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Front shot of fit Swolverine female athlete holding a medicine ball in the gym.
EAAs play a pivotal role in more than just your health. In this article you'll learn the benefits of EAAs, why you need them, and how they play a fundamental role in athletic performance.
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Strong man flipping tire outside
Everything you need to know about strongman, from contest prep to dealing with injuries. This guide takes a detailed look at all 9 major types of strongman events.
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LPHC Training: The Staple of Strength & Conditioning
If you want to get stronger and perform better, you might want to consider strengthening your lumbar-pelvic hip complex. Read on to learn exactly why and how.
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Complete Guide To Supramaximal Interval Training (S.M.I.T.)
Learn the difference between two highly-effective interval training methods, get answers to some FAQs, and set-up your own interval training program.
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3 Explosive Exercises to Make You a Better Basketball Player
Want to jump out of the gym on your way to dunking over your opponent? Give this article a read and start performing these 3 explosive exercises today!
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Strong brunette woman doing a deadlift in the gym.
Intra-workout supplements can be beneficial to help maximize your performance. In this article you'll learn about their benefits, and what ingredients you need to power your performance.
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How to Use Sprints for Fat Loss and Improved Performance
Ramp up your metabolism, build a better posterior, and improve your performance by introducing sprints into your workouts with this comprehensive guide!
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Ultimate Workout Nutrition Guide: Part 2
Workout nutrition can be confusing. Learn about the role of protein quality and quantity, catbohydrates, fats and nutrient timing in this complete expert guide.
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AJ Hawk Tough Training Football Workout
2 days after Super Bowl 45 AJ Hawk lay on an operating table to repair his wrist. 3 weeks after having the pins removed, A.J. put on a training display.
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3 Tips to Increase Speed, Size, and Strength
Looking to improve your sports-specific performance? Then you need these 3 elements in your training. Learn what they are and how to incorporate them!
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8 Training Tips For Your First Obstacle Course Race
Interested in training for your very first obstacle course race? Check out these 8 tips from an experienced competitive racer and get on the right track!
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Strong! Documentary
As Cheryl Haworth prepares for Beijing 2008, she struggles with injury, confidence, and her place in a world where larger women are not readily accepted.
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Man standing in the gym with barbell on shoulders
Read this article if you're considering your first powerlifting meet. These tips will help you maintain strength levels and maybe even blast a few new PRs.
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Off Season Football Training Workout Checklist
Prepare for football season by refining your workouts. These 10 tips are designed to focus your training with the sole purpose of improving on field performance.
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Tim Tebow's Upper Body Muscle Building Workout
This upper body circuit workout was instrumental in helping Tim Tebow of the NY Jets pack on 10 muscular pounds over his 2011 playing weight.
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Compartment Syndrome Vs. Shin Splints
If you do a lot of running you might be passing off these "minor" injuries as no big deal. Learn more about compartment syndrome and shin splints.
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How to Improve Sport-Specific Acceleration & Speed for Big Men
Achieve optimal speed and be the quickest athlete on your sports team this season! We've got 13 exercises guaranteed to improve your acceleration!
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