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Master natural bodybuilding champion Rick Waters is in top shape and shredded at the age of 52.
Rick Waters

Quick Stats

  • Rick Waters
  • 52
  • North Cyprus, Lapta
  • 5'7"
  • 169 lbs
  • 23
  • Cable Tricep Extension With Rope
  • Whey protein
  • LA Muscle

Your Background

Competition History

Started in competing in 1989 at local shows in Essex, UK with placing in 3rd & 4th. 1991 competed in WABBA South East Novice, placed 2nd, and went on to win the Novice class.  Stop competing in 1991, and resumed in 2001:

  • 2001 - ANB South East Masters 1st  and Overall
  • 2001 - ANB Britain Masters 2nd
  • 2002 - ANB South East Masters 1st 
  • 2002 - ANB Britain Masters 1st     
  • 2002 - UIBBN World Championship Masters 3rd
  • 2003 - ANB South Yorkshire Masters 1st
  • 2003 - ANB Britain Masters 2nd
  • 2003 - BNBF Southern Masters 1st
  • 2003 - BNBF British Masters 1st
  • 2003 - UIBBN European Masters 1st    
  • 2004 - NPA Pro-AM 5th
  • 2004 - NPA British Masters 3rd
  • 2004 - BNBF British Masters 1st
  • 2004 - WNBF World Championship 3rd
  • 2005 - BNBF British Masters 4th
  • 2006 - NPA British Masters 2nd 
  • 2006 - INBA Universe Masters 5th
  • 2007 - BNBF Masters O50 1st
  • 2007 - INBA Olympia Grand Masters 1st
  • 2008 - BNBF Masters O50 2nd
  • 2008 - Local North Cyprus BBF  U80Kg  3rd 
  • 2009 - BNBF Masters O50 3rd

Rick Waters Bodybuilding LifestyleWhat is your background and how did you get started in bodybuilding?

I am married to a wonderful and supportive wife, Karen, with a 14 year old son, Mitchell. My past employment was working in the IT sector for 30 years, from when I left high school many moons ago, till 2004. At this period, I took the opportunity of taking voluntary redundancy, and moved to North Cyprus. My son has done exceptionally well here, gaining a scholarship. But we are now planning to relocate back to the UK, due to change of circumstances, and our son wants to complete his education in England.

I have always been active since the age of 14, initially participating in the martial arts. Beside this, my other interests being custom cars, drag racing, playing with software on my PC, American football ( my favorite team the ‘Steelers’), and golf. In 1984, I decided to stop my martial art activities and concentrate playing American Football and managing the team, which I started, known as ‘Southend Sabres’. American Football was gaining popularity in the UK at that time. I stayed with the team until I suffered an injury, which was the turning point for my new found love, weight training and Bodybuilding.

I started training at an old established basement gym called ‘ESTURAY GYM’ in Southend, owned by Roy Parrot, 1967 Mr Universe title holder, in order to help rehabilitate my shoulder. With the helping hand of an instructor that I knew, he guided me with my training plan to strengthen my damaged shoulder. It was during this period that my interest in weight training grew. I decided that I would stop playing American football and direct my energy on this new found love. I was seeing small changes to my physique, which I loved and dreamed of in the past. The owner, Roy, had asked me if I ever considered competing and he took me to see a few local bodybuilding shows. From then on, I started to focus on competing for a show. After a few years of training regular, hard, and seeing positive results with my physique naturally, I entered a local show in 1989, and was placed 4th, and was over the moon.  I continued with a few more shows over the years till 1991 when I won the NOVICE class in the WABBA federation. It was soon after that I stopped competing and concentrated on my career, but I was still training hard with an intention that I would compete once more in the distant future.

In the early part of 2001, I met up with Mike Williams, who rekindled my ANB contest in September of 2001.

To this day, I am still enjoying the competitive side, but it has been harder since I left the UK, due to the financial cost factor incurred for the traveling and accommodation from North Cyprus. I must admit, when I first moved here, I didn’t think I would continue competing or miss the competitions, but I was wrong. That’s the things about bodybuilding, once you’re hooked, it’s hard to break free.

I could not achieve my goals without my families and friends encouragement, as they have been there for me 100%. To whom, I can not thank them enough for their constant support. 

Why do you love bodybuilding?

This has been a question that I have asked myself many times. I have found this lifestyle has changed me for the better in many ways. I look exceptionally healthy for my age, compared with many others who are younger. People are often surprised when I tell them of my age, as they expect that anyone over the age of 50 should be looking old and worn out.

