[Video] How to Perform Leg Extensions w/ Victor Martinez

In this video, bodybuilding legend and MHP athlete, Victor Martinez breaks down exactly how one should perform the leg extension.

Don’t be foolish by simply hopping into the machine and swinging your legs and the weight up and down.

Take these tips from Vic and begin to build bigger, denser quads:

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  • Before beginning your leg workouts, make sure you’ve stretched and adequately warmed up.
  • The leg extension is best used as either a pre-exhaust or finisher exercise for the quads
  • Control the movement throughout the whole exercise. Make sure you feel the full contraction.
  • Bare all the weight on the quads. The knee should simply be a pivot point and shouldn’t bare any weight.
  • Point your toes slightly outward when performing the exercise.
  • The rep ranges Victor prefers for this exercise is 15-20 reps.
  • And his preferred set range is 4-6 sets.

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