Exercise Profile
  • Target Muscle Group
  • Exercise TypeWarmup
  • Equipment RequiredBodyweight
  • MechanicsCompound
  • Force TypeDynamic Stretching
  • Experience LevelBeginner
  • Secondary Muscles
    Adductors, Calves, Glutes
Target Muscle Group


Quads Muscle Anatomy Diagram

Lateral Lunge to Drop Lunge Overview

The lateral lunge to drop lunge is an exercise used to activate the muscles of the leg. It is a combination exercise that pairs a lateral lunge with a drop lunge.

The pairing efficiently targets the entire leg in a sagittal plane of motion often neglected by lifters. The lateral lunge to drop lunge can be used as part of a warm up, or as a burn out exercise at the end of your workouts.

Lateral Lunge to Drop Lunge Instructions

  1. Stand in an upright position with your feet together and arms at your sides.
  2. Step laterally and sit back into your hip while you extend your opposite leg.
  3. Push back to your starting position by driving off the leg in flexion.
  4. Step back across your body at a 45 degree angle and descend until your back knee touches the floor.
  5. Push off the front leg and return to the starting position.
  6. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions on both sides.

Lateral Lunge to Drop Lunge Tips

  1. During the lateral lunge, if you’re able to descend deep into the movement, experiment with allowing the sole of the shoe to come off the floor and point your toes towards the ceiling. Depending upon each individual’s bony hip anatomy, this may feel better.
  2. For the drop lunge:
    • Don’t compensate by leaning forward with your lunge backwards..
    • You should feel a moderate stretch within your glutes.
    • Take a large enough step backwards so that your front shin isn’t excessively over your toes.
    • You can cross your arms as shown in the video and pictures above but this is not 100% necessary. However, it may help with your balance to have your arms out in front of the body.