There's plenty of questionable information and downright bad fitness advice out there. Let these 10 trusted fitness experts guide you.

It’s easy to find information about training, nutrition, and supplementation online. But do you trust it?

The wannabe fitness “experts” spew their own diatribes about everything fitness. From the latest techniques to the trendiest gadgets and the diet plan to end all diet plans.

How do you sift through all the noise to find real, factual information when it comes to making sense of all this fitness stuff?

Below are 10 trusted fitness professionals who walk the walk. Some are highly decorated experts in their field, while others have years of in-the-trenches experience training, consulting, and counseling all walks of life. No bro-science, gimmicks, or broken promises here. 

1. Alan Aragon

This guy is the real deal. As a nutritionist, Alan has consulted with thousands of individuals and athletes on the subjects of training, nutrition, and supplementation. With a Master’s of Science in Nutrition and a keen, scientific eye on nutrition specifically, his research-heavy perspective is a much-needed relief from all of the “gym-knowledge” that gets thrown around so haphazardly.

Backing up his talk is the Alan Aragon Research Review (AARR) that is an “unbiased monthly critical analysis and application of the latest research pertaining to nutrition, exercise, and supplementation.” With a schedule full of conferences, speaking engagements, and consultations his advice can easily be applied to the everyman in the gym and in the kitchen. Check out his site »

2. Bret Contreras

Known as “The Glute Guy” Bret Contreras has an expansive knowledge of biomechanics and how everything works together when it comes to strength, mobility, and shoring-up weaknesses to make for better workouts. Bret has authored several books, is a popular speaker, and holds a PhD in Sports Science and a CSCS.


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With a thorough background and body of work covering strength, conditioning, power, hypertrophy, biomechanics, motor control, anatomy, physiology, and rehabilitation, he has the uncanny ability to relate it all to your practical goals in the gym. Check out his site »

3. Dan John

Accomplished author and strength coach Dan John could be easily described as “old-school” with a twist. He possesses an incredible knowledge of all things training and dispenses his advice and instruction in a simplistic, relatable way. The term “this isn’t rocket science” appropriately applies to Dan.

One of the most unique things about his delivery is the way he exposes everything training in practical, logical ways. He also has a knack for distilling many training systems and beliefs so they are easily understood and applied. He’s like a training and nutrition jargon translator. Check out his site »

4. Chad Waterbury

Chad is currently earning his graduate degree in Physical Therapy to boost his already in-depth understanding of the world of fitness, performance, and health. He is also the author of several popular books on gaining muscle and healthy eating.

As an avid functional trainer, Chad is also a huge advocate of high frequency training and training efficiently and effectively for more muscle. Chad has a thorough understanding of what it takes to grow muscle, get stronger, and recover properly. Check out his site »


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5. Nate Green

As the “Marketing Guy” for Precision Nutrition, Nate is somewhat of an outlier when it comes to all of these fitness professionals. He has self-educated himself throughout the years.

Although this isn't strictly a fitness blog, Nate always has something interesting to say. Nate strives to improve people's lives by changing perspectives about a situation, applying thoughtful and effective ideas, or fixing what’s broken. He has a knack for telling stories that almost everyone can relate to in their fitness life. Check out his site »

6. Jeff Cavaliere

Jeff gained experience as the former head Physical Therapist and Assistant Strength Coach for the New York Mets. On his own site, he takes a holistic approach to fixing what’s broken regarding function, form, and performance.

Jeff applies sound anatomical and physiological principles to common exercises with the goal of getting bigger, stronger, leaner, and performing better. Check out his site »

7. Steve Kamb

Accomplished author, entrepreneur, and self-proclaimed nerd, Steve is as entertaining as he is knowledgeable. With a “nerd’s perspective” regarding fitness, he has managed to amass an enormous army of followers which has cultivated real support and community.

But Steve’s real skill and talent lie in finding the why behind the how. He inspires the most serious couch-bound gamer to exercise, eat well, and stay positive. Check out his site »

8. Jason Ferruggia

As leader of the Renegade Strength Club, Jason dispenses straight-forward advice on how to gain muscle and get strong. Although he has an appreciation for old-school bodybuilding, he still incorporates a good bit of entertainment in his writing.

Nationally recognized for his hard-work training theories and his push for mental toughness, Jason tries not to overcomplicate the uncomplicated. He believes in hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Check out his site »

9. John Romaniello

With a penchant for humor, John makes learning and applying fitness and nutrition practices fun. An author, avid reader, and fan of music and movies, he mixes current events and pop culture into his writing. Although there's plenty of content on training, nutrition, supplementation, and motivation, you’ll also come across articles about mythology, sex and heroism. Check out his site »

10. Nick Tumminello

Known as “Trainer of Trainers,” Nick is an accomplished author, writer, and speaker and is a huge believer in continuing education for trainers. With his project Performance University he believes that there isn’t such a thing as too much education.

With a thumb on the pulse of the direction of fitness, Nick offers up timeless advice on functionality, movement patterns, and building muscle and strength. His goal is to make you a better trainer for yourself and others. Check out his site »

Nathan Rattley
Posted on: Fri, 03/11/2016 - 19:18

Brad, you never put yourself on here, to be honest, I love your insight. Your articles are always fantastic to read. And although passed, I still believe 100% Greg Plitt is a guy who should not be forgotten. He is STILL way above alot that I watch and read. His knowledge and addictive passion is incredible.
My humble opinion only.

Posted on: Sun, 05/08/2016 - 15:44

Thanks, Nathan!

Posted on: Thu, 03/10/2016 - 01:25

You need some women "fitness professionals" on this list, Brad

Posted on: Thu, 03/10/2016 - 16:36

There isn't an abundance.