angulation, lift speed and base of support.
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Boyce's Choices: Top 3 Exercises for Arm Muscle Development
Have you been doing curls for months with nothing to show? You may have arm training all wrong. Check out Lee Boyce's top 3 exercises for arm development!
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Training Fundamentals With Charles Glass - Pt. 1 Shoulders
We met up with legendary master trainer Charles Glass & Physique Competitor Qaden Lee to get an inside look at what exercises really work to build shoulders.
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Training Fundamentals With Charles Glass - Pt. 3 Chest
We met up with legendary master trainer Charles Glass & Physique Competitor Qaden Lee to get an inside look at what exercises work to build chest muscles.
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5 Trap Bar Exercises You Should Try w/ PhamFlexx
The trap bar is an underutilized piece of the equipment and when used appropriately can build explosive strength and power. Learn the best trap bar exercises.
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