A Day With The Ultimate Fit Couple: Steve Kuclo & Amanda Latona

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December 6th, 2016
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Join us as we travel to Dallas, TX and meet up with Team Allmax Athletes Steve Kuclo and Amanda Latona to spend a day in the shoes of their every day life!

Last month, the Muscle & Strength media team took a trip down to Dallas, TX to visit the Kuclos.

Steve Kuclo and Amanda Latona are both Team Allmax athletes and IFBB Pros.

The two welcomed us into their home, showed off their rides, and gave us a tour around town.

The two lead very busy lives promoting a brand they believe in, owning their own business, and packing away all the calories necessary to fuel their workouts.

Allmax Sponsored athletes? Check. IFBB Pros? Check. Owners of their own apparel company? Check.

Steve Kuclo and Amanda Latona are the ultimate fit couple living the ultimate fitness lifestyle.

Steve & Amanda’s view on Nutrition

Steve starts off the day by making a massive bodybuilding breakfast. He mentions the number one question he gets is “how do you do it? I can’t eat that much”. The biggest thing for Steve is trying not to make excuses and just do it.

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Amanda, on the other hand, feels like people look at diets as very restrictive in nature. That’s why she chooses to preach flexibility and views fitness as a lifestyle. Once you start to view fitness as a lifestyle, things begin to become more natural as you build healthier habits.

Steve & Amanda’s Cars

Steve is a huge car enthusiast and he takes a lot of pride in his cars. The car collection tour starts with Amanda’s new Cadillac XT5 Crossover. Amanda’s previous car was so small that Steve had trouble even fitting in it. So, when looking for cars this time, Steve aimed to find a car for her that he could fit into and was also a safe vehicle for her to drive.

The second car Steve showcases is the same one that helped him earn his “King Snake” nickname. Of course, we’re talking about his 2003 red Mustang Cobra. Needless to say, not a whole lot of stock remains on this car. It was made to be a drag street race car, and Steve loves horse power.

The newest addition to the Kuclo car collection is Steve’s 2015 F250. Steve’s been looking for a new truck and he’s owned trucks from the Ford series for quite some time. This truck is loaded, with a 7 inch lift, 24 inch rims, 37 inch wheels, and a costume stereo.

Complete Line of Allmax Supplements

Steve & Amanda’s Business Life

Outside of competing, Steve and Amanda own several other businesses. They realize that there is opportunity outside of just competing in shows, but it’s using what they’ve done on stage and what they’ve learned over the years that makes them successful.

The two own an apparel line of fitness clothing called Booty Queen. Also, both are Team Allmax sponsored athletes, with Amanda joining the Allmax team with Steve in 2016. Steve’s been with Allmax for about a year and a half, and both of them feel it is the perfect fit. They truly enjoy backing a company that they believe in.

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The two are also signed with Icon Meals. Steve and Amanda ride out to Icon Meal’s headquarters, who have what Steve claims to be the most addictive protein snack on the market in their protein popcorn. Icon Meals uses Allmax’s Hexapro protein in all of their protein snacks, including protein pancakes, popcorn, and cookies.

Lunch on the Go

While Steve and Amanda do feel blessed to have the majority of their meals provided to them by Icon Meals, they do enjoy breaking the monotony of eating at home by going out to eat.

After watching all of the meals being cooked at their last stop, they swing by Below 40* Poke House on their way home. Steve feels like he gets a really good bang for his buck at this restaurant.

Steve likes this place, because it’s one of the rare places where they cook to order and it takes the stress out of eating out. Both of the athletes preach finding restaruants in your community that will do the same. When you're able to find good and healthy restaruants that you enjoy to eat at, it makes living a fitness lifestyle easier.

Allmax Athletes Steve and Amanda Eating on The Go


Steve and Amanda have had an awesome 2016. They’ve enjoyed the growth of their own business and their relationship with Allmax.

They’re looking forward to seeing what 2017 holds for them and team Allmax and feel like big things are definitely in store for the future.