Mike Sirani

Mike Sirani is a strength coach and licensed massage therapist based in Boston, MA. He is a record holding powerlifter in New England and works with hundreds of clients every year helping them look, feel, move, and perform better.

Mike Sirani is the Co-Owner of Capital District Sport and Fitness in Round Lake, NY.

He’s an experienced strength and conditioning coach and massage therapist who has spent the majority of his career in Boston training professional, collegiate, and high school athletes of various sports, as well as helping general fitness clients of all backgrounds learn to move better and get stronger than ever before.

He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Exercise Science, with a concentration in Sports Performance, from Springfield College and completed a highly sought after six-month internship at Cressey Sports Performance.

Mike specializes in teaching athletes and general fitness clients to get the most out of their bodies by enhancing their movement quality and creating exercises programs that allow you to get stronger, faster, and more powerful in a safe and effective manner.

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