James Harris

James Harris is a personal trainer as well as the owner of Titaniumstrength.org, a website offering online personal training to the public.

James Harris is the owner and head writer for Titaniumstrength.org, a website offering online personal training service to the public. On his website, he writes about strength training, muscle gain, biomechanics, and lifestyle tips.

As a teenager, James was involved in an accident leaving him with little ability to function well. He sought out coaching from a post-rehab expert who spent 4 years teaching him how to properly function again.

Along with rigorous self-study, a lot of continuing education, and a decent amount of experience with coaching clients, James has earned the respect of some well known coaches in the industry.

Seeing people become the strongest, healthiest, and most pain free version of themselves is what drives him.

James Harris's Content

Smart Training: Don't Break Your Body Trying to Build It
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