50 Reasons Not To Skip Your Workout Today

Steve Shaw
Written By: Steve Shaw
November 7th, 2013
Updated: June 13th, 2020
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Lost your motivation and need a good kick in the pants? This article gives you fifty quality reasons to drop the junk food, get off the couch and head to the gym.

1. Because no matter how tired or stressed you feel right now, you will feel better after a workout.

2. You know that you are what you do, and will not allow yourself to become a quitter.

3. You are tired of wearing fat jeans.

4. You are sick of having a flabby stomach.

5. There is no other choice. It must be done.

6. So that you will have no regrets tomorrow.

7. Because you are tired of starting "on Monday." Today is the day to get it done!

8. Somewhere there is someone who is injured, sick or in a hospital bed who wished they could workout. Go train in their honor.

9. Being lazy sucks. 

10. Squatting is cool. Nuff said. (And who doesn't want a great back side)

11. You are tired of having small arms and a small chest.

12. The manboobs gotta go!

13. The flabby arms gotta go!

Woman on treadmill14. Because you can have a hand in forging your own destiny.

15. Your dedication always inspires someone. Go be inspirational.

16. You will feel more confident and in control.

17. Staying in shape helps you perform better in the bedroom.

18. Because you want to look young for your age, not old for your age.

19. At the gym you will be around folks with similar goals, and that is motivating. Just go, now.

20. Working out improves your sleep.

21. Working out improves your energy.

22. Going to the gym makes you feel better about that ice cream you ate last night.

23. Even if you only feel like doing a light workout, there's a good chance that you will gain momentum after those first few sets and have a killer workout.

24. Iron therapy solves a lot of problems.

25. It's time to release your inner sexy beast.

26. You shower every day so you don't stink. Now it's time to workout so your body doesn't stink.

27. Movement is living.

28. It's torture thinking about whether you should workout or not. Working out is easier than thinking about it for 4 straight hours. Get it over with.

29. Endorphins - Google them. A great anti-depressant.

30. The video games will be there when you get back.

31. So that if you ever meet Arnold Schwarzenegger, you can compare gunzzzz.

32. Because success in the gym helps create success in other areas of your life.

33. Exercise lowers blood pressure and is cheaper than medication.

34. Exercise reduces your risk of type 2 diabetes.

35. Regular exercise helps to keep you more hormonally balanced.

36. Resistance training also builds stronger bones.

37. Extra muscle increases your metabolism.

38. Exercise allows you to set your problems aside for an hour and pretend they don't exist. It's ok to take a break from the stresses of life.

Built physique

39. You will look better at the beach. Duh!

40. Exercise slows joint degeneration that comes with age.

41. If you don't, you won't respect yourself.

42. You're tired of wearing black "because it's slimming."

43. Because your momma didn't raise a wimp.

44. Exercise helps you feel incredible no matter what you look like.

45. Sticking to your commitments will improve your self-esteem.

46. Helps to reduce lower back pain.

47. Exercise reduces visceral fat levels. You will not only look better, but increase your chances of living longer.

48. Because no one likes to gasp for air after walking up stairs.

49. Remember your childhood heroes and why you started lifting? It's time to be like your childhood heroes.

50. Exercise helps you to maintain a positive outlook.

Nelson Edson
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Really impressive, 50 reasons every one must read! 50 reasons to live a balanced life!

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100% truth, and screw whoever claims otherwise

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Thanks for this article....