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What Pro Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast Pt. 2 Ft. Steve Kuclo
Team ALLMAX athlete Steve Kuclo takes us through another one of his time efficient bodybuilding breakfast options used during his 2017 offseason.
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Inside Look At 12 Bodybuilding Nutrition Habits
Post-workout Pop-tarts, egg whites and stoking the metabolism. The world of muscle building nutrition has some odd habits. Find out which are legit, and which might be a waste of time.
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Alternative Dieting, A New Approach To A Contest Physique
Natural bodybuilder Sean Sullivan takes a look at pre-contest dieting, and presents information on an alternative dieting approach.
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What Bodybuilders Eat for Lunch w/ Fouad Abiad
IFBB Pro & Kaged Muscle athlete, Fouad Abiad, invites us into his kitchen for this episode of "What's for Lunch?". Check out what the pro eats for this meal!
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5 Healthy Fat Sources You're Not Eating
Whether you avoided these on purpose or just didn't know they existed, it's time to branch out and try these 5 healthy fat sources.
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Fit woman doing squats in the gym
NPC Fitness competitor & trainer Nichole Ohrablo brings you her delicious recipe for vegan gluten-free cupcakes. Additionally, they are high in protein.
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[Video] Full Day of Eating on Prep w/ Akim Williams
In this video, we follow MHP athlete, Akim Williams, through a full day of eating. Akim in this video is just 6 weeks out from the Arnold Classic 2020.
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5 Nutrition Tips to Master Your Shredded Physique
Need a little extra help to get you to your ultimate fat loss goal? Check out these 5 tips and diet strategies and shred those last couple of pounds!
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Man sitting in gym in tank top
We follow Whitney Reid as he drops his bodyfat from 12% to 6% in just 8 weeks to get ready for a photo shoot! Each video in this 8 part series will detail Whitney's diet plan, training and supplements.
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Combat Your Cravings One Bite At A Time
Angelique Millis gives you great advice on how to battle your cravings for cheesey, crunchy, sweet, spicy, sour, salty and chewy foods.
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[Video] Grocery Shopping with Pro Bodybuilders w/ Steve Kuclo
Team ALLMAX athlete, Steve Kuclo, gives us a tour of his local Costco while explaining the food groups he likes to pick up and eat on a regular basis.
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10 Unusual Carbohydrates You've Probably Never Eaten
Burned out on boiled potatoes and brown rice? Mix it up with these 10 unusual carbohydrates. Full macros and serving suggestions included!
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Fit woman with smoothie in the kitchen
Trainer Nichole Ohrablo brings you her delicious recipe for a highly nutritious green juice! Also, check out what she makes with the leftovers.
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Grocery Shopping with Pro Bodybuilders w/ Steve Laureus
In this video, IFBB Classic Physique Pro Steve Laureus takes us with him for his biweekly shopping trip. See exactly what he gets!
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Dietary Fats: How Certain Fats Affect Your Heart
Ever wonder if you were putting yourself at risk for heart disease by eating fat? Let's take a look at what the science says about fat consumption risks!
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Big man doing barbell shoulder press in the gym
We follow Whitney Reid as he drops his bodyfat from 12% to 6% in just 8 weeks to get ready for a photo shoot! Each video in this 8 part series will detail Whitney's diet plan, training and supplements.
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The Food Pyramid Making You Fat? Why It Doesn’t Work
Matt's blood is boiling. Find out why, as he explains how the food pyramid is making America fatter year by year.
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[Video] What Bodybuilders Eat for Breakfast w/ Johnnie O. Jackson
We welcome GASP athlete, Johnnie O. Jackson into the Muscle & Strength "Breakfast Club" in today's episode of "What's for Breakfast?!" Watch and enjoy!
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Breakfast on the Go: 5 Muscle Building Morning Meals
Trying to make your mornings a little less chaotic? Try these 5 easy muscle-building recipes for perfect make-ahead breakfasts.
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Roast dinner on plate
Cliff talks about diet, the importance of overall food intake and what foods can help you reach your goals. You may be surprised at what you hear!
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[Video] What Pro Bodybuilders Eat at Restaurants w/ Akim Williams
In this episode of "What Pro Bodybuilders Eat at Restaurants", IFBB Pro and MHP athlete, Akim Williams, takes us to Brother Bruno's Pizza. See what he gets!
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The Poor College Student's Diet Guide to Healthy Gains
In school and dirt poor, but still have muscle building goals? Check out these grocery store money saving tips to get your diet & account balance straight!
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Man doing barbell bicep curl in the gym
We follow Whitney Reid as he drops his bodyfat from 12% to 6% in just 8 weeks to get ready for a photo shoot! Each video in this 8 part series will detail Whitney's diet plan, training and supplements.
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Woman doing crunches on an ab mat in a gym.
Want great abs? Desperate for a shredded six pack? Tom Venuto shares his ab secrets, and provides specific workout plans and nutritional guidance.
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How Much Protein Should I Eat Each Day for Optimal Performance?