I also feel that mentally I can deal with problems, without getting too stressed, as we have had number of big issues here. Like many others, we all have problems, but I found that my training has been my foundation and strength for me to ride through the stormy periods of my life.

The other aspects of bodybuilding, it has given me a discipline and confidence. Back in my early years, I was shy and not a very confident person. From the time I started bodybuilding, I found that my confidence grew and shyness subsided, which has certainly helped me to be stronger individual in mental and physical aspect.

Like most, I love and enjoy my training sessions; to me it’s not an effort but an enjoyable challenge.

Overall, the result speaks for itself, your physique.


What is your training philosophy?

My training philosophy is simple, once I start, it’s 100% from start to finish; 100% intensity with no distraction or excuses.

Off season, I will work on my weak areas, and add variety into my training. Sometimes I will experiment with different ideas. I tend to use the mirror to see how I look, and this will often dictate my training plan.

Overall, it’s the effort and intensity that you put into your training that’s important. I have seen those who train for hours on end, but give little effort, just going through the motion and ask why they don’t grow or see any positive changes in their physique.

Bodybuilder Rick Waters on Training

What's a good workout routine that has given you results?

Monday - Chest and Triceps

Notes: I will also ensure that I am thoroughly warmed up before I hit the weights, this is very important. Occasionally I will do 20 reps on the last sets. After 6 to 8 weeks, I will change the routines and pattern.

Tuesday - Back and Biceps

Wednesday - Legs and Calves

Thursday - Shoulders and Traps

Friday - Repeat the next workout in the cycle, starting

Saturday and Sunday - Off

If you have to pick only 3 exercises, what would they be and why?

My three favorite exercises that I would select being:

  1. Cable Tricep Extension With Rope. I love to see and feel of my triceps working.
  2. Bicep EZ-Bar Concentration Curls. Like above, it’s great feeling and seeing the muscle working hard.
  3. Cable Crossovers.  I love to hit my chest, this gives me an excellent pump and feel.

What's the best training tip you could give to others?

Plan your workouts, train hard with intensity, staying focused and enjoy the journey.

With time, you will learn from your experiences with what works for you, so having patience is an important factor.  Training and growing naturally is a long road to travel, but the journey is fantastic as you see the rewards of your development unfold through your own efforts, going towards your ultimate physique that you desire.


Rick Waters Bodybuilding Training IntensityWhat is your philosophy on nutrition?

Plan your meals so that it fits in to your lifestyle, based on good simple food that you enjoy, and keeping these as fresh as possible, which isn’t easy here. Stick to the main food elements for protein, carbohydrates and fats, and you won’t go wrong. Avoid the junk food from your daily meals. If you must have these, then treat yourself occasionally, as it will satisfy your taste buds. But I am sure once you start consuming healthy food that you will only have the junk food on a very few occasions.

Don’t treat your nutrition as a diet, but as a life style to enjoy. I believe once you label it as a diet, you will fail. In my view, if you use the word ‘diet’ this gives an impression of an interim period of time, which has an end, so once you reach that point you will more likely revert back to the old ways.

Give us a typical day in your off season diet:

  • Breakfast time - a large bowl of porridge with small handful of raisins and a medium size banana.
  • After my morning workout, I will have my protein shake, sometimes with a banana.   
  • Late lunchtime - 6 large egg whites and 2 yolks, maybe with a large portion of rice or several slices of brown bread.  
  • Late afternoon - tuna sandwich (four slices of brown bread and 1 tin of tuna), or 1 tin of tuna mixed with a medium portion of brown rice, or one large jacket potato.  Plus one apple or any other fruit.
  • Early evening – one large portion of chicken breast boiled with broccoli, with a large portion of brown rice.
  • During the evening one handful of almonds.  
  • Late evening - small bowl of porridge  or one peanut butter sandwich.
  • Before I go to bed, I will have protein drink before I go to bed,
  • During the day time I will have around 5 liters of water, and maybe a biscuit or two, depending on how I feel.

Give us a typical day in your diet (contest prep):

Very much the same as above, but will be smaller in portion size, guided by the number of calories. This may fluctuate between 1900 to 2300 calories per day, depending on my condition, ensuring that I having around 200 grams of protein.

I track my food intake so I know how much I am consuming per day, ensuring that I have my balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats. This way I can increase or lower my carbohydrates accordingly.  My water intake will also be increased to over 6 liters as well.

What are your favorite meals and foods?

