Ask Joe The Pro Vol. 12 - Building Big Guns

Natural bodybuilder Joe Ohrablo has the inside scoop on the 2010 Mr. Olympia, and tells you how to blast your biceps into new growth.

Joe's Take On The 2010 Mr. Olympia

2010 Mr. Olympia - Lou Ferrigno, Joe Weider and Jay Cutler

I was very happy to watch the 2010 Olympia live via web cast. This year was one of the most competitive I've seen in years. Here is what I thought of the top 10.

10 - Hidetada Yamagisi. Very balanced physique. He came in shredded with super round delts and super vascularity. I wonder what Hide weighs when he competes because I believe if he could make the 202 class he would dominate!

9 - Tony Freeman - The super tall X man wasn't at his best at the O. Usually Tony comes in super dry and shredded and a little flat or super full and a little spilled over. He came in the latter. If Tony can add a little more mass and comes in with a nice blend of shred and fullness he can crack the top 6.

8 - Victor Martinez - Victor's leg issue looked a lot better this year and he brought a good package of fullness and round muscle bellies. He was holding a film of water during prejudging and came back at the night show slightly better. It was not enough unfortunately. I think if Victor focuses on coming in super shredded and weighing lighter then he ever has he will be a contender.

7 - Kai Greene - BIG disappointment. Kai was a front runner for the title this year and came into prejudging looking like he swallowed a gallon of sea water. Huge distended belly and smooth muscles. When he did a front lat spread nothing popped. He looked off-season. He came back at night drier but it was way too late. Kai needs to focus on coming in with his trademark conditioning. If he keeps playing the mass game and tries to add too much to his frame he will ruin his physique and lose his chances of a Sandow.

6 - Ronnie Rockel - Shredded with great shape, Ronnie looked fantastic. Really no weak point. If I were to nit pick maybe he could afford to gain a few more pounds of muscle. I doubt he can expect to win an Olympia but don't be surprised if someday he sneaks into the top 3 or 4.

5 - Dennis Wolfe - The second biggest surprise of the night. Wolfe looked better then he has in a long time. He was a little flat during prejudging but filled out for the night show which may have put him ahead of Rockel. Wide shoulders, tiny waist and flaring quads. Wolfe has all the making of a Mr. Olympia. He will need to fill out his back more, and come in with good fullness with crazy conditioning though. I'm sure Wolfe was very happy with his placing, especially since he ditched his last few coaches and brought himself to the finish line.

4 - Dexter Jackson - The one time Mr. Olympia reminds me of Shawn Ray from the 90's. The guy is Mr. Consistent. I expect Dexter will always be in the top 3-5. Great shape, good conditioning and one sick most muscular! Dexter needs to fill his legs out slightly and get them harder and drier to crack top 3 again.

3 - Branch Warren - Sick slabs of vascular muscle on his 5'7" frame. Branch is a monster with average genetics that forced his body to improve with an insane work ethic in the gym. Branch doesn't have the nicest flowing physique and that may be the reason he may never win an Olympia. Yet again nobody expected him to get this far, maybe he will prove me wrong. The sickest legs and chest in the whole show!

2 - Phil Heath - After watching prejudging I thought "wow we have a new Mr. Olympia." I was shocked to see on a bodybuilding forum Jay was ahead of Heath by quite a few points leading into the finals. Phil reminds me of Flex Wheeler from the 90's. Insane, sickening cartoon round muscle bellies. NO weak points! He does have a narrow structure but he filled his frame out even more and that issue is almost non existent. He looked amazing at both the prejudging and night show. The extra weight did almost NOTHING to his conditioning, I would guess Heath was at 95% his best. He could have been a HAIR drier. Phil Heath WILL become Mr. Olympia someday - mark my words!

1 - Jay Cutler - What can I say? He is now 4 time Mr. Olympia! During the night show Jay was a little flat which made him appear less ripped because the muscles weren't pushing against the skin as much. He looked 90% from last year during prejudging and filled out big time for the night show and looked about 96 or 97% at the night show. Super crazy legs, thick brick abs, big thick arms. I don't like his rear double biceps though as he has a layer of skin on his lower back. Jay needs to be very careful if he slips some of these other guys will fly past him! Congrats Jay for your 4th title!

I was also happy to see that this being the 45th anniversary of the Olympia they brought every former Mr. Olympia onstage at once. I was happy to see my two favorite Olympians Lee Haney and Dorian Yates. Ronnie Coleman looked huge in his suit and I suspect he still is thinking of a comeback! Arnold made a nice speech via satellite and said out of all the accomplishments he has achieved winning the Olympia was his greatest! One of the late 90's vets Dennis James announced his official retirement from the sport. He made a tearful good bye to the audience and got a standing ovation! Good luck Dennis you will be missed brotha!

Another highlight was Lou Ferrigno coming out escorting a very aged Joe Weider (he is 90 or 91). If it wasn't for Joe and Ben Weider we would never have Arnold or the Mr. O. Thanks Joe! I am eager to hear what happened with Kai Greene for the show and what Dennis Wolfe's future plans are! Can't wait for the 2011 rendition!

Ask Joe The Pro

Train biceps with dumbbells for best results.Hey Joe I need bigger arms - HELP! - Dwayne D., Oatmeal, Texas

Lol - you got it. I believe arms like most other body parts need to be trained with dumbbells for ideal results. My favorite three exercises are:

1 - Incline dumbbell curls - Unbelievable stretch on these and very strict motion. I like keeping the incline around 60 degrees or so and focus on getting a good stretch at the bottom. Laying flat bench dumbbell curls are also excellent. 4 sets of 10 reps is what I would prescribe. Bring the last 1-2 sets to failure.

2 - One arm dumbbell preacher curls on the flat side. AKA one arm spider curls, this exercise will really pack on the mass! I like to really keep the working arm straight and come almost all the way down. If you try to fully straighten the arm you will risk hyper extending your elbow. At the top of the motion turn the pinky towards the shoulder for a peak contraction. I would keep the reps in the 8-12 range and 3 sets with the last one to failure.

3 - Two arm dumbbell curls. For forearms, lower biceps and brachialis the two arm hammer curls are best done with bringing your arms to about 90 degrees. I keep the reps high in this exercise and do 3 sets in the 15-20 range and do all THREE sets to failure.

Now that your in off season what does your training look like? - Dale K., Convent, Louisiana

Thanks for the question. Right now I'm focused on recovery. For a long time I was training 6 days a week. I got great results but it was time for a change to keep progressing. I am deep into a non linear periodization split that looks like this:

  • Monday - Back
  • Wednesday - Chest and Shoulders
  • Friday - Legs
  • Saturday - Arms

On the power weeks I usually only do two exercises per bodypart, rest 1-3 minutes between sets and the reps low in the 5 range or lower. On the intense weeks I will do 3-5 exercises per bodypart and slam it with high reps, more overall sets, less rest between sets and insane intensity including FST-7. I am making great progress and my morning weight is around 205. I am doing cardio 3-4 days a week and about 20 minutes per session. I feel extremely strong and well rested. I'll probably stay at this a few more months then change the routine up completely again. Right now the extra rest days are doing me good, by the way I RARELY do abs right now, LOL, I hate them! Especially in the off-season. I may throw in some lower ab work 5 sets or so once a week.