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Sebastian Balcombe is the founder and CEO of Athletic Edge, a nutrient support and supplementation brand.

Sebastian Balcombe is the founder and CEO of Athletic Edge, a nutrient support and supplementation brand.

Under Sebastian’s leadership, Athletic Edge has consistently lived up to its brand promise of “substance over hype” since its beginning in 2005. With his forward-thinking mindset and commitment to putting the consumer first, Sebastian is on a mission to change the public’s perception of nutritional supplements by creating the cleanest, most effective products on the market.

With a deep understanding of nutritional science, physiology and clinical research—and a creative, unconventional way of putting these pieces together—Sebastian has created new categories within nutritional supplementation and greatly improved formulations within existing categories. As a part of Athletic Edge, he has formulated the following products: IntraXCell, IntrAbolic, CreatineRT, PreSurge, APE, APE Darknight, APE Libido, LIV Hybrid Weight-Loss, and SteelEdge. Sebastian’s no-hype, scientific information on nutritional supplements has been published in magazines such as Muscular Development, FitnessRx for Men, and FitnessRx for Women. He also wrote “The Beta-Alanine Revolution,” a guide to beta-alanine and its ability to delay muscle fatigue.

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