Return of the King Snake | Lifestyle | Ep. 3

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February 28th, 2018
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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In this video, Team ALLMAX athlete Steve Kuclo gives us a behind the scenes look into how a pro bodybuilder balances work and life when trying to return to the contest stage.

This video is the third episode of the “Return of the King Snake” season of our newest series “What it Takes to be a Pro Bodybuilder”.

This season provides a behind the scenes look into the life of Team ALLMAX athlete Steve Kuclo.

Steve took the past year off from competing on the bodybuilding stage.

But now he’s more focused than ever.

This episode gives us a glimpse into how Steve Kuclo balances his fitness lifestyle while prepping for a pro competition.

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Return of the King Snake | Ep. 3

This video takes place when Steve is four and a half weeks out from competing at the Arnold Classic 2018.

Steve hops into his 2015 Ford F250 and heads to his first stop of the afternoon. Steve’s truck is a diesel truck with hardly any miles on it. And diesel trucks usually don’t even get broken in until they have at least 100k miles on them.

Steve’s redone the turbo on his truck, which helps fulfill his need for power and speed whenever he needs to have work done on his Mustang.

Steve’s first stop of the day is at his favorite barber shop in Texas. Steve claims picking a good barber is a lot like picking a good coach because you have to put all your trust in them.

Next up, Steve heads to his chiropractor’s, Dr. Trace Alexander, office. He typically visits Dr. Alexander 2-3 times per week. Dr. Alexander likens adjusting Steve to how he trains, “it ain’t easy”. It’s basically like holding a tree trunk and trying to dislodge it.

Steve’s big on all of the prehab stuff to avoid experiencing injuries. You put a lot of wear and tear on your body while prepping, and getting deep tissue massages can help alleviate some of that tension.

Dr. Alexander also offers acupuncture therapy as a way to relieve pain for therapeutic purposes which Steve takes complete advantage of.


Later that day, Steve hops on a video call with his coach George Farah to discuss the final month of his prep. Having a coach like George has been a big part of helping Steve further his career, as well as to learn how to do things right.

Steve aims to be diverse as a bodybuilder. He strives to be more than just an IFBB pro. One of the guys he looks up to is Jay Cutler and how he’s branded himself.

The video ends with a clip of Steve posing with his posing coach, Jeff Dwelle, 11 days out from this year’s Arnold Classic.