Body Transformation: Michaella Campbell Body Transformation

Before Stats
  • Age
  • Weight
    186 lbs
  • Body Fat
  • Height
After Stats
  • Age
  • Weight
    127 lbs
  • Body Fat
  • Height
Editor's Note: Everyone is different and these results may not be typical for the average person. To achieve these results you need to be willing to put in the work both in the gym and in the kitchen. Use this transformation for motivation for you to make the changes you want!
Michaella wasn't satisfied with just having a "mom's body". In less then one year she lost over 60 pounds and now looks amazing!

Lifestyle Prior To Change

Michaella Campbell Body TransformationI've always admired people with a strong, lean physique and aspired to be the same way. It seemed like a secret on how they had gotten their hard bodies. I tried everything to keep my weight down throughout my adolescent years, but the fad diets would come and go as quickly as the extra pounds.

I am a mother of two now. I had my second child in December of 2008. By September 2009, I felt like I was making great progress. I didn't want to have to be satisfied with and learn to accept "the mom's body". I wanted to be lean, muscular, and most importantly healthy.

I went to my doctor and got the "thumbs up" for my workouts. The body does not lie about good nutrition. I guess we really are what we eat! I knew I had to make a change in my diet. I knew I needed to learn more about good nutrition for the sake of my health. But how? 

How Did You Make The Transformation?

I began reading everything I could get my hands on! Books, magazines, websites, articles, etc. After my first child was born (and I struggled to get back into shape), I signed up for a boxing class at a recreation center at a nearby university. It was hard!

I was so amazed at the quickness the instructor had while punching the speed bag. He never missed a beat! I wanted to learn how to do that too! At the class, the instructor showed us the basics skills and workouts of a boxer. I never could quite hit the speed bag right.

After the class had ended, I returned to my local gym (where they also had a speed bag) and (while no one was watching) started hitting the bag. I tried to remember everything the instructor had showed me. It took me a while, but with determination I finally got the "hang" of it.

Now when I hit the bag, people at the gym ask me how to do it! That's a great feeling. I hung up inspiring pictures of bodybuilders on my refrigerator as a reminder of my goals. I wanted to know everything there was to know about looking like a bodybuilder, but also making sure I was healthy on the inside too.

As my knowledge about diet and exercise grew, I gradually changed my diet and workouts to enhance my performance in the gym.  I signed up for a personal trainer course and also a Specialist in Performance Nutrition course. I'm still learning and changing my diet and workout routines all the time.  Lasting and healthy changes take time and I've learned not to get frustrated if the scale disagrees with me from time to time.  I make it a goal to learn something new everyday. In the gym, I spend the majority of my time in the weight room, doing circuit training. I realize now that all the time I spent in the cardio room in the past did not help me get closer to my goals.

I realized I was making great progress when strangers would ask me "how did you lose so much weight so fast?" Well, to me, it wasn't fast. It was a pound or two a week, then a frustrating plateau for a couple weeks. I guess no one realized that I had been working out and watching my diet for nearly a year!

Michaella Campbell Abs

What Was Your Exercise Plan?

I change my sets, reps, weights, or exercises every 4-6 weeks. It's amazing how the same exercises seem so much harder when they're in a different order or paired with an alternative body part. My workout routines consist of 3-5 sets of 2-5 exercises per circuit and 3-4 circuits, depending on the amount of weight I use that day.

I try to complete each set with as little rest as possible. After a set, I'll take a longer rest. After 3 sets, I immediately move on to the next circuit without rest or with as little rest as possible. I always have my bottle of water, whey protein, and a banana with me when I go to the gym.

I write down my routines (along with notes whether I should increase or decrease weights or reps), what time I start/end my workout, what time I refill my water bottle (so I know how much water I've had to drink), and what time I eat my banana with my whey protein so I make sure I keep my meals on schedule.  I also write down how I feel before and after the workout so I can track my progress and see how my body is adapting to the routine. If I get faster at the circuit and I've increased weights several times, it may be time to change it up.

