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Rosie is a lifetime fitness ambassador and natural athlete who has won multiple New Zealand track and road cycling championships.
Rosie Chee

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About Rosie Chee

Rosie is a lifetime fitness ambassador and natural athlete. A multiple New Zealand track and road cycling champion, she has also competed in a couple of figure competitions. Rosie’s real passion lies in inspiring and motivating others, educating and empowering them to make positive changes that improve their quality of life, which she aspires to using her knowledge and personal experiences, recently venturing into fitness modeling as another platform for achieving her Career Objective and Life Mission.

Rosie has worked with athletes and sports teams, youth and elderly, men and women, and runs her own online training business with clients all over the world. She has her degree in Exercise and Sport Science, is a certified ISAK Anthropometrist, and accredited with REPS as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor.

Rosie has her own motivation/inspiration column in World Physique Magazine and WPM Women, also contributing articles to Natural Muscle Magazine, and writes for FitnessX Magazine with her column “Training for a Marathon”. She publishes a monthly online newsletter with information on motivation, training, nutrition, and supplements. She also spends time on bodybuilding and fitness forums, sharing her knowledge and fielding queries on a variety of topics.

Rosie’s work ethic and approach to life is demonstrated through her training. She is passionate and determined, and loves pushing her body to its limits to see how far it will go, always walking that very fine line between extreme and progress.

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