Exercise Profile
  • Target Muscle Group
  • Exercise TypeStrength
  • Equipment RequiredDumbbell
  • MechanicsCompound
  • Force TypePush
  • Experience LevelBeginner
  • Secondary Muscles
    Abs, Calves, Glutes, Hamstrings
Target Muscle Group


Quads Muscle Anatomy Diagram

Frog Squat Instructions

  1. Set up for the frog squat by choosing a dumbbell and standing it up on the floor in front of you.
  2. Stand with a slight bend in your knees and your feet in a wide stance. Keep your head up and your back straight.
  3. Bend at the knees only and lift the dumbbell from the floor, securing the dumbbell on one end with your fingertips.
  4. Push through the heels to return to an upright position. Your arms should be fully extended, holding the dumbbell down between your legs. This is the starting position.
  5. Keeping your eyes facing forward slowly lower your body down. Don't lean forward as you come down. Your buttocks should come out and drop straight down.
  6. Squat down as far as possible or at least until your thighs are parallel with the floor and the dumbbell touches the floor.
  7. Then slowly raise your body back up by pushing through your heels.
  8. Do not lock the knees out when you stand up, and then repeat the movement.

​Exercise Tips:

  1. It's crucially important that you keep a straight back when you squat! You can ensure your back is straight by keeping your eyes facing forward, chest out, shoulder blades back, and back arched. Keep your core muscles tensed throughout the movement to help hold your back in place.
  2. Always push up through your heels. Curling up your toes can help you get the technique right.
  3. Never lean forward. This happens when your hips move up faster than your shoulders. To prevent this keep the rep timing slow and controlled and stick your buttocks out as you go down.
  4. When you squat down, your hips should be dropping straight down, not coming forward. Using a light weight, perfect your form standing side on to a mirror. Your knees should never track out and over your toes.
  5. Using squats to their full potential requires squatting down at least until your thighs are around parallel to the floor.
  6. Never look down. As soon as you look down your back rounds, simple as that.
Luke Koehler
Posted on: Wed, 03/08/2023 - 00:56

I’m trying to do this exercise but I can’t get me back to go straight when going down does anybody have a recommendation for something that could substitute this exercise I’m doing the 5 day dumbbell only workout I am able to access a gym so if there’s anything else I could do I would gladly do it so I can do the program properly

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Wed, 03/22/2023 - 16:27

What leg equipment does your gym have, Luke? Let me know and I will make the best substitutions. These dumbbell workouts were mainly made for people training at home with limited equipment.

Posted on: Wed, 02/16/2022 - 17:42

Hi, could you do this exercice with two Dumbbells instead of one? I only have two 52 lbs Dumbbells, and doing the squat with only one of them for a total of 52 lbs is not challenging enough. Thanks!

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Sat, 02/19/2022 - 10:54

Hey, Simon. This one may be a little tougher to do with two dumbbells, unless you hold them both in front of you by the handles. If you have a way to hook them together with a chain or band, and hold the chain or band itself, it might work.

Simon Crewe
Posted on: Sat, 02/19/2022 - 16:16

Thanks for the help

Posted on: Thu, 01/27/2022 - 09:59

Will doing frog squats decrease the butt fats?

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Fri, 01/28/2022 - 09:54

As long as you're eating properly and supporting the training with consistent cardio, yes.

Rhys J
Posted on: Tue, 06/15/2021 - 08:51

I am struggling to achieve a full range of motion as the dumbbell is hitting the floor around halfway to being quad/hamstrings parallel to the ground. Is there an alternative grip/movement that doesn’t directly replace this exercise?

Posted on: Tue, 06/22/2021 - 16:28

I have the same problem

Posted on: Wed, 08/18/2021 - 20:14

Hi, Consider positioning yourself on some form of elevation whether that be plates or small blocks to elevate yourself. You should be able to reach full ROM w/o the dumbbell or kettlebell touching the floor. Cheers

Johnny O.
Posted on: Tue, 11/14/2023 - 13:59

This is not meant to be a full-range movement exercise. Partial-range exercises have their place, as well. They target different muscles with different tensions. This is actually a pretty good exercise, which will allow you to use a heavy weight, if you choose.

Posted on: Sun, 02/21/2021 - 21:25

What’s the difference between the Plié Squat from the 4 day Dumbbell only workout and the Frog squat? Also when I look up frog squat it looks completely different.

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Mon, 02/22/2021 - 09:43

Hey Kerry - thanks for bringing this to our attention! We're working on re-vamping our exercise guide videos and I will make sure this is added to the list.

Posted on: Mon, 11/02/2020 - 09:52

I also have a bad back do to my sciatica down my right leg but I’m not giving up because that’s the only things i can do i work around the house can’t get a job because of my back and depression and anxiety, I do exercise yoga meditation sometimes I get overwhelmed what to choose for my workouts because I only have a bench powerblock dumbbells and a curl powerblock bar and a few exercise bands. I want to stay healthy i don’t eat sugar no bread don’t drink or smoke me and my wife eat really healthy no junk foods.ok here is my problems i been doing the same exercise for almost a year it’s 4 days a week,chest and back,legs and calves abs,bis,tri,delt thanks again pierre

Posted on: Mon, 11/02/2020 - 09:28

Sorry using my wife emails i don’t have one, anyway I been doing this exercise for a will it hurt my knees is it because I’m 54 years old or is it because i have arthritis.thanks

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Mon, 11/02/2020 - 09:33

Hey Pierre - I would avoid the exercise if it hurts.

Posted on: Mon, 11/02/2020 - 10:05

Wow thanks Abigail that was fast you know I been going on you guys and girls site for at least 15 years I look at your exercise and right it down and stick it on my wall, ok now the right question is it because my feet are too much wide and open.thanks again Abigail you guys and girls at muscle and fitness are awesome.

Posted on: Mon, 11/02/2020 - 10:10

Sorry I mean muscle and strength