If I don't do as well one day, I look at how I'm feeling that day or think about the need to take an extra rest day.

Every "body" is different. One person might have stronger or weaker points than someone else, so it's important to pay attention to your body and learn those points to "tweak" your workouts and make them more effective.

Monday - Back, Triceps & Calves
Circuit #1
Exercise Sets Reps
Lat Pull Down 3 10
Tricep Extension 3 10
Standing Calf Raise 3 30
Circuit #2
Exercise Sets Reps
One Arm Pulldown 3 10
Tricep Pressdown 3 8
Donkey Calf Raise 3 15
Circuit #3
Exercise Sets Reps
Braced Rows 3 8
Decline Skullcrushers 3 10
Seated Calf Raise 3 Perform Reps for 60 Seconds
Circuit #4
Exercise Sets Reps
Back Extensions 3 15
Back Extension w/Rows 3 10
Dips 3 8
Tuesday - Legs & Abs
Circuit #1
Exercise Sets Reps
Abductor 3 15
Adductor 3 15
Leg Curl 3 8
Circuit #2
Exercise Sets Reps
Dumbbell Squat 3 20
Barbell Lunge 3 15
Plie Squat 3 15
Circuit #3
Exercise Sets Reps
Hack Squat 3 12
Leg Press 2 (Mad Sets) 13 down to 7 reps - 6 sec. rest
Stiff Leg Deadlift 3 15
Exercise Sets Reps
Abs 20 Minutes 25 Moves, 25 Reps Each
Thursday - Shoulders & Calves
Circuit #1
Exercise Sets Reps
Front Dumbbell Raise 3 15
Standing Calf Raise 3 30
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 3 15
Circuit #2
Exercise Sets Reps
Upright Rows 3 15
Donkey Calf Raise 3 20
Bent Over Reverse Fly 3 15
Circuit #3
Exercise Sets Reps
Arnold Press 3 10
Seated Calf Raise 3 Perform Reps for 60 Seconds
Incline Bench Press 3 11
Barbell Shrugs 3 15
Pull Up 3 10
Friday - Biceps, Chest & Abs
Circuit #1
Exercise Sets Reps
Barbell Curl 5 5
Bench Press 5 5
Circuit #2
Exercise Sets Reps
Cable Crossover 5 5
Chin Up 5 5
Circuit #3
Exercise Sets Reps
Cable Push Up 5 5
Reverse Grip Barbell Curl 5 5
Circuit #4
Exercise Sets Reps
Pull Up (w/Weighted Vest) 3 5
Decline Rotational Push Up 3 8
Bodyweight Pull Up 3 8
Exercise Sets Reps
Abs 20 Minutes 25 Moves, 25 Reps Each
Saturday - Back, Triceps, Calves & "Some" Legs
Circuit #1
Exercise Sets Reps
Lat Pull Down 3 11
Tricep Extension 3 15
Standing Calf Raise 2 Perform Reps for 60 Seconds
Dumbbell Squat 3 20
Circuit #2
Exercise Sets Reps
One Arm Pull Down 3 10
Tricep Pressdown 3 10
Seated Calf Raise 2 Perform Reps for 60 Seconds
Barbell Lunge 3 15
Circuit #3
Exercise Sets Reps
Braced Rows 3 8
Decline Skullcrushers 3 12
Donkey Calf Raise 3 20
Hack Squat 3 12
Circuit #4
Exercise Sets Reps
Back Extensions 3 20
Back Extensions w/Rows 3 10
Seated Calf Raise 2 Perform Reps for 60 Seconds
Circuit #5
Exercise Sets Reps
Bench Dips 3 15
Leg Press 2 (Mad Sets) 13 down to 7 reps - 6 sec. rest
Bodyweight Pull Up 3 5

Michaella Campbell Pushups

What Was Your Diet Plan?

