Exercise Profile
  • Target Muscle Group
  • Exercise TypeStrength
  • Equipment RequiredMachine
  • MechanicsIsolation
  • Force TypePush
  • Experience LevelBeginner
  • Secondary Muscles
Target Muscle Group


Calves Muscle Anatomy Diagram

Smith Machine Seated Toe Raise Instructions

  1. Set up for the smith machine seated toe raise by placing a flat bench in the center of the smith machine and putting a step or block below the bar.
  2. Lower the bar and add the weight you want to use.
  3. Sit on the end of the flat bench with your thighs below the bar and heels on the block/step with your toes hanging off the end.
  4. Take the weight off the stack and allow your toes to go down as far as possible. This is the starting position.
  5. Slowly raise your toes up as far as possible, pause, and then slowly lower your toes back to the starting position.

Smith Machine Seated Toe Raise Tips

  • Keep the rep timing nice and slow.
  • Raise your toes up as far as possible and hold for a count of 1-2.