How to Build Glutes & Hamstrings with 2 Exercises

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February 25th, 2020
Updated: June 13th, 2020
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How to Build Glutes & Hamstrings with 2 Exercises
If you're looking to build strong glutes and hamstrings, this highly effective superset is exactly what you should focus your lower body workouts on.

Supersets are definitely one of my favorite training methods.

Supersets are extremely effective for building muscle. They add real intensity to the session and more importantly they reveal a lifters' character during the workout.

Most lifters do 1 set of an exercise and then waste the next 5-10 minutes on social media before getting back into another set of "work."

If these same lifters started to do supersets and get uncomfortable, then they would finally begin to see some progress.

There is no value in going to the gym for years only to have a body and a performance that looks like you are on day 1.

What is a Superset?

For the uninitiated, a typical superset is when you perform an exercise directly followed by another exercise.

This is done either immediately with virtually no rest or with a short rest (typically 10-30 seconds) between the movements.

Most isolation movements like incline dumbbell curls and dumbbell skullcrushers can be performed back to back with almost no rest.

However, if you are performing a superset using compound movements, the rest will have to be longer.

You will be considerably more gassed doing a superset of RDL's and barbell hip thrusts vs. doing lateral raises and rear delt raises. You might creep into the 45-90 second rest range based on your rep range.

Sidenote: If you are gassed during a superset of lateral raises and rear delt raises then you are remarkably out of shape. It's time to look in the mirror, assess your "training program", and then start to use a real training system that keeps you accountable.

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You've Probably Seen The Fake Hustle Supersets

Most of the training that is performed within the confines of The Fitman Performance Center involves super setting.

We are not referencing the fake hustle "supersets" you see in commercial gyms performed by the infamous Phit Vixens of Instagram.

Phit Vixens are easy on the eyes. That is the primary reason they are so popular on social media.

But looking good in spandex, taking selfies, and selling snake oil supplements does not make you an expert in this iron game. Especially not to a seasoned veteran like myself.

You see your input determines your output. Many Phit Vixens have the look of someone who actually trains hard but in reality their workouts are completely blasphemous.

You will never be able to sell me that bodyweight glute bridges with bands, air squats with bands, squat jumps with bands, donkey kicks with bands, and monster walks alone will take you to the glute promised land.

Those moves are great for warming up and activating the glutes. But by no available metric are they considered a real workout.

Most of those Phit Vixens who have that curvaceous look without putting in any real work are either:

  • Doing steroids or taking pro-hormones
  • Had a butt augmentation surgery (fat transfer or implants)
  • Are wearing super spanx in every video or photo
  • Are heavily photoshopping their pictures to create the "look"
  • Simply won the genetic lottery and had the "got it from her mama" big booty genetics passed down to her. She didn't have to train in order to build that donk!

There has even been a well-known Phit Vixen (and probably more who I don't know of yet) who was exposed for having surgical procedures done to her backside all the while claiming to have "worked" for it.

People like this are the definition of charlatans.

Real Glutes And Hamstrings Workout

Real compound supersets are tough and can make you question why you even lift. They are hard like vibranium.

The benefits of the barbell hip thrust and the Romanian deadlift (RDL) are well-known.

Both movements are staples in the iron game. They are the two most powerful barbell movements you can use to build your backside.

But what is not well-known is using these two compound movements as a superset.

This is one of the hardest supersets a lifter can do.

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Your mental and physical toughness will be tremendously challenged during this superset. But doing this superset with regularity will allow you to take your posterior chain development to the next level.

Unfortunately, many trainees today rely on flashy machines and then try to use gimmick training programs to build their glutes.

But the truth is that no machine ever made will hit your glutes as hard as this classic barbell superset.

This glute/ham workout is unforgiving like The Terminator. There is no easy part of this workout but doing it consistently will take you to the glute promised land.

When you try this workout do not cheat yourself either.

I've seen lifters do hard workouts and then say "that was easy."

Meanwhile these same so-called lifters were using light weights, longer than prescribed rest periods, and lousy form that made the exercises easier than they should be.

All of that is the definition of fake hustle. Before you get into the workout, get your form right in the RDL and the barbell hip thrust by reading the articles below:

Real Glutes And Hamstrings Superset Workout

Exercise Sets Reps
Warm Up 5 5
A1. Romanian Deadlift 4 8
A2. Barbell Hip Thrust 4 8
  • You will warm-up by doing a dynamic warm up or by doing multiple sets of RDL 's and hip thrusts.
  • For example if you are going to use 225lbs in the RDL and 315lbs in the hip thrust you could do 5 x 5 for the warm up sets.
  • You would do these warm-ups sets with a lighter weight than what you will use during your work set. Ramp up in weight each set during the warm-ups.
  • Rest 45-90 seconds between moves.
  • The amount of weight you use will determine your rest period.
  • The heavier the weight you use, the more rest you will need.
  • Rest 2:30 to 3 minutes between rounds.
  • Use constant tension reps to maximize the pump.
  • Don't use a weight that makes the workout embarrassingly easy. Put some good weight on the bar and challenge yourself.

This is a championship level workout for your glutes and hamstrings.

Therefore, by performing it consistently you will build that half-moon type of curve you want.

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Joan M Hilliker
Posted on: Mon, 03/02/2020 - 07:39

Excellent Motivation! Great superset glutes hamstrings work out very impressive thank you I’ll give it a try for sure.