It's one of the most common questions asked by both gym-goers and your average health-conscious individual - how much protein should I be consuming each day?
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10 Easy Pre-Workout Meals & Snacks to Fuel Your Training
Good pre-workout nutrition is essential for seeing results. We're giving you 10 ready-to-eat ideas plus the formula for designing your own pre-workout meal.
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Close up of man sitting at a table
Tip # 1 - It's nearly impossible to gain muscle and burn fat at the same time. Bulk or Cut? It is optimal that you choose one or the other.
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Grocery Shopping with Pro Bodybuilders w/ Akim Williams
We follow along with IFBB Pro and MHP athlete, Akim Williams, as he gets his groceries for the week. Akim is on prep and everything purchased has its purpose.
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5 Tips to Perfecting Your Post Workout Meal
In this article, we discuss everything you need to know to perfect your post workout meal. Learn what to prioritize and optimize your post workout meal.
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5 Foods Swaps & 8 Eating Tips For The July 4th Weekend
Have a healthy 4th of July weekend without turning your feast into a disappointing fizzle. These 5 food swaps will add bold taste and flavor to any picnic or gathering.
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Your Go-To Guide For Cutting Fat While Keeping Muscle
Don't lose your hard-earned muscle! This guide and Q&A by Brad Borland shows you how to drop fat and retain muscle.
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[Video] Juicing with Pro Bodybuilders with Fouad Abiad
You all asked for a video about how pro bodybuilders juice! And now we're going to show you - check out how IFBB Pro Fouad Abiad juices in the morning.
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Which Diet is the Best for Fat Loss? There May Be More Than One
So many diets claim to be the best for fat loss. Take a look at the science behind popular fat loss diets and figure out which diet may work best for you.
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Two large man talking at a table
Tip # 5 - The importance of eating the right kinds of Carbs at the right times. Unprocessed carbs are great building blocks for muscle. Eat good carbs!
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[Video] Full Day of Eating (Clean Bulking) w/ Logan Franklin
Logan Franklin takes us through his full day of eating in the offseason. During this offseason, he's looking to move up to the classic physique division.
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How to Make Meal Prep Sunday an Easy Habit
Meal Prepping is a helpful tool to use to lock down your nutrition so you can accomplish all of your fitness goals. Learn how to make it an easy habit!
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Bodybuilder running on the treadmill
We follow Whitney Reid as he drops his bodyfat from 12% to 6% in just 8 weeks to get ready for a photo shoot! Each video in this 8 part series will detail Whitney's diet plan, training and supplements.
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Dieting And Muscle Gain, The Whole Truth
Baffled by bro science? Want to know the real deal? Dustin Elliott gives the muscle building truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
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Bone Broth: The Secret to Joint and Tendon Health?
Could bone broth be the secret to optimizing your overall health? Read this article to learn how you could benefit from bone broth and how to make it.
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How To Build A Fat Loss Meal Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide
Take the guess work out of dieting for fat loss. Listen to expert Christine Hronec as she gives you the step by step for building a fat loss diet.
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Two bodybuilders talking
Tip # 8 - Derek stresses the importance of protein for health and recovery. He recommends taking in 1 - 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight everyday.
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Full Day of Eating with Arash Rahbar
IFBB Pro, Arash Rahbar, is BACK to take you through a full day of eating. Plus take a trip down memory lane with Arash when he breaks out old bodybuilding photo albums.
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6 Tips for Hardgainers Looking to Eat More Calories
Are you someone who struggles with getting enough calories to build muscle during the day? If you are, try these 6 ways for hardgainers to eat more calories!
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Shirtless, muscular man posing on one knee in front of barbell.
Explore the meaning of anabolism and catabolism in this comprehensive guide to the physiological factors and hormones that impact muscle growth and muscle loss.
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Fluid And Electrolytes – The Forgotten Nutrients, Part 2
Article details the benefits of specific minerals, and talks about the importance of proper fluid and electrolyte intake before, during and after exercise.
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6 Ways Better Gut Health Can Lead to Better Gains
Establishing a good foundation of gut health could be exactly what you need for better gains. Learn why and how to improve your gut health with this article.
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Forging Elite Fitness: The Real Reason You're Not Shredded
Poor nutrition is the main reason many don't make the progress they hope for. Here's some tips on getting your diet in check so you can become shredded!
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Fitness man sitting in a chair
Tip # 14 Marc warns about drinking too many calories. Cut back on those sugary drinks! "Just because it's liquid doesn't mean it won't make you fat!"
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Muscular bodybuilder flexing in front of countertop full of clean foods.
IFBB Pro, Sadik Hadzovic, attempts to eat 10,000 CLEAN calories in one day. Will he be able to consume 10k calories in 1 day? Watch the video to find out!
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How To Build A More Enjoyable & Sustainable Diet
People often times associate dieting/being on a diet as a miserable thing. It doesn't and shouldn't have to be. Learn more about building an enjoyable diet.
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