[Video] Big & Beefy Leg Workout w/ Antoine Vaillant

IFBB Pro, Antoine Vaillant, has tree trunks for legs.

So, when we visited him late last year, we had to make sure we captured a leg workout with him.

While he participated in this leg workout alone, he was still in his offseason and put those calories to good use taking each set as close to muscular failure as possible without a spotter.

Along with that, his gym in Burlington, Ontario (Pure Muscle & Fitness) has a lot of cool and unique pieces of equipment to really challenge his leg muscles forcing them to grow.

Give the video a watch to check out the strategies Antoine uses during his leg workout. Then, check out the workout table below to give it a shot for yourself on your next leg day.

Antoine Vaillant's Leg Workout:

Exercise Sets Reps
A1. Walking Lunges 3 10-20 Each
A2. Assault Bike 3 5 Mins
Lying Leg Curl* 4 8
Standing Hamstring Curl** 4 16 Each
Leg Press 4 12-20
Barbell Squat 5 10-15
Belt Squat*** 4 12-15
Leg Extensions**** 4 15-20

*Pyramid up, on final set perform a drop set, then a set of partials, then a 15-30 sec isohold.
**8 full reps, 8 partial reps
***Perform a set of partials on final set
****Use Blood Flow Restriction Bands

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