Who doesn't love rewarding their hard work with an epic cheat meal? Check out our top 10 list of the greatest cheat meals in the history of YouTube!

Ah, the infamous cheat day where gluttony reigns supreme and bloating is just par for the course.

Everyone has probably experienced one (even if unknowingly), whether it be a holiday, birthday, or just a specific day of self-indulgent caloric pleasure.

However, I’d be willing to bet that despite the fact you’re a self-proclaimed “big eater”, there’s a pretty good chance you have no idea what it means to “go big or go home”.

Anyone can put down a burger, fries, and a large milkshake. The real question is, can you stomach an entire 10 DAYS worth of food in just 24 hours? What about 11,000 calories in one sitting?

Believe it or not, these feats (and many more) have been conquered and documented within the annals of YouTube.

Here’s 10 of the best chest meals and eating challenges to ever grace the archives of the World Wide Web.

Dave Tate’s 13,000 Calorie Cheat Meal

If you’re serious about training then you’re more than likely already familiar with the good folks at eliteFTS. Besides putting out some of the best lifting content on the ‘net, their CEO also has a voracious appetite. If you think you eat big, you could probably learn a thing or two from Mr. Tate.

11,000 Calorie Ice Cream Sunday

Ben and Jerrys.

Haagen Dazs.



You picking up what I’m putting down? I’m talking about the creamy, frozen delicacy which entices everyone walking down the frozen food isle.

I’m sure most reading this article have had the immense pleasure of smashing a full pint of ice cream but I’d be willing to bet that most (if not all of you) have never eaten 11,000 calories of ice cream in one sitting.

Nathan Figueroa has, check it out.

Full English Breakfast

America, land of the free and home of the international house of pancakes (IHOP). But, if you’ve ever travelled across the pond then I’m sure that you’re familiar with a good English fry up.

For those of you who have never made it past the shores of Myrtle Beach, here’s what typically accompanies a full English breakfast: bacon, eggs, sausage, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, fried bread, mushrooms, and black pudding. Sounds like the perfect addition to a cheat day, huh?

Don’t get your knickers in a twist, but here’s a lady who put down 10,000 calories with her English breakfast.

5lbs of Stromboli

Love pizza? Then there’s a pretty good chance you’ll like Stromboli considering they’re essentially a pizza that has been folded in half, sealed, and baked. If you’re Italian then I’m sure you’re well acquainted with this doughy mass of cheesy goodness.

However, do you think you’d be able to take on 5lbs of Stromboli? Raphael Zamora (RZ Fitness) crushed it with ease.

10,000 Calorie Vegan Challenge

The 10,000 calorie challenge has become somewhat commonplace among YouTube fitness channels. Everyone hits up Krispy Kreme and then heads to Five Guys or In-N-Out before snagging a Blizzard at Dairy Queen and finishing the day with a whole pack of Oreos.

Anybody can put down ten thousand calories of Gatorade, sour patch kids, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch while giving themselves diabetes in the process.

But, the real question is, can you do it with just vegan food?

Before you head to Whole Foods to stock up for your latest challenge, check out Chelsea Karabin’s (ChelseaLifts) challenge as she wipes out 10,000 vegan calories.

12,000 Calorie Challenge

10,000 is nothing, why not go for 12,000 just to keep things interesting?

O, did I mentioned that this challenge was tackled by a lady as well? Time to put on your big boy pants and pony up gentlemen, she just put your eating habits to shame.

20,000 Calorie Challenge

In the world of fitness it seems that the idea of “bigger is always better” reigns supreme (eating challenges included).

10,000 calories used to be considered an impossible feat given it was 3-5x what most individuals consume in a day. However, it’s now just a drop in the bucket for some.

Quang Tran put down 20,000 calories without even breaking a sweat.

Michael Phelps Diet Challenge

In case you weren’t aware, here’s the supposed rundown on a typical day for Michael Phelps (at least when his training volume was high):


  • Three fried egg sandwiches
  • Two cups of coffee
  • Five-egg omelet
  • 4 Cups of cooked oatmeal/grits with blueberries
  • 3 Slices of French toast w/powdered sugar
  • 3 Chocolate Chip Pancakes


  • 1lb of pasta with sauce
  • 2 Ham and cheese sandwiches on white bread with extra mayonnaise
  • 3 Energy drinks – 16oz each


  • 1lb of pasta with sauce
  • XL pepperoni pizza
  • 2 Energy drinks – 16oz each

Regardless of whether or not Phelps was consuming this on a daily basis, most folks would have a tough time eating one of those meals, let alone all 3 in a day. Well, what if I told you someone put down all of that food in a single sitting?

Believe it.

30,000 Calorie Challenge

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more intense, Devon Palombo (beastaesthetics) has to go and one up the rest of the internet.

If you thought 20,000 calories was ridiculous, you better get your mind right before you even think about attempting this challenge.

50,000 Calories in 50 Hours

Just keep scrolling, there’s no way you’re going to come anywhere close to 50,000 calories.

Your GI system isn’t ready. Trust me.

If you’re going to try this, you should probably look into this sponsorship [1] from Pepto-Bismol, you’re going to need it.

Insert proverbial mic drop, Erik Lamkin (EriktheElectric) just defied the laws of human consumption.



  1. PSA: Pepto-bismol isn’t going to save you from the gut wrenching trauma induced by 50,000 calories…and no, there isn’t a sponsorship. Destroy your digestive tract at your own risk.