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Paul Carter
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Paul is the CEO and head pimp at Lift Run Bang. He has more than 25 years of experience under the bar and has coached and trained with some of the best strength athletes in the world.

Paul Carter is the CEO and head pimp at Paul has more than 25 years of experience under the bar and has coached, trained with, and spoke alongside some of the best strength athletes in the world. Paul is the author of "Strength, Life, Legacy" and "Base Building" and has been published by T-Nation, Elitefts, Juggernaut Strength, and Charles Poliquin.

Strength Life Legacy

Strength Life Legacy by Paul Carter

Strength, Life, Legacy...

This is not just a book of training routines.  This is my entire philosophy about life, strength building, being a better man, brother, son, husband, father, and lifter.  It is about being a lifer, and what that means to me.

I have poured as much of myself as I could into this book, and I if it can help you in any way, that is the ultimate gift to me.  That someone else can benefit from the mistakes I have made, and the lessons I have learned.  Both in life, and lifting.

From Amazon:

Much more than just a book on "how to lift weights". This really is a book about life and how to use reasonable methods to obtain your goals. I have quite a few other books on training by other authors and would recommend any work done by this author as being a "must read".

Base Building

"Every great structure has to have a foundation" - Paul Carter

Base Building by Paul Carter

Base Building is about all the facets that go into building that foundation.  Building strength, mass, and the reinforcing of technique through structured volume are all covered.

This is the book that can help you stack up productive training cycle, one after the other while keeping plateaus at bay, and progress oncoming.

From Amazon:

Puts a huge emphasis on the basics and staying with those basics to build a stronger self. No fancy tricks, just hard work and putting your time in. Everything is explained well and in simple terms. I'd recommend this to any powerlifter or bodybuilder no matter their experience level. Everyone seems to think they know more than they do, and this book really puts everything in perspective.

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