Mike Samuels

Mike Samuels
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Mike Samuels is a fitness writer, personal trainer and diet coach from the UK. He enjoys training clients for fat loss, strength gains and general performance.

Mike Samuels is a personal trainer and diet coach from a funny little island somewhere in the middle of the ocean known as England. He trains clients for fat loss, strength and performance and generally being awesome. He also hates talking in the third person...

Hey, I’m Mike. As per the above schpiel I am a UK-based trainer. I love picking things up and putting them down (the heavier the better,) running really fast (preferably up hills) and romantic walks along the beach.

When I’m not training, you’ll probably find me writing. And when I’m not writing you’ll probably find me in Starbucks – writing.

Feel free to come in and have a browse. Most of the articles are related to lifting stuff, eating stuff and generally making yourself look and feel better, but roughly one in three posts will be on Subway – I love me some sandwiches.

Read, comment, and enjoy. If you’d like to get in touch just hit the contact tab.

Mike Samuels's Content

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