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Transform your body using nothing but your body! We offer a huge range of free bodyweight workout plans designed to build muscle, lose fat, improve performance, and more. Just starting out? We recommend checking out our Full Body Bodyweight Workout.

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Muscular man performing dumbell bicep curls.
Stuck at home with only a single pair of light dumbbells? This 6-week program utilizes unilateral training and bodyweight exercises to help you achieve results!
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Man decline bodyweight pushup workout
No equipment or gym? No problem. Build muscle at home with this classic bodyweight training system. This is a flexible training system that focuses on the use of exercise complexes.
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Shirtless male doing abdominal plank in his living room at home
Train your abs effectively and efficiently! This versatile workout can be done with just your bodyweight and should be incorporated into your training plan 2-3 times per week.
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Fit woman doing push up workout on kettlebells
Not only does this bodyweight routine enable you to gain muscle and lose fat, but also helps strengthen your core, improve your range of motion, and make your entire body stronger.
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Athletic woman doing sprints outside
There's a faster way to fat loss than the treadmill. These fat burning workouts are designed to help you start making progress with just your own bodyweight.
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Muscular shirtless man in black shorts and shoes doing pushups outside.
Use your bodyweight to burn some serious calories. Take your fitness and physique to the next level with this 12 week calisthenics workout designed specifically for lifters.
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Full Body Bodyweight Workout
Need a good home based workout that doesn't require barbells or dumbbells? Try this intense full body bodyweight workout circuit!
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8 Week Muscle Building Bodyweight Workout
Build muscle without a gym! This 8-week bodyweight workout routine will help you progress from basic to advanced bodyweight exercises.
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Tactical Tabata: 30 Day High Intensity Workout
The Tactical Tabata 30 day workout program was designed by Army Master Fitness trainer, Marcus Wallace, to get you in military shape in just 30 mins a day.
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Fitness women doing chest dip workout outside on park bench
No time to make it to the gym or don't have a gym membership? These 2 bodyweight circuits are exactly what you're looking for to help you get in shape!
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Man doing calisthenics workout chin up outside
No gym? No problem. Grow without equipment. Brad Borland shows you how to use your own body weight to build lean muscle mass. Basic & intermediate workouts included.
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18 Week Chin Up & Dip Program
Chin ups and dips are 2 overlooked but important bodyweight exercises. This 18 week workout protocol features a single training day dedicated to these movements.
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Bodyweight Basics: 3 Day Bodyweight Workout Plan
Just starting off or need a break from the weights? This 3 day bodyweight workout routine covers all the basics and will provide you with a good foundation.
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athletic man using household items to workout
You don’t need a gym to get stronger, just a burning desire to improve. This versatile, no-nonsense upper/lower body workout will show you how to use household items for a serious workout.
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Calisthenics And Bodyweight Workout
A fun and fast fitness challenge, this workout features a combination of calisthenics and bodyweight exercises, and is a great way to burn fat and build conditioning.
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Man and women doing Tabata push up workout
You can burn fat and get ripped in just 8 minutes with this high intensity Tabata circuit that combines push-ups and squats.
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No Excuses Hardcore Bodyweight & Dumbbell Training
No gym access? No problem? Betancourt Nutrition's Alex Stewart presents 3 intense workout programs that will blast your body using minimal equipment and minimal time.
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Bodyweight Workout Routine Circuit
Can you build muscle using only bodyweight exercises? You can if the intensity is great enough. This routine will challenge you regardless of your fitness levels.
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Take It To The Stairs Workout
NutriForce sponsored athlete Sarah Kesseli wants you to get outside and get moving. Head to your nearest set of stairs for this intense, calorie blasting workout.
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Coach Myers's Ultimate Bodyweight Challenge
Looking to spark your competitive side? Challenge a friend to Coach Myers's Ultimate Body Weight Challenge and see who is truly in better physical shape!
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Man doing close grip push up in the gym
This kick butt bodyweight & conditioning workout is random and impossible to prepare for, Dice and a deck of cards are utilized to determine exercises and reps.
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Woman on fitness ball outside
Escape the confines of your gym and hit the great outdoors for some sun-soaked exercise. This challenging bodyweight routine can be performed by adults and kids alike.
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Total Body Beatdown: A German Volume Training Routine
Whether you only have time to make it to the gym a few times during the week or you want to annihilate your entire body, we've got the workout for you!
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Man doing push up exercise workout in bedroom
Don't have access to a gym? Traveling or staying with friends? Don't put your training on hold. You can still get a workout in with these brief but effective 10 minute upper body workout sessions.
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Lower Body Blast Circuit Workout
Now is the perfect time to blast your body into its best shape ever. This amazing 12 step circuit will work your entire lower body and help you achieve the results you're looking for.
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