Looking To Be A Beast? Part 2: From Nutrition To Training

Troy A. Dolfi
Written By: Troy A. Dolfi
March 24th, 2009
Updated: June 13th, 2020
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Now that we are eating right - it's time to train! A look at gaining mass, overtraining and toning.

Train like a beast.In the first article we took a look at establishing a goal and how the diet ties in to all of that and how nutrition plays a big role in getting off to the right start. Now that we are eating right - it's time to train!!

I must first caution you that I am not promoting any specific training and want to lay out a plan that can work for most individuals starting to strength train.

With that being said....if we are at the start, that means the beginning and what better place to point ourselves to than the beginners workout.

Check out these beginner workouts:

You can start with something like this if you have trained before and want to work in to a split routine.

Split routines are where you split up your body parts to work specific areas of the body on a specific day or within a certain number of days. Common splits will work one large muscle area and one smaller area, such as Chest and Triceps, Back and Biceps, Legs and Shoulders, etc.

More advanced splits can be set up to work one area per day if the trainee wishes to do so.

I strongly advise that this not be done until you are well in to training for at least a year on a steady basis.

If you want to start with something that will ramp you up to a split routine, this 12 week beginners workout routine may be for you.

Remember that it is important to acclimate your body to training and that proper form of an exercise and the right amount of weight are two of the biggest areas of concern for any beginner. You must also concentrate on what you are lifting so as to not injure yourself. Music is a good idea and a lot of folks use it as a motivator when training.

Check this article for some common mistakes that can be made when you first start training.

You may also want to look at this article on how you should approach training as having the right attitude and mindset from the beginning will keep you gaining quality muscle and not training for the wrong reasons.


Also remember that more may not always be better. (Overtraining)

Don't be eager to stack on the weight or do more exercises than the prescribed routine.

If you are training with the right amount of weight and the proper intensity, you will make gains!

You also need to allow your body time to repair and heal. After all, you've just broken down (or injured) your muscle tissue and it takes time.

Side laterals.

What If I Just Want To Tone Up?

You must be accustomed to handling weights and knowing proper form for a good toning routine to work. That is why we recommend that everyone start with some basic/beginning training first.

Once you have worked with the beginning basics for 6-12 weeks, you are ready to train more specifically to match the overall goal.

Here are two intermediate workout routines that people have been getting good results with:

Here is a great article that gives you the bigger picture of toning and ties all facets together

Gaining Mass

You've waited patiently to get to the point where you can pack on the pounds and you have been lifting religiously for months...it's time to "bulk"!

Well, it's not as easy as you may think. Even with a good diet and some experience with the weights, you may get yourself caught up in that overtraining trap mentioned earlier. Read Overtraining 101 and if that doesn't pop up, you may still have some problems and will need to look at these factors:

Who knew there was so much thought to go in to getting the body in to better shape or building quality muscle? This is not just a bunch of ego driven men and women running around the gym or their home doing whatever they feel. It takes a good diet plan, a commitment to stick to a training schedule and the intelligence to train smart as well as hard all while doing the exercises the right way.

If you would like to see how certain exercise are performed, please click over to the exercise videos home page. Our database will show pictures, videos and some brief explanations of what body parts each exercise benefits.

If you need any help with exercises, workouts or planning your goals check out the Muscle and Strength Forum. We've got thousands of members - get real advice in minutes!