Boiled chicken with broccoli and mushrooms, cooked with garlic, chilli powder and chilies. I will drink the juice separately, whilst having the chicken, broccoli, mushrooms and rice together.

Other favorites being my wife’s roast dinners, curries, steak, and peanut butter sandwich. 

Favorite cheat food?

Ice cream, just plain vanilla will do...!

What's the best nutrition tip you could give to others?

Keep it simple and try to find the good food that you like, so that your nutrition plan is based around this, this will help you keep to your daily goals.

Having a very good nutrition will provide your body with all your needs.

I found that once I stated having good nutrition, my need for junk food wasn’t there.  But occasionally I will indulge, but after, I tend to regret having it due to the fact that I can taste the saturated fats, etc.


What supplements do you use that give you great results? How do you use them?

Due to my limited budget and the high cost of these products here, I only use whey protein, after my workouts and before I go to bed. It helps me to maintain my protein requirements for my muscles, plus it is quick and easy to take when you are rushing around.

What brands do you think are offering the best products at the moment?

Here in North Cyprus, it can be hard at times to get the supplements, and the prices are very expensive.  I have seen the vast variety products available on your website, which is fabulous, especially the prices. I would love to try out all the various brands if they were available and as cheap here.

What do you think is a good off season muscle building stack?

I would select the following: whey protein, creatine, glutamine and BCCA, which I feel is a good simple basic combination.

What do you think is a good pre-contest/fat loss stack?

I tend to go for L-carnitine only, only due to the costing here.

Advice For Others

What are the 3 best tips you'd give to someone thinking about competing in natural bodybuilding?

  1. Do it, you will be surprise on how much you will enjoy the competitiveness side.
  2. Select a show, as this will be your target date for your goal, and the motivation to make a plan.
  3. Speak with other natural bodybuilders who compete. You will be surprise how much knowledge that they are willing to pass on to help you.  

Rick Waters Bodybuilding Competition

What is your best advice for looking your best on competition day?

If you have followed your plan, trained hard and stuck with your nutrition, then you will be on your way to looking your best on the day.  The final tweaks will depend on the individual, and it may take time and experience to find what works for you; I am still trying to get it right.

How do you stay motivated? What advice would you give to someone who's having trouble staying on track?

Staying motivated can be challenging, but if you love your training this will help you to stay on course for your goal. Depending on your mind set, I will use visualization by seeing myself in my ultimate physique, or on stage competing with my idols or fellow competitors, or using a bad incident/experience to drive me on. I find that using visualization helps to focus and push me beyond the normal limits.

Future Plans

What shows have you got coming up, where can we see you compete?

Currently nothing lined up as yet. But once we returned back to the UK, hopefully in 2010, and settled back in the main stream of life, I will continue to compete in the UK. But, I would love to compete in America and Canada, as there are so many interesting shows that it would be fun just to be on stage there.

What would you like to achieve in your natural bodybuilding career?

That I can continue competing into my 70’s, and encourage others to train healthily and naturally. As stated above, competing in North America, and also in Singapore, so that my cousins, who live there, can see me compete in a bodybuilding show against the non-natural guys.

Favorite Competitors/Idols

Who are your favorite bodybuilders and idols?

Obviously the big names like Arnold and Frank Zane from the past. Roy Parrott, for getting me started on this wonderful journey, and his support and guidance. Mike Williams, who suddenly passed away a few years ago, was a very close friend of mine. He was such an inspiration, and always encouraged others to believe in themselves for what they can do and achieve. He had a wonderful physique, and was great ambassador for the sport.

But there are so many other natural bodybuilders that I admire and respect, the list would be endless. But it is great to see all the classes are constantly improving with fantastic physique and size, as each year goes by.

How Can People Contact You?

How can people contact you?

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Posted Sat, 11/13/2010 - 22:25
Steve Williams

Hi Rick. I am really encouraged by your profile. I am 52 and have been training hard now for just over two years. I did one comp last year and want to do another. I am hooked. One question though. How far out do you start your pre Com prep with food and cardio etc.I got down to 10% BF for a comp recently and was only a month out from the day when I had to pull out due to injury but a gym trainer said I had lost too much muscle in my prep with doing cardio five days per week. I read it was good to lose around half a kilo per week and one will not loose too much muscle. Is this right? How do you prepare for a comp and when do you start.
Love some advice.....Steve Williams (New Zealand)

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Posted Sat, 08/28/2010 - 20:25
Chuck Williams

Ricks trains hard and is willing to offer advice to fans when they ask him. One heck of a nice guy!