  • Meal 1 - 1/4 cup of steel cut oats, 1/2 cup of skim milk, 2 tbs of milled flax seed, 2 tbs of wheat germ, 1 tbs of natural peanut butter, 8 oz of acai berry juice.
  • Meal 2 - 1 banana, 26 grams of whey protein.
  • Meal 3 - 1 small chicken breast, 1 cup of steamed vegetables, 1/2 cup of brown rice.
  • Meal 4 - 1 oz. almonds, 1 cup of plain Greek yogurt.
  • Meal 5 - Small baked sweet potato (my favorite!), fresh organic baby spinach, red peppers, tuna, portabello mushrooms, red wine vinegar.
  • Meal 6 - Protein bar or shake.
  • Meal 7 - Steamed asparagus (plain) with slivered almonds, tomato, lean turkey, 1/2 cup barley.

What supplements did you use during your transformation?

Advice For Others

Michaella CampbellMy advice to others:

  • Keep changing your routines and find ways to challenge yourself.
  • Stay motivated by learning something new every day.
  • Surround yourself with positive people that have similar goals as you do.
  • Never let your ego (lifting heavier than you should) compromise your form! You'll get better results and fewer injuries with smooth, controlled, full range motions.
  • Don't pair a HIIT cardio day with a day that you're lifting weights.
  • Keep a detailed training journal (some people find a diet journal helpful too).
  • Do your homework! Learn proper techniques when trying something new.
  • Rest! Your muscles need adequate rest to repair and rebuild.
  • Drink water!
  • Stay away from sodas and diet sodas. (Sodium Benzoate in combination with ascorbic acid (vitamin C), forms benzene, a known carcinogen.
  • To neutralize the acid in one 12oz soda, you must drink 30, 8oz glasses of water!  Not good for a lifter who produces a lot of lactic acid during a workout.  
  • Ditch the alcohol. Not only does alcohol add calories to your diet, but it dehydrates the body, lowers testosterone levels (which is needed for muscle repair), keeps vitamins and minerals from being absorbed by the body, and slows metabolism.
  • Get regular checkups with your doctor!
  • Learn to love your workouts. Make them a positive habit in your life.
  • Eat foods that will increase your performance to help you reach your goals.  
  • Get an "eye" for proper portion sizes! Your plate should be the size of your hand, not your head! Eat to live, not live to eat.
  • Remember that lifting weights and eating clean are a lifestyle change! Dramatic changes don't happen overnight. Healthy changes take time and preparation, so be patient!
  • Remember that everyone has to start somewhere. I hear a lot of people say "I need to lose some weight BEFORE I go to the gym." But isn't going to the gym the whole point of losing weight?
  • Don't get frustrated. Be your own experiment. Keep in mind that every "body" is different so something that works for one individual may not work for another. Find what works for you!
  • If you aspire to look like a runner, then run! If you aspire to look like a bodybuilder, then lift weights! If you aspire to look like a couch potato, then sit on the couch!
  • You can do all the abdominal routines in the world, but if you don't strip the fat off the top of them, you'll never have those glorious 6-pack abs! So, speed away from the fast food line, because abs are made in the kitchen, not the drive thru! If you're forced to eat out, choose the salad bar where you see what's going onto your plate.

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Michaella Campbell


Posted on: Sun, 01/04/2015 - 12:21

Certified specialist sports nutrtition 45lbs off 6 months

Posted on: Mon, 06/30/2014 - 21:01

This is truly inspirational! I have read so many body transformations online, but yours just made me feel so ready to transform my own body! I love your diet plan as well as your idea of incorporating daily circuit training into your workouts. I am hoping to have similar results after a year or two (every body is different) of training and diet. Thank you so much for this article.

Posted on: Sat, 07/06/2013 - 17:14

Rock it, girl! Your words o' wisdom and experience covered all the bases for me regarding what I needed to hear. Congrats on your new mindset and physique, and thank you for sharing your story!

Posted on: Wed, 07/11/2012 - 18:39

You look so good! I'm a first-time mom to my daughter who is now 15 months. I'm 5'2" as well. Would you recommend building muscle or losing fat first? I know both are important, but in your experience, does it matter which one is first? I build muscle fairly easily. Thanks in advance!

