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Lee Boyce
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Lee Boyce is a Strength Coach and internationally published Fitness Writer based in Toronto Ontario. His work is regularly published in the world’s largest fitness publications, and is frequently on tv and radio segments for major stations.

Lee Boyce is a strength and conditioning coach based in Toronto, ON. As a student in university, he ran varsity track and field as a sprinter and long jumper. Various injuries led him to further his interest in proper training methods to avoid repeating the same hazards.

At age 20, he got his first job as a personal trainer and never looked back. As a 195 pound novice lifter, he changed his emphasis to learning methods of proper training techniques and lifting for strength and size. In a few short years, he put on 50 pounds of muscle and increased his lifts exponentially.

Boyce's knowledge levels got the attention of senior gym staff and landed him positions of leadership at his entry level gym. Always looking up to the industry's influential trainers and coaches, he aspired to write like they did. At the young age of 22, he had his first article published for a major publication.

Fast forward to today, and Lee has been regularly featured on the largest platforms in the world for his fitness expertise and frequently does television and radio segments for major stations including ABC.

In 2013, he was named to the training and treatment staff for Team Jamaica at the Penn Relays international track Classic. Be sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter and visit his website to view more articles, media and training updates.

Lee Boyce's Content

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Optimum Nutrition Supplements
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