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My writings have been featured on websites and in magazines like Physique magazine, World physique. I have also been a guest on various talk shows.

Hi there, thanks for taking time to know more about me. If I were to describe myself in one sentence then I would have to say that I am a fan of simplicity and sensibility to achieve powerful results.

Hard to believe that there are so many confused souls out there who always run after complicated solutions for their health and physique problems and also for general life problems. They could have done a lot better for themselves by simply adopting simple to follow methods. This is a problem that in my opinion affects the strength and fitness world to a great extent.

For eg. If someone wants to lose fat then instead of first trying to exercise more and eat less, he might start researching excessively about hormones and supplements. And if someone wants to build muscles then instead of eating more and lifting heavy he may start to look for the latest and greatest whey protein drink with the best absorption, etc. No wonder then that the rates of obesity and other health related illnesses are on the rise worldwide.

After completing my ACE certification in 2007 I have been involved in the fitness industry and have been working with individuals from various backgrounds to help them achieve various goals like muscle and strength building, fat loss, improving health, etc. All those who have worked out under me have expressed how I help make strength and fitness simpler for them and that my methods never call for extreme actions which are tough to sustain in the long run.

In 2010, realizing the need to spread my message and methods to a worldwide audience rather than restricting it to a local one, I started to write for various websites and magazines so that I could reach out to more people and help them improve themselves. My writings have been featured on various sites like,,, etc and in magazines like Physique magazine, World physique. I have also been a guest on various talk shows like the SuperHumanRadio, etc to share my message.

If you wish to know more about me and more importantly discover simple and yet powerful methods to help transform your physique then I would like to welcome and invite you to visit my website - See you there.

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