Posted on: Mon, 07/09/2012 - 21:00

Hi Michaella,
I loved your story! I am 5'3", about 147. I've been stuck at 147 for awhile now. I've lost 43 pounds over the past two years, mainly from changing my eating habits and running. I also quit smoking, stopped drinking pop, and starting educating myself on portion control and eating clean. I take 5000mg of Biotin and 500mg of Vitamin C every day. The pounds just melted away. Unfortunately, I'm thinking now that I am at a plateau. I've lost the weight, now I just need to tone it up. What would your recommendations be for someone just starting out with weight training? I don't have money for a trainer, so I'm just basically trying to figure out what kind of supplements to take to get started!

Posted on: Tue, 04/03/2012 - 23:02

When did you take the L carnitine? In the morning, post workouts? Empty stomach? I started taking a few things and L carnitine was recommended to me. I’m just not sure when to take it.

Posted on: Fri, 03/30/2012 - 04:44

Your transformation is so inspirational. Your stats are very similar to mine.... I started my journey November 1, 2011 when I had a doctors appointment and weighed in at 198 LBS!!!! I'm 5'2, 25 years ol,d and according to my gym 34.7% body fat. Since then I've been slowly but surely losing weight and currently weight 176 and 27% body fat.... My overall goal is to weigh in around 130-140 (as long as my body fat is low I'm not too concerned with weighing 100 LBS) and I would love to be around 15-18% body fat. My boyfriend (who has lost 70 LBS in the past year) showed me this website and every day this week I've come back to read your story. It motivates me to keep going and reminds me that I too can eventually reach my goals. You look AMAZING!!!! and I wish you nothing but luck in your future endevours. Thank you so much for your story

~Ailene =)

stephina harris
Posted on: Thu, 02/24/2011 - 12:58

how heavy do you lift?

stephina harris
Posted on: Wed, 02/23/2011 - 21:21

i am using your routine at the gym now. It is great thanks! i didn't know how to do any of the lifting but i just went to the videos that show how to do them properly. I love this!

Posted on: Wed, 02/16/2011 - 15:28

Hi Michaella!
Just wanted to say that you look great!! I was wondering, how did you finally break through and succeed?? I am 5'2, 24 yrs old, one baby and weigh 142. I am considered small, but I want to tone up and be hard!! I feel like I am missing something in my brain that will just make me get into it. I have the desire but not the drive?? I'm not sure! Any advice for this would be great! You are going to be my new inspiration :D

R***** H******
Posted on: Fri, 12/17/2010 - 18:06

um... why is your tattoo on a different arm in some pictures? just sayin... \
very impressive but the tattoo thing is sketchin me out. just seems a little fake

Posted on: Fri, 12/17/2010 - 20:05

Two shots are taken in the mirror, making the tattoo look like it's on the opposite arm. I think you owe MC an apology.

Just sayin'.

Posted on: Mon, 08/02/2010 - 18:13

I am 5'4" 188lbs as of today. In the past two years I have slooooowly lost 50lbs just eating "Better" and light cardio. I would really like to bump things up and start a strict weight training regimen, but would also like to still do cardio...If following a similar weight training routine that you posted on here, when would be best to do cardio? And how much cardio do you recommend?

Michaella Campbell
Posted on: Fri, 11/05/2010 - 10:59

That's great that you've lost 50 pounds just by watching your diet! I think your diet is 80% of what you look like. In response to exercise, since last April, I've been doing a program called Crossfit. You can look it up online. It's weight training, cardio, olympic lifting, gymnastics. Crossfit has it all! I love it! Good luck to you Janna! :)

Posted on: Thu, 07/29/2010 - 23:40

hi im trying to find the best supplement to burn fat but also gain musle i stoped working out for about 2 years after having a kid getting back to it do you have the best idea or know something good im 23 years of age 5'11 and bout 205 pounds im not fat but i have a gut lol need help thanks

M&S Team Badge
Posted on: Fri, 07/30/2010 - 13:31

Hi Brett,

I recommend any of the top sellers:

Animal Cuts, Lipo 6 and meltdown are all great products.

