Exercise Profile
  • Target Muscle Group
  • Exercise TypeStrength
  • Equipment RequiredKettle Bells
  • MechanicsCompound
  • Force TypeIsometric
  • Experience LevelIntermediate
  • Secondary Muscles
Target Muscle Group


Abs Muscle Anatomy Diagram

Kettlebell Windmill Overview

The kettlebell windmill is an exercise used to strengthen the muscles of the core. It does so by making the core fight to stabilize a kettlebell overhead while you go through the range of motion.

The kettlebell windmill also helps you work on your mobility as it requires a deep stretch during the range of motion.

Kettlebell Windmill Instructions

  1. Assume a standing position with a kettlebell in between your legs.
  2. Grasp the handle and clean the bell into position at shoulder level.
  3. Press overhead, assume a wider than shoulder width stance, and turn both toes to 45 degrees.
  4. Slowly allow the hips to dip and get close to touching the floor.
  5. Return back to the starting position and repeat for the desired number of repetitions on both sides.

Kettlebell Windmill Tips

  1. The knee of the leg on the same side as the kettlebell should be straight.
  2. Your torso and lumbar spine should be locked in a neutral position. In other words, if your lower back rotates and flexes during the exercise, you may be lacking the strength or mobility to maintain this position. Work within the range of motion you have available currently and then increase over time.
  3. Try to think about pushing into the hip while simultaneously lifting it.