Here is a fun way to come up with your daily cross training workouts. This random generation system has the potential to create up to 100,000 unique workout variations.
Workout Summary
  • Main Goal
    Lose Fat
  • Workout Type
    Full Body
  • Training Level
  • Program Duration12 weeks
  • Days Per Week
  • Time Per Workout45-60 minutes
  • Equipment Required
    Barbell, Bodyweight, Kettle Bells
  • Target Gender Male & Female
  • Recommended Supps

Workout Description

This is a simple method of building your own CrossFit WODs, or workouts. Everything is completely random, so you will never know what the challenge will be heading into the gym that day.

You will need a deck of cards, or a random number generator application. Here's how it works.

Flip over 5 cards, once for each of the exercise boxes below. Aces are ones, and face cards are "wild cards." For wild card exercises you can pick from that specific category which exercise you would like to perform.

If you have a random number generator, have it generate a number between one and twelve. If it generates an eleven or twelve, you get to pick a wild card exercise.

Here are the 5 exercise categories:

  • Category #1 - Resistance Training/Weightlifting
  • Category #2 - Metabolic Conditioning
  • Category #3Bodyweight/Gymnastics Pool A
  • Category #4 - Kettlebell/Equipment
  • Category #5 - Bodyweight/Gymnastics Pool B

Perform each circuit for a minimum of 5 rounds. You may also choose to draw a 6th card to determine the number of rounds, up to a maximum of 8-10.

Category #1
Resistance Training/Weightlifting
Number Exercise Reps
1 Deadlifts 15
2 Cleans 10
3 Push Presses 20
4 Clean and Jerk 10
5 Overhead Squats 15
6 Snatch 10
7 Bench Press 15
8 Front Squats 15
9 Squat 20
10 Thrusters 20
Wild Card *Any From Above  
Category #2
Metabolic Conditioning
Number Exercise Reps
1 Run 1/4 Mile
2 Sprint 100 Meter
3 Bike 1 Mile
4 Jump Rope 2 Minutes
5 Sled Drag 20 Meters x 5 
6 Prowler Push 20 Meters x 5
7 Row 2 Minutes
8 Double Unders - Jump Rope 2 Minutes
9 Box Jumps 25
10 Run 1/2 Mile
Wild Card *Any From Above  
Category #3
Bodyweight/Gymnastics Pool A
Number Exercise Reps
1 Bodyweight Squats 25
2 Dips 20/AMAP
3 Hand Stand Push Up 10
4 Sit Up 30-40
5 Burpees 20
6 Pistol Squats 20 Each Leg
7 Toes to Bar 15-20
8 Back Extensions 25
9 Hanging Leg Raise 30
10 Hand Walkouts 15
Wild Card *Any From Above  
Category #4
Number Exercise Reps
1 Kettlebell Swings 50
2 Tire Flips 1-2 Minutes
3 Kettlebell Snatch 20 Each Arm
4 Farmer's Walk 20 Meters x 2
5 Double Kettlebell Jerk 20
6 Kettlebell Goblet Squats 25
7 Double Kettlebell Swing 25
8 Wall Ball 50
9 Turkish Get Ups 5-10
10 Double Kettlebell Push Press 20-25
Wild Card *Any From Above  
Category #5
Bodyweight/Gymnastics Pool B
Number Exercise Reps
1 Pull Ups 20/AMAP
2 Push Ups 20
3 Rope Climb Length
4 Muscle Up 10
5 Bodyweight Lunge 20-25
6 Tuck Jumps 25
7 Knees to Elbows 20-25
8 Jump Squats 25
9 Plank Max Time
10 Bear Crawl 20 Meters
Wild Card *Any From Above  
Posted on: Thu, 07/28/2016 - 02:55

Thank you so much Thomas! Took the playing cards choice! Solved the cathegory issue with the club that comes with the number and/or color. I also decided which kind of workout would I do depending of the first card that came out doing the same kind of table you did (Hard Stop, Tabata, AMRAP, ladder, etc.) Making obviously a diff. number of reps for each type of workout on your tables. Thank you!

Posted on: Thu, 05/15/2014 - 00:36

How match days off should I need and how to spred them

Posted on: Wed, 07/24/2013 - 21:11


Posted on: Wed, 07/24/2013 - 21:00

crossfit work out

Chris C
Posted on: Thu, 06/13/2013 - 08:50

Do you go through each category for one set and then cycle back? Or do you complete 5 sets of category 1 then 5 sets of category 2 etc.. in? Thanks!

Posted on: Tue, 05/07/2013 - 12:54

How many days should i do this workout?

Posted on: Sun, 05/05/2013 - 09:53

Are you saying to only do this one day a week? What would be a good number of days to do it per week? Also, what does AMAP stand for it is on couple of the workouts?

Josh McManis
Posted on: Fri, 07/05/2013 - 23:35

AMAP stands for As Many As Possible. When we do cross fit for baseball we do it 3 days a week

Posted on: Thu, 05/02/2013 - 13:58

are you saying that you should do all 5 exercises 5 times?

Posted on: Mon, 02/03/2014 - 23:44

When I first started I would only do 2-3 sets to get my body use to it now or when I was really sore I would just do 1 to loosen up and relax. Now I'm doing 3-4 sometimes 5 sets and do the 2 set as a "cool off" day.

Jay Buckmaster
Posted on: Sat, 04/20/2013 - 11:08

Hi, How or where can a person go so see how therse exwecises are performed? For instance what does a pistol squat look like?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Tue, 04/23/2013 - 17:58

There are plenty of videos on the site for most of the exercises listed on the programs that are featured. Here's a link:

If there happens to be an exercise that isn't listed, a quick internet search should yield some video results.

Posted on: Wed, 04/02/2014 - 10:22

Would there be anyway that we can put hyperlinks in this article? I don't want to waste my work-out time look these up. Especially since I have been searching this site for 15 minutes and cannot locate the "Bear Crawl" video.