Chaz Malewski

Chaz Malewski
Quick Stats
  • Chaz Malewski
  • 5'9"
  • 197 lbs
  • 20
Chaz is a powerlifter and physique competitor with the goal of becoming a personal trainer. He is currently using the Westside Barbell method.

Chaz is a student at University of Delaware studying Health Behavior Science with a minor in Leisure Service Management.


Started weight training at the age of 13 to improve my physique and improve for sports. I was an all-state linebacker my junior and senior year of high school and have played both football and rugby in college.

I have been weight training competitively for several years now and just recently entered a physique competition over the summer. I am currently a member of the University of Delaware powerlifting team training under the Westside method.

Some personal achievements of mine include a 405 squat, 320 bench press, and a 455 deadlift.

Career Plans: After graduating, I plan to become a certified personal trainer and earn a respectable reputation. I then plan to open a multi-dimensional gym that offers training options for all workouts.

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