[Video] Grocery Shopping with The World's Strongest Man, Brian Shaw

If you plan to become the World’s Strongest Man, you’re going to have to make a lot of trips to the grocery store.

Redcon1 Athlete, Brian Shaw, has won the contest 4 times.

Needless to say, when we collaborated with him we had to get some nutrition tips from the big man.

And, partially out of his own necessity, we were excited when he invited us on his typical semi-weekly grocery run.

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Brian Shaw’s Grocery Run

Normally, Brian has a designated loop he makes at the grocery store. He’s very familiar with the layout of Costco and knows exactly where to find everything he needs to fuel his workouts.

The first thing he snags is a large tub of baby spinach. Up next, he grabs a bag of baby carrots. Typically, he’ll add in 3-4 baby carrots in about 3 of his meals each day.

As far as fruit sources go, he’ll usually stick to fruit juices such as orange juice and cranberry juice.

After finishing up in the produce section, he pulls his cart up to the meat section. As you can imagine, he goes through a ton of meat each week to help hit his daily protein requirements. Brian’s preferred cut of meat is ground bison. In fact, he buys so much that often times they ask him if he’s having a party when checking out.

The other protein source he picks up is ribeye steak. He had been eating a lot of sirloin, but needed the extra fats during his competition prep.

For his carb source, Brian purchases rice by the 50lb bag. He goes through a lot of rice during the week and makes sure he has at least one full 50lb bag in his pantry at all times.

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Posted Fri, 11/30/2018 - 19:04
Kyle done

I'd love to be strong but man 312$ is my monthly budget for food lol