Super Heavy Brandon Beckrich's Big Back Day at Muscle & Strength Gym

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July 19th, 2016
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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At the start of his prep for the 2016 NPC Nationals, Brandon Beckrich traveled to the M&S HQ to get some killer workouts in. Check out how he trains back!

Team Allmax athlete Brandon Beckrich is a super heavy bodybuilder. Last month we showed you how Brandon trains his quads during the offseason.

Today, we’re going to give you a glimpse of how Brandon targets his back muscles during his back focused workout.

Full of unique twists on traditional back day lifts, this is a great way to switch things up the next time you decide to train back.

Brandon utilizes a lot different approaches when training back. From cables to barbells, Brandon really knows how to maneuver his way around the weight room, honing in on his upper lats.

Lat Pulldowns

Instead of using the traditional pulldown bar, which causes most to focus on a wider grip, Brandon performs lat pulldowns with two single handle cable attachments.

Brandon states that doing so allows him to maneuver the grips to hit multiple angles throughout the lift, instead of one, which increases the range of motion of the lift. The increased range of motion allows for a better contraction on the back.

Bent Over Rows

The second exercise of Brandon’s lift is bent over rows. Brandon performs this lift on a smith machine and approaches the exercise with a “rest-pause” method.

The rest-pause method takes momentum out of the equation during the lift. You preform each rep by bringing the bar to your body, then lower the weight all the way down to the floor, allowing it to rest for a moment before beginning your next repetition.

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By taking momentum out of the equation, every rep has an equal amount of tension and difficulty when targeting the lats.

Meadow Rows

The Meadow row is named after Olympia competitor John Meadows. It is performed by grabbing the free end of the bar in a t-bar machine, using one arm to row the weight towards your body.

The benefit, as Brandan states, is that it has the feel of a free weight lift. However, since it is performed on a machine, you’re able to adjust the plane of the movement a bit to better target the lats.


Brandon always either begins or ends his back day with traditional deadlifts. If he deadlifts at the beginning of his workout, he likes to go heavy and stick to a 6-8 rep range.

On days like today, where he deadlifts at the end of his workouts, he likes to keep a higher rep range of 10-15 reps.

He states that some lifters can go heavy every week, but he is not one of those lifters, and switching up between the two rep ranges helps him stay injury free.

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