Michaella Campbell
Posted on: Fri, 11/05/2010 - 10:56

Acetyl L-Carnitine is a great product. I use the NOW brand. That baby weight takes time to go away so just be patient with your body. Remember that consistency is key.

Posted on: Sat, 06/26/2010 - 14:13

hi! i was on here looking for some inspirational motivation and found it!!! so thankyou for that! ive been following similar excercise and diet programme for the past 6 months and am just beginning to see my sixpack forming... very exciting!!!
anyways well done you! and thanks for helping me to stay on track! xx

Michaella Campbell
Posted on: Fri, 11/05/2010 - 10:53

Congratulations on that six pack! Hard work is very rewarding! I appreciate you taking the time to read my story. People like you that see results from my experiences is what makes it all worth while! Keep up the good work!

Posted on: Sun, 06/20/2010 - 20:54

Wow, thats amazing! keep up the good work :)

Michaella Campbell
Posted on: Fri, 11/05/2010 - 10:51

Thank you! :)

Posted on: Sat, 05/22/2010 - 14:58

Dedication and motivation make you accomplish wonders!

Glad to see your transformation!

Feels good huh??

Michaella Campbell
Posted on: Thu, 06/03/2010 - 13:58

Yes it does! It's always going to be a journey, not a destination. I'm still making progress. :)

Posted on: Fri, 05/14/2010 - 09:35

I found your story and advice very useful and inspiring so thanks for sharing. Reading about your workouts and food is SO useful too. You look amazing and managing to make the time to think about your food and put in the time at the gym on top of looking after two children is very impressive. No excuses is my new mantra!

Michaella Campbell
Posted on: Mon, 05/17/2010 - 20:30

I'm so glad that my article inspired you. Anyone can change their body if they throw out the excuses and negative thinking. I think a lot people who fail, do so because they are not consistant with their programs. Any lasting healthy change is going to take some time and patience. I wish you the best of luck with your fitness goals! :D

Posted on: Wed, 05/05/2010 - 22:30

I love love love your story. I'm constantly looking for ways to improve my new and improved lifestyle. You are my newest inspiration, move over Jillian Michaels!

Michaella Campbell
Posted on: Thu, 05/06/2010 - 11:11

Wow! That is a HUGE compliment. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :D

Verek Trcka
Posted on: Wed, 05/05/2010 - 15:58

HI Michaella,
Its been all said what Id like to say, so just well done, U must be proud of yourself, Its been hard job and you deserve medail

Michaella Campbell
Posted on: Thu, 05/06/2010 - 11:12

I really appreciate you taking the time to comment on my article. It means a lot to me. Good luck with all of your fitness goals!! :D

Posted on: Thu, 04/29/2010 - 23:37

Michaella, I think it is great what you have done for yourself and I am so excited to start my program. I will admit I am scared of failure. I will be pumping myself up! Proud of you girl!

Posted on: Tue, 04/27/2010 - 15:05

way to go michaella!!! I've heard that soda thing somewhere before hmmmmm

Michaella Campbell
Posted on: Tue, 04/27/2010 - 23:31

Prolly from some crazy nerd. lol ;)

Posted on: Tue, 04/27/2010 - 12:34

Well, you look smaller than 20% Body Fat. Way to reach your goals. I love your before picture, it's a great representation of what it usually is like when we are in that lifestyle, on the couch and not wanting our picture taken. Your after pictures really show a new you, you glow.

Keep working hard and stay tough, you look great.


Michaella Campbell
Posted on: Tue, 04/27/2010 - 15:58

Thanks Ash. My Dr. Checks my b.f. for me every 3-6 months so that's pretty accurate. It takes a few years to completely recover from the birth of a child so I'm anxious to see what the next year or two brings! :D