[Video] 3 BIG Shoulder Raise Variations w/ Regan Grimes

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April 9th, 2019
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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IFBB Pro and Primeval Labs athlete, Regan Grimes, shows us 3 unique shoulder raise variations he uses to build massive shoulders. Give them a try!

IFBB Pro and Primeval Labs athlete, Regan Grimes, is known for being a massive individual.

And part of his massive frame can be credited to his massive shoulders.

So, when we flew out to hang out with him at the Mecca, we got him to show us some of his shoulder raise variations.

1. Rotating Front Raises

The first variation of the shoulder raise Regan shows us is used to target the front delts. This variation most closely resembles a front raise.

The difference, however, is Regan rotates the dumbbell as he brings it forward. He starts the movement with the dumbbell in a hammer position. As he brings it up, he rotates the dumbbell inwards.

This slight rotation allows you to not only hit the front deltoid, but the side deltoid as well.

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2. Tick Tock Lateral Raise

The next variation is for the side deltoids. Regan calls them the tick tock side lateral raise due to the way you move your arms.

You start the exercise by raising a dumbbell on one side. As you come down, the other dumbbell goes up. You never stop moving during a set.

3. Head on Bench Rear Delt Row

The final exercise shown isn’t so much of a lateral raise as it is a row. Regardless, it’s an excellent way to target the rear deltoids.

Find yourself a bench to lay your forehead on. A slight arch in the back is ok. Pull the elbows up and outwards to get a good contraction on the rear deltoids.